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Brooklyn Chase...Must-See Next-Door Girl


A couple of months ago, Erika, a friend of mine, suggested that I check out Brooklyn Chase. I must admit that I hadn't heard about Brooklyn. But, I trust Erika. So, I searched my favorite porn sites (Wicked.comEvilangel.commyxxxpass.comhardx.comjulesjordan.com, and pornfidelity.com) for her scenes and downloaded a bunch of them. To say I was blown away would be an understatement.

To begin, Brooklyn is absolutely adorable. She is so fucking cute that words simply don't do her justice. Just take a look at the photos below. She is the quintessential girl next door who, at first look, seems so innocent, so pure, so take-home-to-mom-able. But, she can certainly turn heads because of her vivaciousness and lovable good looks. Any guy would be beyond proud to call Brooklyn his girlfriend. I know I would. 

Of course, Brooklyn is a porn star. So, once you get her cute clothes off of her, her well-toned, curvy, and hot-as-hell body speaks for itself. I adore Brooklyn's shape, her flat belly, her long luscious legs, and her pretty feet. Gaze your eyes upon her in the photos below. Don't you agree with me?


Frankly, I cannot get enough of Brooklyn. I can't help myself. I simply must gaze upon her cute-as-can-be face, dazzling smile, and long flowing brunette hair. Just look at Brooklyn's face in the photos below. One look and you'll be hooked. In fact, she can even flip you off (second photo from left) and make you feel like a million bucks. 


Even more important than her pretty face and endearing smile, at least to me, are her mesmerizing and captivating eyes. The range of emotion that Brooklyn's eyes evoke in me (and, I hope, in you) is wide and ranges from "Believe me, all is right with the world" (left below), to "I want you so bad" (second from left), to "It's so good to see you" (third), to "I fuckin' want your cum" (right). Without a doubt, one look into Brooklyn's eyes and my day does, indeed, feel better. At least my cock does!


Of course, all the looks in the world won't keep us interested for long. Well, maybe a long time, but not forever. A girl simply must have personality. And, perhaps more than any other 2014 Must-See Girl, Brooklyn has loads of personality. Believe me, judging from her many scenes that I've "studied," Brooklyn is always interesting, always a bit goofy, and always endearing. Again, she would make the best possible girlfriend. God, I totally love this girl!

I think that one of the best ways to get to know Brooklyn--and her cute personality--is to watch her videos on pornfidelity.com. Brooklyn is featured in four very good scenes on this worth-joining site. And, in three of these scenes (episodes 452, 486, and 497), you'll get to meet Brooklyn in an up-close-and personal way as she chats with Ryan Madison (her male partner) and hams it up for the camera. In fact, all but the left most of the photos below was taken from a pornfidelity.com photo album. See what I mean about Brooklyn being adorable?

When reviewing pornfidelity.com episode 486, which also appears on Highly Recommended Real Life 2critic Don Houston describes how the scene unfolds after Ryan picks her up and the gym, feeds her lunch, and drives home while she gets naked and blows him in the car. "They then made it to the house where she ran inside naked, changing into a bikini where she teased him before they moved to the hot tub out back to fuck actively." She ran naked across Ryan's front yard and into his house. How frisky is that? This hot scene even features multiple pop shots (Ryan is famous for them) including a cream pie. Yummy!

Episode 497, which can be found in DVD format in the movie Romantic Aggression 1is a more romantic than silly scene. During it, Ryan and Brooklyn prance around on a secluded beach while enjoying a little SFW foreplay. They then head inside where Ryan, in Don Houston's words, quickly gets his hands "all over her as he sucked her tits and yanked off her shorts for greater access to her very appealing goodies, the guy going down on her as she moaned in pleasure. She then reciprocated by working his rod into her mouth, her hand holding his shaft gingerly as she licked and sucked the boner. The couple then fucked vaginally, her bald beaver looking red and puffy early on but moist and accommodating too. It was an active ride at times and Ryan fingered her ass, her labia wrapping tightly around his rod as he power pounded her."

Brooklyn also appears in pornfidelity.com's The Madison's Mad Mad Circus (Episode 500). During the orgy scene, Brooklyn plays particularly well with others! She is part of an outstanding orgy eight-some in which she appears with Anikka AlbriteRomi RainChristy MackJacky JoyKelly Madison, and Kendra Lust. Believe it or not, Ryan Madison is the only guy in the scene. Lucky bastard! Sadly, we don't have a review of that movie on our site, but I've seen it and can tell you first hand that the orgy is, at the same time, both lots of fun and hotter than hell. And, Brooklyn's presence is always felt.


In addition to having one of the cutest personalities ever possessed by a porn star, Brooklyn is also a great actress. Perhaps this is why she held the leading role in Wicked.com's Odd Jobs. This much-better-than-expected comedy feature shows how award-winning writer/director Jonathan Morgan "can take a depressing topic like unemployment and flip it on its ear to make light of the situation." Brooklyn, the female lead of the movie, plays a "scheming headhunter, the gal always finding people a job but the results proving less than satisfying." Don Houston, our most demanding and prolific critic, continues: Brooklyn "was up last with interviewee Will Powers in her office. Throughout the show she proved to have great comic timing, the cheese of Jonathan’s lines handled just right by the hotty to make me laugh repeatedly. Having dealt with headhunters myself, high pressure ones at that, I thought they got it right on so many levels that I wouldn’t expect of a low budget quickie like this, Brooklyn helping prove her skills by assisting Will with an audition tape." The three right-most photos below depict Brooklyn's acting role in Odd Jobs.

Brooklyn also has an important role in Highly Recommended Wicked.com's The Candy StriperBefore fucking the shit out of veteran male performer Erik Everhard, Brooklyn "plays the perfect gold-digger wife" of an old male hospital patient. Her well-delivered--and quite believable--lines help her seduce "Doctor' Erik. Afterwards, as Don Houston writes, "They fucked like maniacs." Check out gold-digger Brooklyn in the two left-most photos below.


