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What Porn Stars Really Look Like

Brooklyn Chase is a client of mine. I love her because she's an amazing person, but I also truly admire that she has a strong sense of right and wrong and is quite fierce about it. She asked about me today if I had seen the BaDoink.com called “What Porn Stars Really Look Like”. She sent me a link to a follow up article they did. And, she was mad. I said you should write a blog for my column on XCritic and she did. Happy reading, and make sure you read it to the end.


Recently, an article was released by BaDoink.com entitled “What Porn Stars Really Look Like”, in which pictures of featured girls were compared to their drivers license photos. After receiving backlash from performers and industry members, BaDoink removed the article, only to repost it days later, stating that someone immediately started “waving the invasion of privacy flag” and that “someone out there in the Twitterverse was just trying to get themselves a bit of attention.” I feel that those comments are meant to direct any blame towards talent. As a performer that is featured in the mentioned article I feel angry, violated, and vulnerable.

When a performer arrives on set, the company requires two forms of ID to be used for identity and age verification. I, like many performers, have always turned these over without a second thought. It has never crossed my mind that copies taken would ever be used for anything other than the intended purposes. While the posting of these photos may not entirely fall into the “invasion of privacy” category, it is certainly using something for other than the understood and agreed upon purpose.  I signed the standard model release, giving BaDoink permission to use the photos and content for which I was being paid as they saw fit. Never, to the best of my knowledge, did I give consent for anything other than that compensated content to be released to the public

My issue with this article is not the picture itself, as most people reading this have seen far more compromising and, probably, less flattering photos of me (I actually asked the DMV if they could carry that picture over to my new license when I renewed earlier this year). My anger rests with the idea that we need to be an industry of trust. The nature of our business means we are dropping all our walls. We chose this line of work, but that does not mean that we aren’t vulnerable at times. Now, it seems, we have to worry about what our fellow industry members do with our information. I have always felt that performs can only perform when they have a sense of safety. What stops BaDoink from posting my full ID and revealing my home address? What stops them from posting a copy of my Social Security Card, which they also have a copy of?

I understand that we are talking about a picture and there are thousands of me out there.  But those are pictures you find when you Google “Brooklyn Chase.” My drivers license photo is not Brooklyn Chase, it’s Jessica. That photo is of me in my private life. I feel that the release of any information regarding me in my personal, private, home life is no one’s right but my own. I relish my home life and have distinct lines drawn as to what I share with fans, as many performers do.

BaDoink says that they do not understand the problem with their post. This is an example of addressing the topic, not the issue. The release of performer’s drivers license photos in the topic. The issue is that performers now need to be apprehensive about providing companies with personal information. BaDoink’s article was, in my opinion, meant to embarrass talent and try to distract from that fact by adding compliments. That is why they removed it based on performer complaints and then quickly reposted it. They gave the featured performers a big “I don’t care about your feelings.” I thought I may end this blog on a similar note. So BaDoink, your article has prompted me to add you to a very small, intimate, and prestigious club; it is with great honor that I welcome you to my “No List.”

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