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Plus-Sized Doesn't Mean You Have to Downsize: A Positive Blog for BBWs Looking to Enter Adult

My name is Karla Lane and I’m a BBW and adult performer. If you’re unfamiliar with me, I have filmed over 600 scenes and been in the business for about 8 years. I have a huge fan following and I love what I do. Erika Icon is my publicist and has her clients to do guest blogs, and this week it's me.

There seems to be a lot of myths these days going around about what it’s really like to be a BBW and do porn. Some try to dissuade new girls from entering the adult arena. Is it to keep the competition to a minimum or is it really true BBWs have it harder than average-sized adult models? I think more of the former than the later.

It’s no secret that the adult industry is in a slump on the whole with free porn everywhere and people not wanting to pay for what they can get for free. It’s a sad fact but true. Here are 5 myths I'd like to address:

Myth #1: Being a BBW Will Put You in a Box

It can if you let it. Many BBWs have been in regular adult films and have worked with companies like Lethal Hardcore, Score, New Sensations and Evil Angel, to name a few. It you don’t want to be viewed just as a BBW performer, don’t allow it to happen. I have a radio show and do a lot of other things other BBW girls don’t do, in addition to some things on the horizon that I can’t talk about quite yet. I have worked in mainstream adult performances, but I’m also one of the few contract girls for Plumper Pass/Sensational Video. Thanks to my publicist, I actually have more work than I can handle. I turn away a lot of work.

Myth #2: BBWs Make Less

I get the same rate that a standard female adult performer gets for a boy/girl performance and more for anal. My airfare and hotel are always covered when I travel for work whether it’s scene work or a tradeshow. When I do travel for work, I get multiple scenes at one time and paid my full rate for each one. I like doing multiple scenes so I can knock more than one out at a time. If I wanted to work more and solely do adult, I could. I have a day job because I like to spice it up and I get bored doing one thing.

Many BBWs like Samantha 38G, April Flores and myself have done well without having to escort. Those who like to webcam do even better because fans like connecting with the girls and getting original content. You’d be amazed at how many men like bigger women, especially if they’re attractive. This is why I will be launching my site and will be taking in good money. Most porn girls make at least $500 a month and if they update their content, show love to their fans and make their site original; the sky is the limit whether you’re a BBW or not.

Myth #3: You Can’t Be a Successful

Despite what you may have heard or read, you can be a success. They are few agencies that work with BBWs. I believe only Metro Talent and a handful of others do. More than likely, you will need to represent yourself. Get some GREAT pictures that are not photoshopped to make you look thin or thinner. When you show up on set, people will know. The BBW studios won’t hire you and the mainstream adult studios will send you home if you don’t look like your photos. Reach out to studios by emailing them your photos and send a list of whom you’ve already worked for. Use social media like Twitter to also reach out to studios and make other connections that can help you get work. Be creative and get out there. Don’t be lazy. Try webcamming if you need money or get a part-time job until you make it. When you do get film work make sure to be professional and show up on time. And when you do have some extra money get a publicist and maybe even a manager to further your career.

Myth #4: You’ll Have to Do Anything to Get Work

This is another fallacy. You don’t have to sleep with the director and/or do things on camera that make you feel uncomfortable. If you’re asked to do something you don’t feel right about, speak up, but do it in a professional manner.

Myth#5: The Normal World Is Hard

Yes, if you want to go into porn make sure you want to do it. It will be “on your record” forever and people will recognize you. It might be hard to get a job in the public sector even if you film a handful of scenes. Yes, your friends might turn their backs on you, but ask yourself if they were your friends in the first place. Your family might alienate you. These things are true with any job you might do of an adult nature. However, many girls in porn have supportive friends and family. Dating can be a challenge, but that’s true even if you work in the real world.


I guess what I’m trying to say here is to just go for it, if you’re a BBW and want to be in porn. Whether you’re an adult model, have a website, want to do scenes, webcam or whatever. Just go for it. You will never know until you try. Don’t let people discourage you from making your dreams a reality.

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