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Ashley Graham

Waking Up On Sunday

It seems like lately every weekend when I wake up someone is having a relationship crisis. It's me, my best friend from high school, my close acquaintances, etc. etc. It's baffling for me to see such strong and beautiful relationships fall apart. I keep wondering if it's that summer is ending and when summer ends and begins something is just in the air. You have to wonder if it's that or if it's just the way the world works. I woke up this morning and my bestie from high school has called off her engagement. I'm speechless. Seriously, speechless. I've know her fiance since I was in the 8th grade, I've known her since my Sophmore year in high school. They seemed so perfect. I guess that's what we show the world, the good and not the bad. We want the world to think everything is perfect and that is what we do on the internet, show the internet what we to be seen.



I'm all for keeping our lives private. I'm also all for smiling for the world while crying on the inside. I'm also a hopeless romantic. Watching so many relationships suffer and break wears on me. Most people know I was just going through a break up myself with Scott. The thing is he's still my best friend. We still spend copious amounts of time together and shoot stuff together. I keep getting asked by my fans what happened and if we're getting back together. Let me setthe record straight. It was not a bad break up, we're still friends, and I am upset some days over it still. That's all you need to know. The rest is my personal business. I can say this, I'm 24 and have A LOT of growing up to do. I've been in and out of relationships most of my adult life. I need to figure me out and grow up before I consider dating again. So for now, I am in a relationship, with myself. Due to this and how nosy everyone has become, I am keeping a lot of my personal relationships just that personal. It's time for me to focus on me. So, here I am and tomorrow I'll wake up on a Sunday, make breakfast, shoot and hope that whoever is going through relationship turmoil is ok and it works out. I guess relationships ending and beginning is just a fact of life. I just wanna go home and hug my bestie.


I will be back in LA and available for bookings Oct 13-24 Book me through http://OCModeling.com Twitter: @OCModeling

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