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Kendo's My Vi 10lb Challenge

Being healthy is no doubt a hard thing to accomplish in this oppresive world of ours. The stress of living is tremendous, and the temptations even more so. We as citizens of America, and the world are often times pushed to abuse our bodies with unhealthy food intake, poor diet choices, and diet medicines that are anything but good for us as a result of the negative pressure. As inevitable as it may seem though we do have choices in the matter regarding our health. After having befriended porn director Kendo (Kenny Rye) it became obvious to me that this was the truth, and that he cared for my physical wellbeing as well as that of anyone who cared to listen to him. In fact he cared about voicing his opinion on such things as a good diet, exercise, and good eating habits. Kendo himself frequents the gym, and spend hours upon hours of time in it as well as spends quality time outdoors doing physical activities on a regular basis. As such I think at the end of the day we could all take a hint from this director, and his healthy habits.

The main reason I bring all of this up is that Kenny has brought to my attention (via Twitter - @KendoUK) a physical wellness challenge that aims to better the world, and it's citizens by helping them tackle that first hard loss of 10lbs. The program creator feels that if you can get past that first 10lbs mark, and dedicate your time to a better you during it you can go even further than that to become the best possible you. While this program is geared mostly towards weight loss Kenny has also dropped a hint that it even deals with weight gain, in a manner of speaking. For those of you who are lacking in healthy muscular weight the program director can guide you in ways to build healthy muscle mass, and buff up your appearance in the process. We all know physically fit people are more attractive, and that they are more active. Why shouldn't we also want the same for ourselves?

As I promised Kenny I will leave with you a link to the challenge site in hopes that you will actually think about commiting to it. I myself looked at the site, and as gimmicky as it may seem it does seem to harbor a free membership with actual rewards based on your progress. You will of course have to research it for yourself just to make sure it's something that's for you. Be sure to watch the included video, and read into all the details before commiting. I personally believe in making sound choices, and if this challenge is as legit as it seems it will definitely be rewarding for all those who choose to take it on. Either way I hope that all of my readers try to do right by yourselves by maintaining healthy habits, and by living an active lifestyle. Don't give into the unhealthy habits of the world, and lose your potential as a person. Good health in it's own right is rewarding beyond measure. Your body is the temple in which you reside. It can either be a heavenly mansion, or a hellish dungeon. The choice is yours. It always has been.


Kenny Rye's My Vi Challenge - http://kennyrye.myvi.net/challenge


- Vincent Pierce

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