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Leya Falcon

Harmony Returns After A Hatchet To The Heart


Recently I have had an extremely devaatating, painful, damn near debilitating sucker punch to the soul and hatchet to the heart and though I am still recovering, I am doing much better as I realize that life must go on but damn, it is very upsetting. I cannot control what other people decide that they are going to do but I can control how I react to it and though at first I couldn't eat or sleep, it obviously just the way life is meant to be at this moment and I have accepted that, though with much reluctance. Though coming to terms with what has happened, I am still not giving up hope because I have never been one to give up so easily on things that mean so much to me. Confused? Yeah, join the club.



I did have a good trip to LA this past time (minus the hatchet to the heart) filled with many odd adventures on top of accomplishing the collection of more scenes for my (VERY SOON!) upcoming Puba site. I actually ended up going to dinner with the Dogfart crew including Billy Watson, Shane Diesel, The Minion (with Claire Robbins as his date) Charlie Mack, Nancy (the makeup artist) , The CEO of Dogfart and his wife, and Jack and it was a very interesting night filled with ups and downs and lots of laughs. We were all piled in a long, white limo (funny, I thought we should've been in a long, black limo considering that Dogfart is an all IR company) and ended up eating at a place called Frank and Musso's on Hollywood boulevard and honestly, I enjoyed the company the most as it took FOREVER to get our food and the gluten-free options are HIGHLY limited. The dinner conversation was rather...ummmm...just what you would expect of a porno crew? I really can't complain though as I love everyone that was there and I could give a fuck what everyone else around us was thinking as we were having fun. No matter what anyone says, we kept it real all the way down to Charlie, Nancy and thier red cup.



On the way to Malibu to see the Mickey Avalon Concert in that long, white thing we were driving around in, My ADD and extreme attraction/attachment to a certain someone kicked in so I had to find a way to entertain myself and lets just say I wasn't the only one entertained by what happened and I will let the photos speak for themselves...

The concert went well, Mickey Avalon performed his ass off so if you like his music, I would say it is a good show. Honestly though, I enjoyed all of  the ups and downs of the night because its not about what is going on, its about who you're with and I was in good company that night.



The morning after this crazy night I had a crazy shoot with Mr. Shane and well, it was just that, crazy. Of course it was a cuckold scene with slut bottom Chris and on top of that, it was butt sex. I must say that I really enjoy doing the whole cuckold thing especially with Shane and not just because he has a giant black cock! I think him and I work very well together, probably because he is the first to show me about the whole cuckold thing (in the scene I shot with him for his New Sesations line) and let's face it, that is what he is best at (just like I am the best at taking big, black cocks!). It also doesn't hurt that he's a good friend so we have lots of laughs on set and the best scenes I do are with the people I can laugh with before and after the fucking. I KNOW you all will LOVE this scene because you will be able to see how much I loved shooting it. I'm sorry but I enjoy having someone to hurt and laugh at while I get pounded by a giant black cock, it keeps things interesting. 'MERIKA! ... Oh and Shane owes me either $5 or some bacon in 28 days (We have a bet going on.)



This week I have been back in Vegas, Headed back to LA in a couple of days here and have had a pretty good week seeing as I got to go see my FAVORITE group of all time perform, BONE THUGS N HARMONY, thanks guys for a GREAT show and thanks to Mo Thugs member Sloan Bone for getting my friend and I on the list (he did a great performance as well). I must say that this concert came at the right time and definitely soothed my recent emotional pain I have been experiencing (not counting who I ran into there but fuck them) , Seeing Bone Thugs perform live always brings harmony (ha ha bad pun, I know) back into my life. Music is medicine.





Well, that's about all I feel like talking about right now so I hope you all enjoyed this latest glimpse in the life of Leya. May the FUCK be with you and thank you all for your continued love and support as I continue to flourish.


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