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Nica Noelle
Vincent Pierce 

Food Porn, Bukkake & Gokkun

For those of you who are unaware of it there are a handful of niche porn genres out there capable of getting the juices flowing properly. If you know what I mean? Three of these porn genres rarely ever see the light of day here in the United States, and it's rather saddening, because I know a ton of porn enthusiasts who would enjoy owning some dvds based on these genres. The genres I speak of include the sperm heavy "Gokkun", and "Bukkake" themed dvds as well as the "Food Porn" oriented ones. While I do prefer the straight versions of each there are gay alternatives out there for visual consumption as well. You just have to know where to look (mainly tube sites that feature home video type porn). Being one who supports the sale of porn dvds though I see these tube site outlets being a poor venue for such unique, and attention getting porn genres.

What gets me the most about it all is that Europe, and Asia are all over stuff like this, and are making serious money from westerners who long for such content. Germany, particularly the John Thompson/GGG studio is notorious for producing some of the most hardcore porn dvds, and videos that the world has ever seen. Things like Bukkake, and Gokkun are not out of bounds with that particular director/studio. A while back there was even an American porn studio (JM Productions) who did an "American Bukkake" series. Sadly they have moved mostly onto site services, and no longer provide the amazing bukkake oriented flicks that I grew to love. While I do love the "GGG (German Goo Girl)" stuff to some extent I still long for what "JM Productions" had offered to the American public. It was more sexy, and less filthy than the material shown in John Thompson's porn. Not only that but it was in English.

I find it to be curious that Bukkake, Gokkun, Food Porn, and even rarer niche genres such as "Cum Brushing" no longer have a prominant place in the online porn stores. The only place you can find such content is from foreign pay sites, and occasionally a dvd store that has the more obscure titles for sale. Why aren't American porn studios, and producers jumping on this stuff??? My hope is that some rising star of a studio will make themselves known with such content. I hope that they are an American studio, and that they don't mind sticking their necks out for their fans. I for one would love to own, and review such dvds. Not only would they provide replay worthy entertainment for the customer, but they would offer porn journalists such as myself a reason to get creative with our writing. Most of the cliche porn genres today are so similar in nature that no matter the difference in performers, plot, or what have you it all begins to sound like more of the same, especialy in reviews. Performers are mostly directed to follow a cliche performance guideline filled with the usual position changes, expressions, and actions.

What I wouldn't give to write about something such as a dude shooting his load on a slice of pizza after an amazing blowjob, and the girl eating it afterwards. Heck, it doesn't really matter what the food is as long as the guy shoots his wad on it, and the girl eats it as if she's starving. The same goes for Gokkun, Bukkake, and Cum Brushing. Simply make some appealing cumshot related porn, include some sexy as hell female performers, add a catchy title, and sell that stuff here in the USA. You could even get creative, and create a new spin-off series based on the sperm consumption genre. I remember Porn Dan (Dan Leal) did a cum snorting series that was unlike anything before it. While it was definitely nasty it was still innovative. You just have to think outside the box porn directors. Stop going with the same cliche porn genres, and subject matter. There's so much untapped potential in the porn market, and it simply requires a realization of what fans want.

I think I'll close this blog on that note. Feel free to comment on what I've said. I'll try my best to reply ASAP. I do like hearing what others have to say.


- Vincent Pierce

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