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Vilifying the Industry...Not a Good Idea


Lately, I’m seeing a lot of vilifying of the industry. No, it’s not fans, religious freaks or conservatives—it’s actually people in the adult biz or people who claim they are no longer in the industry. To explain what I mean, let’s look Girl A and Girl B (my generic examples).

Girl A has been in the biz for a few years and she hates it. She rarely works and wants to leave, but doesn’t know what to do (AKA no exit plan). So, she sits on social media and bad mouths the industry, wondering why she gets no work.

Girl B has been in and out of the industry for decades. She says she’s out, but still uses her porn name and experiences for her new career. She still clings on to the industry, keeping some of her friends and fans and doing industry-related work/gigs. But, everything out of her mouth is a dig at the industry and the people who supported her.

If Girl A is unhappy, she needs to leave the industry. The only thing is that it might be hard for her to get a normal job, after a career porn. But the bottom line is you shouldn’t have a job you hate to wake up to every day. A lot of people do, but it’s no way to live. Maybe the solution is not slandering others on Twitter and complaining daily, but finding a new facet of the industry to work in (if you want to stay in the industry). You could take a desk job at a distribution company or studio, work on set as a PA, hairstylist/makeup artist or stylist, get into photography or direct films. That’s just a few ideas.

Girl B has worked in the industry forever and maybe she didn’t choose to get out, but work is dwindling because she’s past her prime. She’s kicked some friends to the curb, but keeps others and works on the fringe of the industry and uses her time in porn to forward her mainstream pursuits. You’ll also see her on Twitter retweeting her fans and going under her stage name. And, more than likely you’ll see her on TV or blogging, saying negative things. If you didn’t like the industry, why did you stay in for as long as you did and/or come back? It makes no sense. It’s just another case of biting the hand that feeds (or fed) you.

Our industry has enough bad PR and we don’t need more. The AHF is trying to make our lives hell and shut us down. The public thinks we’re a bunch of disease-carrying heathens. People are downloading content for free, which impacts our money. We need to support each other, since society and the world at large are working against us. So if you’re in the industry or used to be, realize everything you say and do publicly effects not just you, but the industry as a whole. This goes for Twitter, interviews, making appearances, etc. Ask I always say…think before you speak or Tweet.


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