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Disneyland Says: "That Photo Depicts Violence So We Can't Sell You A Copy."



Here I am again with a blog, I am doing my best to keep up with everything but between shooting and all of the other stuff going on in my personal life I really haven't had the time. Don't worry though, I may not be able to blog as frequently as before but I will still remain blogging when I do have the time because I just love babbling and its a good way to document my experiences. As far as the reviewing and all of the other things go it is kind of the same story, I love doing them but only have so much time in the day so when I do have some free time I will be reviewing still. I am just so busy getting my life back into order as of late that there isn't much time for anything else but the good news is that everything seems to finally be falling into place.



As I sit here on the balcony this beautiful LA morning with my Starbucks in hand (of course!) I am just very grateful for everything that has happened to me in my life, the good and the bad because it all lead me to this very moment of contentment. My childhood, my daughter, my slow start in my career, my pending divorce, my flat tires, my previously flat boobs, my family, my friends, just everything (almost!) makes sense now. People often sit and ask why did this happen and get angry over it (I am guilty of that myself) but they don't often take time to reflect and be thankful that everything that has happened in life was not an accident, it was all meant to bring you to where you are today and where you are headed. I feel like the pieces of the puzzle are starting to come together and create the big picture and it is just a really good feeling.





The other day had one of the best days of my life thus far and that is no exaggeration, I recently reconnected with a friend that I had thought was gone forever and yes, I am talking about Jack. We had a falling out about a month ago where my anger and intensity got the best of me and we just didn't even speak again until about a week ago and I am really glad I decided to text him that day because it was killing me not even speaking. I really haven't even known him that long but you know those people you meet and you feel like you have known them forever and you finish each others sentences? That's what it was like from day one with Jack and it just didn't feel right when he wasn't around so after the falling out, being the stubborn person that I am, I just tried to make it feel right by turning back into "slut mode" and fucking every black cock in the industry that was willing to give it to me and even though all of my holes were filled I could still feel something missing. These guys are all nice and lovely and all of that but they weren't Jack, they didn't evoke the feelings I had when I was around Jack and certainly didn't make me laugh at the dumbest shit until tears came out of my eyes. When I realized that I couldn't just replace someone so special by quantity, I decided to send that text to fuck and make-up then lo and behold 2 days later I found myself having one of the best days of my life with him.


I had been wanting to go to Disneyland again for a long time just to take a break from all of the monotony of everyday life and even though Jack makes fun of me for loving Disneyland (Its for kids!) he still agreed to come with me and I am very glad he did. We had SO much fun that day laughing and just having fun...oh, I also sucked his cock on several rides because I guess I am just twisted like that but don't worry, no kids were harmed or disturbed in the process! I wasn't just all slutty, I was actually affectionate with him and it felt nice (Me? Affectionate? So not normal.) and at the risk of sounding uber cheesy, magical (you know, because Disney is magical, ha ha?) I always thought it was the happiest place on Earth but having him there just made it even happier, it was fucking awesome. It is so funny how we think the same in a lot of aspects and the stuff him or I would do that would normally freak the average person out were just like wow that would be so cool! So, we pulled a typical Jack and Leya move and decided to take the greatest picture ever taken at Disneyland, one with him pulling my hair and choking me. Oh man, it was great but when we went to go purchase it those bastards wouldn't let us buy a copy because it "depicts violence." Well, good thing we took pictures of the picture while it was still up on the screen because it is a classic!


The other funny thing we noticed (see photo at the top of this blog) is that the statue of Walt in the middle of Main Street looks kind of like a Stalin or Hitler statue with his hand up and everything so we came to the conclusion that obviously the world is run by Disney and it is in fact, a dictatorship. The whole day went wonderfully and smooth until a slight bump in the road right before we left where Jack wanted to talk seriously and I just wanted to have fun because I didn't want to break down in tears because, well, you know I am hardcore or at least like to pretend like I am. After being all over each other the whole day we had about an hour of silence and no physical contact, I didn't know what to do and yes, I eventually broke down and started crying. I don't know if he noticed or not but I was trying not to cry but was covering my face with my sleeves of my jacket so he wouldn't see my tears, it was a very intense feeling and I just didn't know what else to do but cry. Funny though because after we left and started talking about everything said again, I became highly uncomfortable but eventually opened up as much as I know how to and I would say I got my Prince Charming but I never wanted a Prince Charming so I am just going to say I got my Darth Vader. (Side Note: I also saw the REAL Darth Vader LIVE and in person!)


Like I said before, sluts are people too, it just takes the right person to bring out the softer side and Jack definitely brought it out of me so I am no longer in "slut mode" in real life searching to fill the void that was left, but will continue to be your favorite filthy slut face for your viewing pleasure and of course, my physical pleasure too ;) . I feel extremely blessed and happy right now among other things but some things just cannot be put into words. *sigh*

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