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Dana Vespoli

There's Something About Anikka

            I think it is probably common knowledge that I love Anikka Albrite.  Not love as in "Awww I just love that Anikka Albrite," but that goosebumpy love, where you get weak in the knees, and, in my case, this weird urge to make her pregnant even though she and I are both females.  I love everything about her, and before I get super creepy I should probably move on and discuss her as a performer.


            Ok, so Anikka is an outstanding performer. It's not just because she's hot looking, though that certainly helps.  She's present, and sincere.  She has joy in her eyes, and you don't just see that she loves sex--you feel it as well.  She doesn't just desire to connect with her partner sexually--there is a desire to connect on a purely human level, too.  That is, when she looks into her partner's eyes, it's not just lust that I see, but recognition of her partner as a person--not an object. Anikka conveys a vulnerability that makes her lovable and relatable.  When I use the word "vulnerability" I don't mean weakness, I mean accessibility, accessibility in a way where she is leaving herself open.  I think her kindness comes across in her scenes, her gentleness.  

 I LOVE Anikka

            I've come to realize that the performers who have a lasting impression on me--the ones I want to watch, enjoy shooting and working with, are those I find accessible. Haughty and hard never did anything for me.  All I want to do is break them (in a domme sense). They feel arid to me--that's the only way I can describe it.  The accessible ones feel lush, and I want to know them--both in the biblical sense and as people.  Anikka embodies this perfectly.  The first time I shot her for Sweetheart, it was in the first Analingus title. She was neither tentative nor forceful with Sandy--just languid. She was enjoying herself.  After this scene she went on to do more scenes: Wet Panties Trib and Girls Kissing Girls.  Each scene is sincere and lovely to watch.

 Lesbian Analingus

            Now that I've talked about her outstanding performing abilities I'd like to go back to being creepy: I totally wish I could make her pregnant. I wish I could combine DNA with her. There--I said it!


            Now do yourself a favor and go watch her scenes.  Anikka, if you're reading this...CALL me...*wink*

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