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Marc Dorcel: Porn With A Classy Touch


La Danseuse


Marc Dorcel is not a new name in the porn industry by any means. Marc's studio which started back in 1979, or a little earlier contained a more glamorous style of porn that was mostly made available to European, and French consumers. It wasn't until recent years that Marc Dorcel's reach extended here in the Untied States. When it finally did arrive on Western shores it was welcome in such away that it won some prestigious adult awards as well as porn enthusiasts' undivided attention. I think the fact that Marc Dorcel only associates with the best of directors, and performers is the edge that helped him to gain a more worldy recognition. The directors such as 'Kendo', 'Herve Bodilis', and 'Max Candy' always strive to provide the richest content whether it be through erotic storytelling, or an artistic vision. In doing so they each hold the viewers attention indefinitely. As far as the cast goes the ladies of Dorcel always look like glamor models, and always command their respective scenes with an demanding presence. The fact that Marc Dorcel, his Directors, and the cast all believe in giving it their all also makes Dorcel porn productions the finest you'll find in the world.

For those of you looking for that genuine Dorcel entertainment Marc Dorcel Studios has several online sites to cater to your needs. His online store which carries with it a similar namesake (www.dorcel.com) offers discounted merchandise, and dvds on a regular basis. While shopping in this online store you do have to keep in mind that you will be getting actual French dvds, and products though. Even so you'll find that most of Dorcel's dvd library is based on region free productions with multiple language options (including English) in place. This means that even though the dvds are French in origin they can be played, and understood in English speaking countries such as that of the United States. Aside from their exceptional dvd line-up you'll also find sex toys, and other merchandise to spice up your love/lust life. You'll even find Dorcel's exclusive French magazine which I have translated, and reviewed on my own blog. There's definitely a lot of worthwhile offerings in the Dorcel store.

For those of you looking for streaming options Marc Dorcel also offers up his dvd library content for streaming views via a paysite (www.dorcelvision.com). For a fraction of the price of a Dorcel dvd you can enjoy the same films via the VOD (Video On Demand) service on this official Dorcel pay site. What's even more impressive than that is that Dorcel, and and a group of his female associates have put together a woman's only porn site (www.dorcelle.com) with news, reviews, and articles dealing with women's sexual needs. The new Dorcelle site has not been up long, but is definitely gaining the attention from Marc Dorcel's growing female fanbase. You'll find as I did that Dorcel films are usually gender neutral in subject, and can be enjoyed by both a male, and female audience with the exception of a few. This is one of the many reasons why Dorcel, it's films, and it's websites are so widely accepted within the porn community.

If you have not watched, or bought a Dorcel dvd I highly suggest that you do. After watching it you will begin to understand the difference between good porn, and great porn. If you like the loveliest of ladies, sex that impresses, and production values that spare no expense Dorcel has all of that waiting for you. If you want to you can always visit my blog to catch up on past Dorcel dvd reviews, or even visit the Dorcel reviews that were posted here at Xcritic. Either way I think you'll find something special, and exceptional about what Marc Dorcel has to offer.


- Vincent Pierce

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