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The rules of swinging

I have listed 6 important rules that you need to know before joining any swinging activities

Like anything else in life, there are rules in swinging lifestyle as well. I know it is very exciting to jump right into the actions but you have to be knowledgeable about the rules of swinging or else you WILL NOT GET LAID. From a girl’s perspective, these are what I look for in my swinging partne

1. Be real

  • The most important rule because no one will want to play with you when they meet you and you are not who your profiles portrays.  DON’T FALSE ADVERTISE!
  • Don’t try to attract people by putting fake picture on your profiles. I have found profiles that have use my professional pictures on their profile describing that I’m their gf/wife.  I will automatic report these fake profiles!
  • It is a very big turn off for me when men use other people’s pictures or not a current picture of them.  I have come across many “cuties” on website and I get disappointed when we meet because he is not exactly looking like the one in the picture.  Just BE WHO YOU ARE then we will have hot sex together!

 2. Be Respectful

  • Being respectful can get you far in this lifestyle! As you look for couple/single girl on swinging websites, you will come across many couples have set out their rules to “NO KISSING” or “PLAY IN SAME ROOM” or “NO STRING ATTACHED”.  Whether you agree with their rules or not, respecting these rules are the only way you will get to play with them and getting invited back again.
  • Understand that swinging is a no string attached relationship! You should not be trying to get the wife/husband to go on a private date with you. You should not be jealous if your single girl plays with other couples/man. Remember that this is NOT A LOVE REALTIONSHIP!
  • Ask first.  When approaching someone, always INTRODUCE yourself first, don’t just go right in and start kissing him/her! Talk and see if they’re interested in you first before proceed.

 3. Be Safe

  • As a porn performer, I always want to make sure that I will not catch any disease off set and transmit to my onset partner.  You should too! ALWAYS USE CONDOM.  At swing club, you will be having sex with multiple partners.  You need to be protected.  I know condom isn’t the men’s favorite thing but better be safe than sorry later since not everyone is tested every 14 days. DON’T LET YOUR DICK DOES THE THINKING!

4. Be Open minded

  • Be open minded to other’s fetishes.  Some might have foot fetish and some might have bondage fetish; whatever it is, if you’re not comfortable with it then don’t play and move on to the next couple.
  • Open minded to the fact that you will be having sex in front of other men, women in an open area. If you’re not comfortable with others people watching then swinging is not your lifestyle.

 5. Ready

  • Always be ready with a sex kit! Couples come to my house with a sex kit filled with condom, lube, toys.  Things that you will need to use during the sex.
  • Get your dick ready! Let’s face it: Swingers are not the most patience people in the world, we expect you to get hard quick, fuck for long time, and cum a lot. We don’t care if you have to take Viagra or jerk off before. Please don’t come to the party with a limp dick!
  1. Fun
  • After all, remember to HAVE FUN.  It is a fun lifestyle that you can have sex with anybody, anywhere as long as you follow these rules then you get invited back. You might even get recommend by couples too.  I don’t know how many times I have couples recommend single guys for me because they played with him before and he fucks well.
  • Swingers can also make great friends. Not every date needs to be a fuck fest, I’ve gone out with my swinger couples to SixFlags, dinner, and just have fun. 

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