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Chanel Preston

My Soul Virginity Mate

As someone who has sex for a living, people often ask me about the first time I had sex. I believe that because losing your virginity is never enjoyable, the worse of an experience it is, the better the story it will be. And what is the point of losing your virginity if you can’t tell someone a great story once you become a cock sucker for a living? Here is my virginity story...


(And be forewarned this story involves having underage sex and doing drugs.)


Kyle was a very close friend of mine. We met in junior high and immediately hit it off. We always were goofing off and laughing, and we both felt really open and comfortable with sex around each other, despite neither of us ever having sex. Maybe he was my soul virginity mate. I think we were “boyfriend/girlfriend” for about two weeks at one point, but we always remained friends. We were on the wrestling team together, and guys never wanted to be my partner because they felt uncomfortable, but Kyle was always willing to wrestle me, of course. We would basically just roll around on the mat giggling, and he’d grab my boob whenever he locked me in a position.


In high school, our group of friends began to get into the typical high school trouble. We’d go out to parties all the time - drink, smoke, whatever, you name it. One particular night a bunch of us went out to a party, but it got busted by the cops so we piled into Pat’s Ride (the name of Kyle’s Bronco) and ran out of there. We all ended up at another friend’s house where we drank and smoked pot until we could hardly function. Despite our inability to function, Kyle and I still ended up doing the dirty on the floor of a room where multiple other people were passed out. Needless to say, I really don’t remember much because I was incredibly fucked up, as was he. I’m sure my friends will be able to give me more details after they read this.


All my friends from high school know I lost my virginity to Kyle, but what many of them don’t know is that I ended up getting a terrible urinary tract infection. I had never had one before, so I was really scared to tell anyone knowing it had something to do with having had sex. It ended up going away, but then I ended up getting sicker and eventually hospitalized. Of course the moment the doctor told my mother what was wrong with me she knew I had had sex. I was so sick and exhausted, and I am pretty sure I had a catheter in my pussy, but that did not stop my mother from berating me right there in the emergency room. I didn’t tell Kyle for a long time that is why I was in the hospital, but in time I eventually did and I gave him a lot of crap for it. I loved that I had a loss-of-virginity experience with someone I knew so well and could laugh with about it, as many don’t have this opportunity. And hell, I even had some of my other friends involved in the experience, as well (sorry, Jeremy, for doing it next to you). I always adored Kyle, and I could not have asked for a better friend to send me to the hospital after sex.


Unfortunately, Kyle recently passed away. No one who knew him will ever forget how infectious his personality and energy was. It is rare to meet someone with such a drive to gain awareness about himself and the world. Despite the demons he faced throughout his life, he left a beautiful mark on the people closest to him, and I believe he is happy he left this life knowing the impression he left on others. Thank you, Kyle, for giving me my first sexual experience and my first UTI. I love you.


-XO Chanel


a picture of chanel's friend kyle

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