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Overcoming The Piles Of Laundry



Here we are again at a long overdue blog update! I, again, have been super busy with everything trying to get my life and career in order, it really feels like  I don't ever take much of a breather but I choose a busy life over a quiet life any day of the week! I have been back in Vegas the past few days and am headed back out to LA again in a couple of days here to do some shoots, work some more on my site, and, of course, have some more unpredictable adventures with Jack. 

My last trip up to LA Jack and I were looking for something to do and were close to Hollywood so we decided to walk the boulevard which was quite interesting to say the least. We started out at the wax museum because he wanted to take a picture with Shrek (I don't know why but he did) then gravitated towards the $10 store that was having a sale where everything was marked down to $5. I saw nothing I wanted to buy but Jack on the other hand was having a field day with the colognes and the wall of watches, yes, these were all girl watches but he still decided to buy a couple because he is very secure in his sexuality and with a cock like his I can see why. After that adventure we went walking further with no destination in particular and I felt like we were in a strip club as every person kept hitting us up with a product to sell and after Jack ran out of cash and even TOLD them that they STILL kept trying to sell their shit. Probably the coolest salesman we ran into was a young kid trying to sell his CD''s out of a suitcase that he made into a boom box. I thought it was very cool and innovative and its nice to see some kids out there still use their brains to create cool stuff instead of just sitting on their ipads all day. We also ran into someone that used to be in the adult industry but left for mainstream and now wants to come back to this side of entertainment, the funny story is Jack knew this guy and first met him on Hollywood blvd 11 years ago in almost the same exact place we ran into him at Funny how life works like that.



Damn, I just realized I talk a lot about Jack, can you tell how much I adore the man? Well, outside of work when I am in LA he is the one I spend all of my time with so it only makes sense I would talk about him a lot when he is the one I share all of these adventures with. Well, on to more adventures, we went to guitar center and I discovered that Jack can play drums pretty well (me? not so much.) and he was adorable playing them, I am always learning about some new hidden talent that this guy has and I must say, it is a big turn on. We also went to Hempcon to go see one of his friends, DJ Scratch perform and I thought that was really cool to see someone be able to maneuver the DJ table stuff (not sure exactly what it is all called) and make cool sounding mixes. Since it was Hempcon, you know I ended up stoned and passing out so lo and behold Jack was right there to take a picture of it to rub it in my face later by telling me I "cant hang with the big boys." Now I bet you are all waiting to hear about the crazy sexual adventures that we had, BUT I am going to make you all use your imagination for that part. All you need to know is that there were ice packs involved and guess who was there to snap a picture of that as well? Yeah, he destroyed me but I have recovered and have no complaints!




As for my "non-Jack" news, I have been busy here in Vegas the past few days trying to get done what I need to get done before I head back out to LA in a couple of days. I got another session of laser tattoo removal, got my hair done, cleaned up the house, did the laundry and oddly enough, have made a few new discoveries about myself. Now, this may not seem like a big deal to most people but when I see a huge mountain of laundry I usually spin into some sort of a panic attack but this time, it was different. I stood there and looked at that pile of laundry and realized that there is absolutely no need to freak out, all I have to do is sort it out, put it in the machine and fold it then the problem is solved. It seems so elementary to take that approach to everything in life, not just laundry, but it really had not dawned on me until that moment and I am glad that it did because the past week I have not panicked over anything because I realize that all I have to do is take a second to breathe, figure out the best solution and follow through. Mind you I also have realized that I cannot control everything and cannot fix every problem and those are things that I need not worry about as it would be a waste of time and energy, it is more productive to spend my energy on things that I can change.


To be brutally honest here, I have a lot of "piles of laundry" in my life and not all have as easy of solutions as an actual pile of laundry but this is where this whole patience thing that I am learning comes into play. I cannot fix everything overnight but I can and have made the conscious decision to improve the situations I can improve even if it takes time and effort because it sure beats the fuck out of going in the corner hyperventating and crying. I want to be the best Leya I can be and that does not include me just sitting in the corner not doing shit, it involves me taking an active part in changing my life and bettering my situations with the byproduct of that being an improvement in the lives of those that I care about. I am slowly but surely growing up over here and I am more than grateful for the people in my life that are helping me on my journey.


Like Jerry Springer Says: "Until next time, take care of yourselves and each other..."











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