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Brett Rossi : In My Skin

This will make you think

Thomas Mann once said, "Paradox is the poisonous flower of quietiism, the iridescent surface of the rotting mind, the greatest depravity of all."  


When it grabs on to you, the grip is so intense it reaches into your soul.

It happens so quickly that you hardly have a chance to catch your breath or fight it

and suddenly, you find yourself chest deep.

The harder you fight, the quicker you sink. 

They say, "paradox of individual freedom in an era of individual helplessness,"

but how much do you believe in that? 

Have you let the scent of the rose still cling to the heal that has crushed it?


Life is a continous fight up until' your expiration date. Some cases, depending on the paths

you choose will determine if you will expire sooner than later. Life, love, relationships, careers, goals, dreams, aspirations

are all placed in your very own petri dish that life has given you. How you nourish it is up to you.

Will you make a difference? Will you float along with society? What is your role?

How strong is your will power? How hard will you fight? Will you let people in your life

dictate or contribute to the choices and path that you decide to take in your life or will you

be the one in control? 

The notion in its self is like a paradox clinging on to your insides and leaving an impression

that will likely scar you for a lifetime however shape who you will become as an individual.

An ever changing, ever evolving individual no matter what our age is. 

The problem is, most resist change and evolution. 

Adapt. Migrate. Or fail. 


You decide. 



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