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Christie Stevens

A Girl's Gotta Eat

One thing I love about the adult industry is that I’m allowed to eat food.  And I mean real food.  Not just a grapefruit and cottage cheese.  You just don’t see this with other entertainment industries (ie: fashion, swimsuit, fitness, etc). I work in an industry where curves are celebrated, embraced, and even worshipped. 


Most viewers don’t care or even notice those pesky five pounds that fluctuate or refuse to go away.  And with a niche for nearly every body type, ie: teen, big boob, big butt, bbw, it’s hard for women in the industry to not feel good about their bodies.  We’re allowed to have a little meat on our bones.  It’s sensual, erotic, like the classic Venus.


I’m glad I’m in adult because I get to enjoy my life and eat some FOOD every once in a while.  Yes I like to eat healthy and do my pilates like every good southern California girl, but once in a while I’m going to go for that bowl of Hagen Daz ice cream, go for that slice (or 3) of pizza.  We are in an industry that is very forgiving about weight, and this is empowering to me and should be to all females in general.


Personally, I have never heard of a girl being sent home or not hired because she was too fat.  What I have heard is “we can’t hire you for this site because your butt’s not big enough.”  Now I’m not saying the adult industry is perfect; I’m sure there have been cases of weight discrimination.  What I am saying is that it happens far less often than in other entertainment industries. 


Which brings me to my next topic.  Celebrities.  If these celebrities are so serious about empowering women they should just say, “I had liposuction.  So stop trying to kill yourself with crash diets and eating disorders because you will never look like this naturally.”


Speaking of these so-called “celebrity diets,” I’m sorry but no diet and exercise plan in the world can make you drop 30 lbs in ten days.  (Except for “The Biggest Loser.” That show is awesome).  If a celebrity shows up to the red carpet having lost 20 lbs and looking bony and gaunt in just one month, it’s called cocaine people!  Sure, I could eat nothing but kelp for 8 weeks if I was on cocaine too!  No carbs? No problem! Have some cocaine!  And if that doesn’t work there’s always the secret lipo surgery which they will deny till death do us part.  How did you lose 30 lbs in 20 days?  “I eat really healthy and exercise a lot.” My ass!  Get real people.  Stop trying to follow their diets unless you want to be miserable or become a cocaine junkie.  No one wants to talk about the elephant in the room or believe that their favorite teenie-bopper pop star is doing “gasp” drugs.  Let’s get real.  They have access to every drug imaginable.


If women want to feel sexy and confident about their bodies they should stop looking at celebrities and start looking at the porn stars their husbands jack off to.  That is what is ultimately sexy. 


Anyway when all is said and done I’m truly thankful to work in an industry where I can model, perform, entertain and still enjoy a nice meal once in a while.   Yet another example of how porn empowers women rather than tries to “degrade” or control them. 


To further prove my point I have included a gorgeous photgraph taken by my friend and acclaimed photographer Steve Prue.  It was taken on a polaroid camera and includes ZERO editing.  It was also taken while I was on the road and had eaten nothing but crappy room service food and cocktails every night with no available gym.  Would you still fuck it? :)

Polaroid snapshot by Steve Prue

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