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Checkers And Butt Sex


So I am back in Vegas (for the moment) and I must say it feels very nice to be back around my daughter and to take a little break as I have again, been SUPER busy though I really cannot complain! This past trip I shot a few more scenes for other people as well as a few more scenes for my own upcoming site and as you read previously, actually took a day to myself to go to my favorite place in the world, Disneyland. I guess you could say I still woke up pretty exhausted today but hey, thats what coffee is for!

I am assuming you want to hear about what to look forward to with my upcoming site with PUBA, yes? Well I shot a really cool and artsy butt sex scene with Jon Jon, do I even have to mention that it was intense and violent? I was wearing a super cool checkered mask and stockings and he had on a mask on the side of his head (because it didnt fit his face! LOL) and it was all shot in the dark with just a spot light following us around, I would have to say that it will be a fan favorite once my site is actually launched. There was everything in it that I enjoy, choking, slapping, spitting, degradation and black cock up my ass, oh, amd did I mention that I also fisted my ass?? SO proud of myself!!


After I was done shooting with Jon Jon that day we decided to go ahead and shoot a butt sex solo as well, with my  makeup running down my face and everything and the same ambiance as the boy/girl butt sex. The photos turned out GREAT, the video turned out great and I must say that I absolutely LOVE Ivan and Steve and everyone else at Puba because they are creative and allow me to be myself as well. I am a hot mess, as you all know by now after pretty much every single scene I get makeup all over my face so were deciding to take that and run with it. As much as I love shooting with other companies, I really love shooting for my own site because I get to be 100% me!

The other scene I shot for my site this trip was with Jack (but of course!) and I will tell you that it was unlike anything you have EVER and probably will ever see from me. If you have all ever wanted to see my softer side that doesn't come out for just anyone then this will be a scene for you to watch. I got butt fucked, face fucked, vaj fucked, cream pied in my ass and my vaj and kissed AND cuddled. It was a long, extremely intense and EXTREMELY real scene, it was basically us just fucking how we do in real life and I decided that I wanted this scene shot like that because I want everyone to see that I am not JUST a filthy fucking slut but that I also have emotions and feelings, it just takes the right person to bring them out and get more than just my body but the true intimacy that I keep hidden deep down inside. It is rare for me to allow myself to be vulnerable off camera but for me to do it on camera as well, it was scary and a big step for me. You all will really enjoy it because I certainly did, but don't expect to see more of stuff like that with any other guy because it just wont happen! LOL!



Speaking of Jack, now that I am back in Vegas I fucking miss him and it was extremely hard for me to tear myself away from him yesterday to come back home. Yes, I fucking cried like a little baby, it is so weird and so out of my normal character that I am kind of taken a back, I am confusing myself and scaring myself. I am so afraid of being hurt right now it is ridiculous, I just don't understand how all of this happened. I don't fall often but when I do, I fall hard, really fucking hard to the point of feeling that I am insane but I just couldn't help it with him. I am really trying to process all of this right now and it is difficult for me, I am trying to be more logical (like I usually am) instead of emotional but its just not working. What did he do with Slut-Face Falcon? I just don't get it. I am not saying I do not like it but I am saying that it is different and scary for me. Letting someone, letting hundreds of guys/girls inside of my mouth, pussy and ass has never been a problem with me but letting someone in my mind and my heart? Now that shit has never been easy but for some reason it is easy with him, I feel like those little overly attached girlfriend meme's  (ok, not THAT bad, but you get the point) and I just don't like it when I am not around him and when I am around him I just want to do whatever I can to make him happy even if it involves me being in excruciating pain emotionally or physically. This is all mind boggling. Extremely Mind Boggling. I am not complaining, I am just trying to make sense of it all but really, I think things will only make sense in time and I am hoping that the sense it makes will not end up hurting him or I in the end. *sigh* I better shut up now, I am starting to babble too much... (cue in Careless Whisper by George Michael / Wham!)





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