Of course, Brooklyn simply wouldn't be a porn star if she wasn't a great fuck. Yep, personality and acting ability are excellent attributes. But, Brooklyn's fucking skills, combined with her personality and acting skills, make her truly a Must-See Girl.

Let's begin exploring Brooklyn's sexual prowess with her breasts. Not only does she have an excellent rack (which has been improved even more since I named Brooklyn August 2014's Must-See Girl--photos below), but she knows how to use it to please oh-so-lucky cocks. Most of the pictures (below) of her warm and inviting pillowy boobs enveloping cock came from Highly Recommended Stackeddirected by award-winning director Mason for hardx.com. Brooklyn's oiled-up breasts take center stage during the opening tease sequence. But later, during foreplay and sex, Erik Everhard can't keep his hands off those delectable boobs. And, he spends several delicious minutes sliding his rod between those oh-so-fuckable tits. 

Another recommended choice to savor Brooklyn's titty-fucking skills is Big Tit Centerfoldsdirected by Kevin Moore for Evil Angel (left most photo below). After a boob-centric opening tease, relatively unknown Chad Alva gets the ultimate pleasure of sliding his rod in-and-out of Brooklyn's cleavage...and gets to fuck her pussy, too. 

The right-most photo below shows how hugely-endowed Lexington Steele's mammoth rod overwhelms Brooklyn's big breasts. In her hot and sexy scene in Lex's Breast Fest 2, Brooklyn uses her considerable assets--including her ample boobs--to pay off Lex, who plays a debt-collector to whom her husband owes money. Of course, Brooklyn easily repays the debt by giving Lex a very memorable ride.

Brooklyn also makes her tits the center of attention in Evilangel.com's Titty Creampies 5. In this somewhat unusual scene, male performer/director Kevin Moore fucks only Brooklyn's luscious tits. Brooklyn drives Kevin crazy with her nasty talk, hands, and mouth as she tightly squeezes his lucky penis between her fantastic boobs...leading to a considerable explosion of semen.


Of course, one of the most important skills porn stars must possess is fellatio. And, without a doubt, Brooklyn tops her class in cock sucking! For example, about her hot scene with Erik Everhard in hardx.com's StackedDon Houston writes: After first class cunnilingus, Brooklyn "rewarded him by dropping down on her knees to aggressively suck his pecker, throwing herself into it like she was trying to prematurely drain his dragon of splooge..." As you can see from the photos below, darling Brooklyn loves oral...no matter whether she's on the giving or receiving side. 


Moving southward on Brooklyn's fine body we, of course, find her succulent vagina. So far, it's the only one of her secret holes that she's given up for the camera, although I think I join all her fans in begging her to open her asshole for us, too. Nonetheless, as you can see from the photos below, Brooklyn's pussy is fine...fine! No matter which angle you use to gaze upon her lovely labia and welcoming hole, you've got to admit that Brooklyn's vagina is among the sweetest you'll ever see. Of course, you can savor Brooklyn's vagina in all the movies that I've mentioned in this article. However, I must say that I enjoyed Brooklyn's pussy more than ever during pornfidelity.com episode 486, which also appears in Highly Recommended Real Life 2The banner photo at the top of this article and the left most photo below are both from that scene. See what I mean about her beautiful vagina?


As you might expect, Brooklyn's perfect pussy gets put to excellent use in all her scenes. However, there are two things about Brooklyn's vaginal scenes that I'd like to point out. First, her pussy seems bottomless...especially as hugely-endowed Lexington Steele fills her balls-deep in Lex's Breast Fest 2which is also available in HD on Evilangel.com. Second, Brooklyn's vagina responds particularly well to the ministrations of two legendary porn studs: Ryan Madison and Erik Everhard. Brooklyn gets together with Ryan in all the pornfidelity.com movies I've mentioned and she's coupled with Erik in Wicked.com's The Candy Striper and hardx.com's Stacked.


Although Brooklyn hasn't yet given up her asshole, her butt plays center stage in virtually all her movies. Her cheeks are full, firm, and shapely. In fact, they simply beg to be kneaded...caressed...worshipped. Perhaps that is why quirky Evilangel.com director Kevin Moore has featured Brooklyn in two of his butt-centric movies, including Spandex Loads 8 and Crack Fuckers 5.


Brooklyn's scenes always end on a high note...there's always a very happy ending, if you know what I mean. Without a doubt, Brooklyn loves semen and it shows whenever her face beams with delight when her guy plasters her face with cum. Just look at the shots below. Who wouldn't adore such a happy woman?


While I was doing strenuous "research" preparing for this article, Brooklyn emailed me excitedly and told me that she had her breasts enhanced. She wrote: "They still have a pretty natural fall to them, but are bigger and rounder." Since I am defintely a breast-man, I couldn't wait to see her new rack. And, to say the least, I was blown away. Given Brooklyn's tremendous use of her previous boobs during titty-fucking scenes, I truly look forward to seeing her rack 2.0 in action. Here are some of my favorite shots of Brooklyn's new Grade-A boobs. 


Without a doubt, Brooklyn Chase is a Must-See Girl. You owe it to yourself to enjoy some of her scenes soon.

Finally, here's my final homage to Brooklyn: a slide show that contains nearly minutes of photos of this Must-See Girl. Thanks to Brooklyn Chase, Wicked.comEvilangel.commyxxxpass.comhardx.comjulesjordan.com, and pornfidelity.com for the use of their images.

Of course, Brooklyn has appeared in lots of other boy/girl and girl/girl movies not mentioned above. You can read all our reviews of her scenes by clicking here.

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