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Ashley Graham

Because Every Girls Wants To Be Pampered

I met Heather Marianna earlier this winter at The Roosevelt pool through my personal trainer and friend AJ (@AJCelebTrainer). He trains her while she is in L.A. I was having lunch and he texted me you need to meet this girl. He's all about networking. I was feeling up to going out, but he kept pushing me, so I gave in. Boy, was he right? I NEEDED to meet this girl. Heather and AJ and I share one thing in common, we're all hardworking people who work for themselves. What Heather does is amazing. She makes these awesome beauty products, from bath bombs to face masks to body butter to soap to scrubs.

I was OBSSESSED with Lush Cosmetics for a few years. Heather put me right in my place. She pointed out their ingredient list and that it was basically toxic to my body to use it. It was NOT at all organic. It was filled with sulfates, etc. Don't believe me? Go look at their ingredient list compared to Heather's ingredients. 

So we sat there, her, AJ, and myself sipping champagne by the pool, netowrking, discussing work and ideas we had. Her and I immediately bonded. I took down her number. It was almost as if she was the big sister I never had. We texted, we talked on the phone, we laughed.

At the end of that first night she gave me her rose scrub and some of her cellulite be gone products and soap. My god. They were all delicious. She was right, I could tell the difference between her products and Lush immediately. Hers smelled fresh. While Lush left me feeling oily and like I had bathed in baby oil soft, hers made me feel luxurious and the scents lasted for hours. With that, I threw everything I had been using in the trash and stuck strictly to her beauty products and haven't looked back. 

The smell that comes with her products lasts for hours. The silky, luxurious feeling of my skin lasts at least all day no matter what I am doing. I can send her molds and she'll make me custom shaped soaps from Hello Kitty to Dr Who to Stewie soaps. What other company would do that? Her face masks are my savior. I use them twice a week. Her cucumber one leaves my skin feeling so cool and refreshed. It's like a cold, crisp shower for my face. I use it at minimum twice a week for the refreshing feeling. The body butter I go through as quickly as I go through bacon and cheese, and we all know I live on that. Tonight I used her cellulite be gone bath bomb. IT comes in the cutest champagne flute and has seaweed and other extracts and it's amazing. I was sick and coughing and now I feel like a new person. The glitter bath bomb is no joke. I seriously mean that. I used it almost a month ago and there is still glitter everywhere in my house for it. That shiny glitter makes a girl feel like a girl and, above all else, special and pretty. We all love champagne and glitter. The soaps are amazing. The rose scrub I use almost every other day and that scent is to die for and leaves me feeling so smooth. Every night I use my cellulite be gone scrub followed by my overnight creme. LEt's all be honest, none of us need cellulite. Her stuff is amazing.

Not only that, but she's an amzing person. Heather gives and gives as much as she can. I know if I absolutely needed someone or something she'd give me the shirt off her back every time I asked, as long as I loved her as much. That heart is as sparkly as her glitter bath bombs. This brings me to her dog shampoo, Lucky Luciano's Lucky Dog Shampoo. This is a hypo-allergenic dog shampoo. I have a bunch of dogs and some have skin issues, this really helps. Now get this part, she loves dogs enough to make luxurious organic shampoo for them, but on top of that but 15% of all dog shampoo sales go to Adopt a Rescue Pet, AdoptARescuePet.org . When I asked her about that, she said she basically breaks even after her donations with the dog shampoo. How kind of her is that? She creates a safe and non-detergent alternative to chamical dog shampoos and sees basically none of the money because she gives it back to pets in need. That's just Heather for you.

She's also got this new beauty box promotion or whatever you want to call it now. You get full size products of her line for just 24.95 a month. You can't beat that! New products to try every month and they're full size. With every new box line out there, this is the one I'd go for first. It's well worth it's weight in gold. We all need pampering, may as well try everything until we find our favorites and all her new stuff because I can only bet she is coming out with more and more amazing things, like her new red clay detoxifying mask and men's line of soaps.

All in all, ditch Lush girls. Beuaty Kitchen is where it is at. She's my favorite and I'll never touch any other line. To check her stuff out go to http://HeatherMarianna.tv or follow her on twitter @HeatherMarianna

PS Heather, I love you!


You can all thank me later 

Ashlee Graham


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My custom made Hello Kitty, Stewie, and Dr Who soaps with some of her bath bombs


lovely heather

Heather Marianna

And finally me:Twistys Tammy

Shot by Tammy Sands VIPArea.com

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