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Leya Falcon

I Like To See The Glass As Half Full...of Tito's Vodka!


I have been SO busy lately, it has been crazy but I absolutely love it! This is the life I chose, the life I have always wanted to live and even though there has been some crazy shit happening lately on top of all of the good stuff happening I really cannot complain! I have been running around like crazy in LA the past two weeks and finally got home here to Vegas Sunday and as much as I love being home and around my daughter and parents I truly cannot wait to get back out to LA. Besides many shoots this trip I am also planning on working very hard to get some more scenes shot to get my site launched as soon as possible! You all are going to love it, it will be far from your average porn site!

Speaking of my site, I am happy to report that the first scene I shot for it went very well, it really showcases my true personality and sexuality. I did the scene with Moe "The Monster" Johnson and truly, he could've given it to me harder and more severe but I understand that I am pretty much insatiable so I give him props for handling me the way he did. The scene is really rough (exactly the way I like it!) and I was extremely dirty in it because I am a filthy fucking slut and it is my site so I did what I wanted, no holds barred! I really am happy I chose PUBA to run my site as Ivan is a creative genius and a bunch of fun so I think with both of our ideas and my filthiness LeyaFalcon.com will be a great success of a site!

Speaking of the scene I shot, I did something I never did before and it felt fucking great! I FISTED myself, yes, I stuck my whole hand up my pussy! I am not sure if it will be in the scene because it may break obscenity laws but I surely hope it makes the cut! Fisting wasn't the most obscene thing in there though, the puking was! Yes, I was sucking cock so hard I puked but being the professional whore that I am, I said fuck it and licked that all right back up and kept going, to be honest it kind of actually turned me on to lick back up my own puke and keep sucking, it was very degrading and I LOVED IT! Another very interesting thing that happened is I lost my voice so I was squeaking the entire time and I also lost an eyelash during the scene and just said fuck it and ripped the other one off, I am a hot mess, a trip, but I am absolutely a fun and thrilling trip! We ended with my dirty self licking the cum off of the floor. Lots of filthy fun, I want nothing tame on my site because I am far from tame!



Well, that was a quick update before I have to return to real life and deal with all of the chaos going on in my life at the moment before I return to LA again in about a week! I am happy to say that I FINALLY got my car back and repaired from me being rear ended (not in the good way) but I am sad to report that the dumb ass rental car I was in was broken into while I was in LA. Yes, someone smashed the window took my ipod, my brand new sparkily black bra, my tax papers and my makeup box FULL of makeup so now I have no music, I had to redo my taxes and I have not much makeup left. I am currently dealing with getting my insurance to cover the damage but they cant replace my stolen stuff but oh well, I like to see the glass as half full (of Tito's Vodka) and realize that I still have a bunch of awesomeness going on in my life and I cannot wait to see what is up next!


Oh...and here is a little bonus of a hilarious video from the Freeones party of myself with Phoenix Askani, (There was no Tito's at the party so we had to have Jager! ) MERICA!


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