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Sexy Gaming, Ratings & the Younger Generations

In my time as a gamer I have found various video games that take sexuality to the next level. Surprisingly some of these games are not entirely sexual themselves though, but do have explicit sexual content involved. Even more surprising is the genres of games that have adopted such sexual details. Fighting games, JRPGs, and even some action games have had their fair share of sexual content in the past. Roleplaying games in particular have often times included near taboo sexual themes that push the line between decency, and total perversion. One such game happened to be a recently released JRPG (Japanese Roleplaying Game) titled, "Monster Monpiece". I had recently reviewed the game on my gaming blog, and gave it a recommendation with some warnings. Not only did the game feature scantily clad female subjects, but those artisic female representations were of the "Loli" kind. For those of you who are unaware of the "Loli" term it simply means a girl that looks underage, and is displayed in a sexually suggestive manner. Japanese animators are notorious for having Loli girls in their anime, and in their roleplaying (RPG) video games. In the case of "Monster Monpiece", which was sexually oriented from the start the gamer playing had to rub the artisitic, and responsive images of the girls' bodies in certain spots (inner thighs, butt, pussy, breasts ...) in order to further undress them, and upgrade their in-game stats.

While I really had no problem with "Monster Monpiece" as a whole I did have some issues with recommending the game to certain readers that may happen upon the review. I mentioned that it was the type of game not meant for pedophiles, or people showing signs of sexually criminal tendencies. I also mentioned that it was rated "MATURE" for a reason, and that that reason had to do with it's sexual content. The game in general was well developed though, and had one of the most interesting card battle systems to date. I'm sure somewhere out there on the internet though other reviewers were bashing the hell out of the game for it's sexual nature. Thus lies the neverending battle of good versus evil. What do you do?

Even though "Monster Monpiece" pushed the limits of perversion with it's Loli creations it never really overstepped it's boundaries. There was no nudity, and the "Monster Girls" were always clothed, if ever so slightly. In the history of gaming you will find several games that did choose to show nudity (BMX XXX, God of War, Dant'es Inferno ...), and that were less harassed than the developers of "Monster Monpiece" were. Games like Sony Santa Monica's "God of War" series, and it's sex mini-games for example really pushed the boundaries of rating limitations in the North American marketplace due to the full frontal reveals of Greek females. While they did obviously push the limits I'm still one adult gamer who's not complaining, because I am an adult. I think the real issue in putting sexual content out there for consumers of any country is that the products featuring said sexual content are often times sold to people who should never own the products in the first place. Often times, in the case of video games ignorant parents, and grandparents will buy their underage children "MATURE" rated games even after being fully warned by the store employee. They simply buy the games to pacify their children, and in turn let said children grow up thinking violence, and sex is cool in twisted manner.

Regardless of their attention getting nature video games, dvds, and music wouldn't be catching the heck that they were if said products weren't falling into the wrong hands. Sadly, the fault in that lies solely with the parents, and their poor parenting decisions. I often times turn on the news to see children shooting people, and sex crimes being commited by younger men. Even though I'm against blaming video games, or other entertainment offerings I can't help but think that these products are somewhat responsible for the corruption of younger minds. With that said though this would not be the case if proper parental rules were enforced, and if children/younger people were monitored more closely than they are today.

Violence, and sex has been around since the dawn of mankind, and will exist until the bitter end. Even though it may seem more popular in an entertainment standpoint it is not the glamorized violence, or sex that is corrupting the world. It's the lack of taught morals, and the poor raising of newer generations that have no respect for authority that is to blame. Kids these days don't care about the consequences of their actions, and take twisted inspiration from things that were meant for mere entertainment purposes only. Game developers, movie makers, and even porn producers create an entertaining experience not to corrupt minds, but to offer an enjoyable experience for those who are old & mature enough to enjoy said experience. There are ratings in place for a good reason parents. Do not ignore your childrens' online/entertainment activites. Whether it be gaming, online computer activity, movie watching, or even music listening you need to know what your children are up to. There would be less crimes today if the younger generations were taught to respect their elders. It is ultimately up to the adults of each country to set an example for their children, and enforce some much needed rules on the younger generations that are coming of age.


- Vincent Pierce

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