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Vincent Pierce, "Adult Gaming Guru"

A lot of you here will be unaware of my gaming history, and how it has influenced my journalism career, but I aim to open your eyes a bit regarding that topic ...

As a child growning up in the 80's I commited a good portion of my life to playing, enjoying, and mastering the games on Nintendo's first American console. During the 80's, and the reign of Nintendo my love for gaming flourished, and slowly, but surely I got hooked on the artistic yet simplistic worlds offered up with each game release. As the years passed, and more consoles were introduced I began spending most of my extra income to obtain these new entertainment experiences, and even amassed a huge game library with each. To date I have owned, and played nearly every single console released, and have even spent some time at local arcades playing fighting games with strangers. To say gaming was simply a part of my life would be an understatement. Gaming is a huge part of my life, and it has oddly enough leaked into my professional career as an online journalist. The subject matter, and business aspects of it, which happen to be byproducts of my hobby have allowed me to see the entertainment world in a whole new light, and share that wisdom with my readers.

Not only will you find me writing about games that people have yet to play these days, but you'll also find me dedicating a huge portion of my time discussing business matters relating to the gaming industry on Twitter as well. In a way my gaming journalism career, and accompanying interests mirror that of my adult review career here at Xcritic. In both outlets (my gaming blog and Xcritic) I am passionate about what is going on behind-the-scenes. Gaming, and adult film viewing have become more than just a hobby to me, and are instead a serious matter that I love to talk about often. I strive to make points about things concerning the industries, and even share some personal opinions in the process. On occasion I'll offer developers advice, or even go fully in with a game idea. I personally want to see the gaming industry continue to survive until my last dying breath, but with uncertain times, poor business decisions, and the overbearing status of the economy the future of the industry I love may eventually cease to exist. The same goes for porn, and all the studios/performers who gave it their all to please the consumer.

Sadly, as the economy stands both of the industries are struggling to hang on. Piracy is becoming an increasingly serious threat to business in both cases, and certain practices being put into play are further hurting each of the industries. If your frequent my gaming blog you'll occasionally find articles on such topics in which I discuss various business related decisions, and things that could potentially harm the gaming industry, and world of entertainment as a whole. Things like the NSA tinkering, legal matters pertaining to copyright infringement, and even bills that are being passed to restrict what online offers to the citizens of the US are discussed. In a round-about way things that once did nothing to harm the industries we grew up to love are now posing a potential game ending threat. I love to voice my opinion on these important matters as they could easily put an end to the two things I'm most passionate about.

Other than the serious side of gaming, and entertainment you'll also find me enjoying the review process that goes into each review. As a gaming journalist who gets games before everyone else I feel a certain obligation to warn you about them if they are bad, and spread the word on the games that will be worth your time, and money if they are good. I take my job seriously, but at the same time I love playing through the games to see what kind of artistic work was put into each new creation. It's kind of like reliving my childhood all over again, and is definitely different from the more "Grown-Up" nature of my business with the adult film industry. Just recently I got early access to a few 'Playstation 3' JRPGs (Japanese Roleplaying Games), and have loved the heck out of my playthroughs, for the most part. In fact I posted a new review last night of NISA's "Mugen Souls Z". You should read it, by the way. Not only does it excite me to be able to play such games, but to be able to share what I find in each one with my loyal readers is a huge perk. It makes me feel like a vital part of the industry goings on, and I think that is the most important aspect of my gaming career by far. To know what I say matters, and that people are actually spending time reading what I have to say about the things I'm passionate about means the world to me.

In closing I will leave an open invitation to anyone who would like to check out my game reviews. As usual you will find a direct link to my gaming blog in my Xcritic Bio should you feel like revisiting your childhood like I do every day. Games, like porn are a crucial part to the entertainment equation, and unless we as consumers stand our ground on certain matters, and spread the word about the things we are passionate about our children, and our children's children may grow up clueless about the industries we once cherished. Always support what you love even if you find yourself standing alone in a crowd of sheep, metaphorically speaking of course.


- Vincent Pierce (PSN ID - OtakuDante1134)

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