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Lexi Love

Dis-Ownership - I Don't Need More, I Want Less


In the last few years I’ve had a major shift in my attitude towards personal possessions (Making the Best of Stuff and Things) will give you a small look in to how I roll in my closet. I’ve continued on my less stuff adventure implementing this “lite” lifestyle into my home life.

A to B
I sold my SUV.
I use zip car, taxis, subway, Bart, Muni, the Tube, trains and I do this thing called walking quite a bit.

Keep it Tight and Lite to Reap the Benefits
I own a 70lb beanbag, not a couch. Why? I can roll it away, push it in a closet, and it’s perfect for guest or friends to sleep, relax as a group (perfect for 3 ;) ) or to do computer work on.

I own one fancy rocking office chair on wheels (the wheels make you feel like a rock star when rolling and sliding around the room) the other chairs fold up and are put away out of sight. “Let me get you a chair” is actually a great way to welcome someone into my home or office.

My glass top desk is big, tall, heavy, and on sliders. It says yes I am serious about my work but I don’t have to stay where I am if you want to do summersaults on to the bean bag or have a 4 person meeting just slide me to another part of the house.

I have a huge whiteboard on wheels. I was torn between the board and IdeaPaint. I bought the board so I could wheel my ideas away when I’m not working. If my ideas look at me all the time I’ll never have any fun, true story.

I have a BIG fancy bed, as all porn stars and sexy single ladies should, and it’s almost as easy to move up against the wall like a Murphy Bed. I made sure when I bought it that all me and my mighty vegan 5ft 98lb could do so. Why on earth would anyone want to move his or her bed? Maybe you want to do a photo shoot in your bedroom, have a hacker session on a fold out table, or a build a fort out of boxes and sheet ;p. Whatever you want to do, I want that choice.

We had to move my bed so my ass and the photographer could both fit in my room.

The Kitchen

Do more with less and less expense:

The break resistant box dish set 16pc: Big plates, Small plate, bowls, coffee cups (when I lived in SF I used recycled glass mason jars for coffee and Togo cups, no big deal to give friends a cup of Joe Togo)
16pc flatware set
4 wine glasses
1 sharp knife – I’m vegan; I cut veggies, not hearts.
3 vegan friendly cast iron pots/pans with 1 lid. Cast iron is versatile, perfect for stovetop and the oven ;)
1 baking sheet
1 wooden soup ladle and spatula
1 mixing bowl
1 big glass-measuring cup
1 measuring shot glass that will on occasion actually be used as a shot glass ;)
4pc set of glass bake/storage-wear, again multipurpose.
1 ninja :) . I <3 my Ninja blender, I make soup, dough, smoothies, use it as a food processor, it replaces having to have a ton of different tools.

2011 and 2012 I put a lot of thought into having less and having my less do more for me. The less clutter and items in my space allows me to think clearer and have fewer distractions about. You don’t have to go to fancy expensive stores to live compact either. Almost everything I have in my apartment and office I purchased off of Craigslist and used ZipCar to pick it up.

Think small live big.
From one real reason to another: try change, you may just love it!


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