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Ugh, Shoes and Clothes... Again?

It cracks me up sometimes how practical I am. I really am. I bought my car brand new because it was the same price as a 7 year old used one and it came with a 20 year/200,000 mile warranty. Ya, you can't really turn down a warranty like that, now can you? I'm a bargain hunter. I don't need brand new designer clothes to shoot in. Most of the time, I buy my items on sale or from second hand shops or consignment shops. Ask the owner of Wet And Messy, I'm all about grabbing a beer or three and wandering the Rose Bowl Swap Meet every time that I'm in L.A. I love it, why pay full price for most things? People keep telling me just buy a new MacBook because mine broke and is about 5 or 6 years old. I keep responding why pay $1400 when I can take it in and the shop fixes whatever is wrong with it for $250 flat rate. Ya, I killed my logic board and some other board recently. Immediately the new logic board went bad too. Turned out it had something to do with the power button as well. They fixed it all for $250. I thought to myself, why bother buying something brand new when it can be fixed for way cheaper?

This brings me to my topic. Wishlists. I often find myself wandering through other girl's wishlists. What do I see? Expensive designer shoes, bags, clothes, sex toys, and that's pretty much it. I guess it makes me odd, but I'd rather have stuff I can use regularly rather than just use a few times. Don't get me wrong, I have that same kind of stuff on mine too. It's what fans want to buy. Howevever, I also have stuff like kitchen tools, house stuff, items I use for work or school, books, Home Depot gift cards, etc. I have tons of practical items. Today I picked up stuff after being gone for weeks. I walked in, grabbed the stuff, went and opened it at the truck shop so I could throw out the boxes, and see what I got. I got a bikini, skirt, shoes, and a PVC corset dress. These are all great and I will wear them for shoots and love them all. I also got a food processor. What you should know is that I love to cook, it's a passion of mine. I love to buy new cookbooks, watch the food network and try out new things. A few weeks ago, I posted about just wanting a food processor to make homemade salsa and sauces and I guess someone listened. I was jumping up and down, I ran to Scott, told him all about it and immediately set it up. Now, I'm only for three days before my next L.A. trip, but when I get back I plan on using the fuck out of it. This is something practical. This is one of my favorite types of gifts to recieve. Something I can get tons of use out of it and I will.

It makes me wonder why other girls don't do this. Shoes, clothes, make up and toys are great for shooting. However, what happens later on? You shoot in them a few times and chuck them. Why not ask for something you can and will get a lot of use out of? That seems to be the sensible thing. If you're going to barter, why not get something you can use after you retire or on a regular basis? It seems logical to me. I mean that food processor may last me way after I quit porn. I'll use it probably once a week to make food. The same goes for the mandolin I got and other things I've recieved. Shoes will wear out, lingerie only lasts a few shoots, same with toys and they're tax write offs. It just makes me wonder if girls think about the big picture with things or if they just want these frivolous, silly items. I love getting shoes, but they won't be there forever or worn often. Frivolous VS practicality? Hm... I'll take practical any day.



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You can book me anytime through OC Modeling, @OCModeling http://OCModeling.com My next LA trip is Aug 23-Sept 3

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