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Must-See Girl Christy Mack's Heat Dispels Polar Vortex

Christy Mack, Must-See Girl

Have you noticed that the extreme cold we've been experiencing during winter 2013-2014 is waning? That there are actually days above freezing? I have a theory about that...Christy Mack's white-hot body is dispelling the cold!

Seriously, I've been reviewing movies and porn stars for nearly two decades and I can safely say that Christy Mack has one of the hottest bodies ever. Period. Let me count the ways that Christy heats up the planet...starting from the top of her head down to the tips of her toes.

To begin, let's consider Christy's hair. Wow! Have you ever seen such gorgeous locks? She generally has her hair cropped close on the sides--better to show off her skull tattoos--while letting it grow long and flowing down her back. I especially like it when Christy has that long hair braided. Just thinking about it is causing extremely pleasurable swelling in my pants!

Moving down Christy's face, let's stop and consider her eyes. Wow! What mesmerizing and mischievous eyes. I don't know about you, but one look from those blue eyes melts my inhibitions entirely. Take a look below to see that I mean. Just look at the range of emotion her eyes portray! Everything from unbridled lust to sweet teasing to "you'd better give me what I want!"

Christy's Eyes

Next on our tour of Christy's amazing flesh is her mouth. Christy's mouth provides us with three immeasurable gifts: first, she uses it to express her perky and endearing personality. To get an idea just how adorable Christy really is, I suggest you point your browser to myxxxpass.com and watch Christy's outstanding squirt-intensive scene for Immoral Live and Squirtamania. Not only will you get to see an hour and a half of live fucking, sucking, and squirting, but you'll also get to know Christy a bit more personally than in most porn scenes because she really has an opportunity to be herself and let her personality shine.

Of course, Christy's mouth is one of her prime pleasure orifices. Indeed, she uses it with great skill to suck cocks of all sizes...the bigger the better. And, her generous saliva lubes the action just perfectly. Don't you just love her stringers?

Christy Blowjob

Christy also uses her mouth to encourage her partner(s) and us during sex. If you've ever watched any of Christy's scenes, you know that her favorite word is "yes!" Indeed, she chants it religiously as you overwhelm her body with pleasure. She wants what you do to her and she shows it.

No tour of Christy's body would be complete without an in-depth study of her tattoos. Her attractive and colorful inkings are an organic thing that have grown and spread throughout her years in front of the screen. Indeed, you need to watch as many of Christy's scenes as possible for the singular purpose of observing how her flesh becomes more and more emblazoned with art. Of course, lots of girls have tattoos. But, Christy is among the few who have them extending from their shoulders up their necks, and onto their skulls! And, few have the sensitive skin of their armpits decorated. Damn, I love Christy's tattoos and hope that one day she will show all of them to me and explain each one's significance. To truly experience the beauty and heat of Christy's tattoos, I strongly recommend to you Evilangel.com's Whore's Inkdirected by Jonni Darko, and Inked Angelsdirected by Kevin Moore. I also really liked Elegant Angel's Hot Body Ink (Directed by William H.) and pornfidelity.com's Madison's Mad Mad Circus #1 (see the center photo below of Christy aiming her bow-and-arrow). Wicked.com, too, shows off Christy's ink in Ink Girls

Christy's Tattoos

As we continue our journey, let us consider Christy's topography. Of course, Christy's body is oh-so-shapely and curvy. But, the twin mounds that grace her chest almost defy words. Enhanced twice so far, Christy's breasts are a true testament to her choice of surgeon! Girls, if you are looking for a plastic surgeon, make sure you interview whoever Christy used! Whereas many implants are marred by hideous scars, unsightly lumps, or a washboard effect, Christy's breasts are perfect. Not only have they been superbly enlarged, but they look just right on her body...not to big, not too small...and her nipples point just the right "in-your-face" way. After you take a look at the photos below, I suggest you begin your own exploration of Christy's tits by watching Chris Streams' Bra Busters 4produced by Jules Jordan videoand William H. Nutsack's Big Wet Tits 12, produced by Elegant Angel video.

No discussion of Christy's topography would be complete without mention of her ass. In fact, it's one of Christy's greatest ass-ets! Just look at the photos below. Wouldn't you want to see her wedgie close up? To have her superbly formed heart-shaped cheeks smother your face? To slide your finger into her ample ass cleavage? Or blow your load all over her butt? I thought you would!

Christy's Ass

Of course, Christy uses her ass to great advantage when she takes cocks and toys up her tightest hole. Without a doubt, you simply must see Christy's scene in Mike Adriano's Anal Lessonswhich is also available on Evilangel.com. About this stellar scene, my friend Don Houston writes: she has "the kind of curves real men admire, her hourglass figure strokable from the beginning of the scene and her tight but fleshy ass a delight to behold. I admit that I adored her strong legs as well..." The second and third photos I've included below are from this amazing scene, and show just how much fun both Mike and Christy had during their anal-intensive encounter. While pursuing Evilangel.com, I also strongly recommend you watch Tattooed Anal Sluts, also captured by one of my favorite directors, Mike Adriano. My XCritic colleague, Bobby Blake, also liked this scene and wrote: Christy takes the anal fucking "like a champ and her expressions and dirty talk (make) for some seriously fantastic stroke fodder. An awesome reverse cowgirl anal segment follows where we see Christy's face in the background staring at the cock as it drills her asshole." Also definitely worth a look is Chris Streams' Oil Overload 10 (left-most photo below), produced by julesjordan.com, which not only contains fantastic anal sex, but also Christy's to-die-for oil-covered flesh.

Christy anal

While discussing Christy's holes, we must, of course, zoom in on her magnificent vagina. Christy, who I must admit is super classy because she takes such good care of her body and grooms herself impeccably, presents her pussy to us with varying crowns ranging from the nicely cropped "heart" you see in the left photo below to completely bald. Her clit is particularly sensitive and benefits so much from vibrating toys. Just look how much her clit has swollen in the second photo below. Christy's "outie" labia are also delightful, especially seen from behind, and her sometimes gushing orgasms are incendiary.

Christy's vagina

To see Christy's vagina in action, I suggest you check out pornfidelity.com's episode number 471, White Room With Christy, which is also available on DVD. Ryan Madison fucks her tight slit hard and fast (see the right-most photo below) and she is rewarded with three loads to fulfill her dreams. Wicked.com has several outstanding vaginal scenes for you to enjoy, too. I particularly liked her scenes in Hall Pass Ass, Getting Schooled, and Skin TightChristy's Pussy does some of its best work in Inked Angels (second photo from left below) when she also shows off her corset-trained curves.

Christy Vaginal Sex

Some of Christy's hottest features, I think, are her fingernails, which she somewhat jokingly refers to as talons. Christy always has her nails superbly manicured. And, they look so fucking good when they're wrapped around a hard cock or stroking a wet pussy. You'll know what I mean if you've watched any of her scenes. But, in case you haven't had a chance to savor her digits, here are some photos.

Christy's Nails

As we continue to travel southward down Christy's fantastic flesh, we pass her shapely and well-toned legs and come to an end of our journey at her magnificent feet. Not only are her toes always perfectly pedicured, but they are also extremely talented in pleasuring her partner's pussy or penis. Even if you're not generally a fan of feet, you owe it to yourself to visit Kink.com and watch their Foot Worship episode 33118.

Finally, here's my final homage to Christy: a slide show that contains over 11 minutes of photos of this Must-See Girl. Thanks to Wicked.comEvilangel.compornfidelity.com, myxxxpass.com, julesjordan.com, and Kink.com for the use of their images.

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