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Lazlow's 50th Anniversary Show on Sirius Radio with Guest Lexi Love and Alley Haze Playing Exotic Interludes

Lazlow’s 50th Anniversary Show on Sirius Radio with Guest Lexi Love and Alley Haze Playing Exotic Interludes

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This is going to be crazy, fun, wild, adventurous and sexual! Everything you need to know about tomorrow is herelazlow.com

And Now…..

About Lazlow and Big Wayne (for more Click Me… you know you want to ;) )

Lazlow is known for various production work he does for Rockstar Games mainly the Grand Theft Auto (series). Lazlow is the main host of the show. He generally dictates the show, deciding when the show will be done. Lazlow often tells stories of his childhood in ‘footloose’ Oklahoma of not being able to dance or go the cinema due to the religion. Lazlow was asked to leave his church after attending on LSD.

Big Wayne
Lazlow’s “sidekick” first introduced with pre-recorded segments called “Romantic Moments With Big Wayne”. Big Wayne became a full host on episode 5. He is known for smoking weed rolled with “Dutch Masters” paper. He has become employed again since the previous show. He is popular for his stories which are often of his childhood and growing up in Queens. Stories would often include Burglary, Prostitutes, Drug taking, etc. Big Wayne and Lazlow live in Long Beach, New York and often tell stories of Body boarding together and going to Jamaica with their wives for Christmas. As of Episode 45, Wayne’s deteriorating health has led the trio to believe that he has diabetes, but he cannot visit a doctor because he does not have medical coverage.

Reed Tucker

Also known as the “useless producer” and the “useless intern”. Reed and Lazlow met when working for an advertising company together. He was introduced in the first episode. He is known for owning a Scooter (motorcycle) and often gets teased about it. Reed is also known for taking vacations with multiple men, leading to Lazlow coining the term “gay-cations”. Reed had a girlfriend who was referred to as Yoko Ono as it was joked she was trying to break up the ‘group’. Sometime between episode 23 and 24 Reed and ‘Yoko’ broke up. As of Episode 45, Reed supposedly has a new girlfriend. He is regularly questioned about his sexual preference, and is usually subject to gay jokes made by Lazlow or Big Wayne.

If the video wont play click here

If the video wont play click here

Squeeze me…. into your weekend, I promise I’m worth it ;)


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