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Leya Made Dinner And It Was Good





I've been out here in LA again this whole week and as always it was filled with interesting adventures and I have been dying to blog about all of this fun shit but have, as always, been SUPER busy. Between shooting for other companies, shooting for my upcoming puba site and trying to spend as much time with Jack as possible while I am out here before I go back to Vegas it is safe to say I really haven't had a free moment up until right now but I am here now so lets see what I have been up to lately...

Monday I shot a scene with the ever so awesome Shane Diesel and his giant black cock for his cuckold series and I have to say that was one of my favorite scenes I have done thus far. I cannot explain how good it felt for me to take my rage out on the cuck by smacking, spanking and verbally degrading him and his tiny cock while i was getting my pussy pounded to death, it turned me on incredibly as it fed both my sadistic and masochistic sides at the same time. In fact, I had a little too much fun to the point where my ass ended up being bruised all week long, I didn't realize in the moment how hard my ass was getting smacked so I kept asking for more and more...and more...Note to self though: do not let yourself get your ass smacked that hard unless if you want to lose a week of work or make the shoots you still have more difficult. All in all the bruises were worth it though as the scene was GREAT, i haven't seen it yet but between the chemistry, intensity and playfulness I think it safe to say it has great potential to be nominated for something. Just a straight up filthy sucking scene, just the way I like it!


This week I have also been working on shooting content for my site and am getting closer and closer to launching it thanks to PUBA being as dedicated to this project as I am. You can look forward to a strap on scene with a beautiful girl named Jessica Nyx, that girl took the major pounding I gave her and for that I would like to take a moment to give her a standing ovation...*insert standing ovation here* After the rough pounding I gave her (in a lace bodysuit mind you, to cover up the bruised ass Mr. Diesel left me with LOL) we did a more sensual and erotic massage scene including me eating her sweet pussy and sticking a toy up her ass, it was REALLY hot and something I wouldn't ordinarily do but I am trying to expand my horizons a little bit so that I can not only satisfy more than just my rough sex audience. It's always good to switch things up once in awhile! In addition to the girl/girl scenes I also have shot a few solos this week (in a fishnet bodysuit because when I shot them I still had my hand prints on my ass LOL) my favorite was where we attached the go-pro camera to a giant dildo that I gave one of my world famous sloppy blow jobs, running makeup and all! I don't know if you can tell yet but I am SUPER excited about this site of mine!

I've also been spending a lot of time with Jack this week (thank God because I really fucking missed him!) and I even took part in one of his gangbangs he was a part of for blacksonblondes,com and its so funny how it happened because it was really spur of the moment. I just wanted to go with him to set that day to visit everyone over at Dogfart and it just made more sense to go with him so I went and they just threw me in the scene  to "coach" Britney Young through her first gangbang but with me being the horny girl that I am, I had to taste her pussy as well. I also ended up sucking Jack's cock during the scene as well even though I wasn't really supposed to LOL because I am sorry but you stick that mans cock in front of me there is only so long I can just sit there without doing SOMETHING to it! So I guess you can say I played coach/ personal fluffer to Jack that day. It was really fun and interesting, I would totally do something like that again!



Today I decided that I wanted to play hoousewife and make dinner for myself and the other girls staying in the model house because sometimes I just miss cooking and being all housewife-ish. I made gluten free fried chicken, corn bread, greens and mashed potatoes so we are all pretty much sitting here in the living room experiencing the after effects of a good meal so I took this time to babble to you all about my random adventures. I know there are a ton of other things I want to babble about but I am so stuffed (LOL though not with giant black cock at this moment...) so I am just going to sign off for now!




P.S. here is another picture Jack caught of me falling asleep on him in a random place in which he tweeted that I "can't hang with the big boys" when he knows very well that isn't true! I CAN and DO hang with the big boys and I am going to get a payback picture of him one of these days and tweet it when he least expects it!!




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