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Faker Than A 3 Dollar Bill


3 Dollar Bill


Sitting through hours upon hours of porn flicks has granted me the opportunity to see the world of porn in a different light than most average viewers. I've seen pornstars come, and go. I've seen them change over the years, and have even fell in love/lust with a few in the process. I think the greatest revelation I've gained from my porno viewing though is that there are performers out there who are wholly into what they do, and that there are those who are in it solely for the attention, or money. In a perfect world pornstars would be doing what they do, because the love it. Sadly, the industry has become more about dollar signs & quick cash over the years, and less about the love of sex.

The reason I bring this up is that there's a growing unhealthy trend amongst porn models, and models in general. Whether it be the mainstream media, studios, lovers, or what not these leading ladies feel pressured to go under the knife in order to please everyone else just so that they can get the attention they feel they deserve. It's a sad thing in that society's version of beautiful is so warped, and twisted that it's often times ugly in it's own way. Girls are starving themselves to be thin just so that they can land the front cover of a magazine. There are also porn performers/models who go out of their way to conform to society's version of sexy by getting things done to their bodies such as breast implants, botox injections, or even plastic surgery.

I'm here to tell you today, women of the world, that physical beauty is only skin deep, and that it will only last for so long. If you want to be beautiful be yourself. Don't give into the supposed standards of men, and women. Be yourself, and your personality will draw a worthwhile group of fans, and friends into your circle of life. Also do not degrade yourself by altering your appearance through surgery. I can guarantee you there's someone in this world, as cruel as it may seem that will love you for who you are. Not everyone is a judgemental prick who thinks porn is like real life, and that the women in porn are the ideal wife.

If you choose to go the route of a porn career do it, because you like sex and the porn industry. Don't do it to impress your fans through physical alterations for the sole purpose of making a quick buck. I don't know about other readers, or porn enthusiasts here, but I'd rather see an all natural girl enjoying herself than one who dolls herself up like a Barbie, and trys to look overly impressive. Keep it real, or find another job. That's what I believe. absolutely do not conform to society's standards of beauty as it will only lead you down a path of self-destruction. Truer words were never spoken, trust me.

I hope that this blog post opens up at least some of your minds. I hope that pornstars, models, and performers also heed my advice as it is about the best you'll hear from the porn industry. Always remember that a unique, and attractive personality stands out much more than a physical appearance ever will. With all that being said I do hope that more genuine pornstars make it into the industry, and that they set a proper physical, and mental example for future entertainers.

You're Last Samurai,

Vincent Pierce

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