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The Porno Nerd's Top 20 Scenes of 2014! (Part 2)

This blog entry was getting mighty hefty, so I decided to break it up into 2 separate pieces. So without further adieu, here are my Top 10 scenes of 2014! [For scenes 20-11 click here]


  • 10. Bonnie Rotten, Ramon Nomar, Marcus London, Carlo Carrera, Marco Banderas, and Will Powers from Bonnie Rotten’s 'Bonnieland'!


Bonnie Rotten has proven again this year that she’s on a very short list of the best female performers in porn. Bonnieland is the third directorial venture for her own brand of movies (Mental Beauty), and is a decently made movie with this scene of course being the strongest throughout it’s 117 minute runtime. Bonnie’s energy for dick is the viewers primary focus, with the scene consisting of last year’s Female Performer of the Year getting fucked in every single way imaginable as she’s dressed as a circus ringleader. The scene begins with what could possibly be doubled as a short tease, before Bonnie prances onto a stage and calls for volunteers from the audience to bang her various holes. Bonnie chugs dick like no other in the early moments, and gets a rough DP, a Double buttfuck,and her first ever on-camera double vaginal throughout the course of a near-full-hour of hardcore fuck-and-suck fun. Bonnie has not only succeeded in consistently being a top performer, she’s also upped the ante by starting her own line (Mental Beauty), her own website, and a rigorous schedule of feature dancing. This girl works harder than any girl that I’ve personally had knowledge of in porn, and that alone should be enough for fans to buy her stuff. Support Bonnie in her continued porno journeys by clicking on the pics!


  • 9. Casey Calvert, James Deen, & Erik Everhard in Mason’s ‘Analized’!

Casey Calvert. Sheesh, just saying this girls name gives me a boner. Naturally, I try to keep it to one scene per performer on my personal best of the year list, but for Casey I probably could’ve compiled 20 scenes of only her and been fine with it. Regardless, this was my favorite scene of hers this year, only coming out on December 3rd which is the latest release you’ll see moving forward. Whenever I watch a scene of Casey’s it surprises me, no matter how much I already expect to see from her, she always finds a way make me think to myself, “Holy fuck, this girl is so good’. Her intensity seems so genuine and it’s girls like her that make me happy to be reviewing porn. The tease that starts this scene is too good for me to fully describe without typing in tongues [is that possible?] , and the sex is even better. Casey’s energy is drawn out to the fullest extent as the ‘Deenster’ and Everhard do the honors of giving Casey what seems like the fuck of her life, at least that was my take on it. It’s a double anal, ass-thumping good time that will probably have you jerking your genitals like the world is ending tomorrow. It’s fucking great. Watch this scene. Actually, no. DON’T MISS THIS FUCKING SCENE. I really don’t know what else to tell you.


  • 8. Maddy O'Reilly, Jodi Taylor, & Mike Adriano in ‘Anal Perverts 2’!

This was without a doubt my favorite Adriano scene of the year. Jodi Taylor and Maddy O’Reilly killed it in the most literal sense of the phrase. A lot of Mike’s scenes rely heavily on whether or not the girls involved will “pick up what he lays down” so to speak, and Jodi and Maddy took everything and ran full speed with it. The introductory blowjob was probably the most well performed one within a scene that I watched all year, with some of the sloppiest cock-chokes and knob-slobs that you’re likely to see anywhere. The energy is ridiculous, with Maddy playing the role of cocksucker and asshole-licker as she helps brace Jodi, who takes the bulk of Mike’s cock throughout the scene. Roles were equally important from both girls though, with Maddy’s camera interaction driving me into a masturbatorial state of retardation (I swear she looks at the camera with so much intent that I think she’s staring right at me), and Jodi’s “sweet and cute”  demeanor making for a great combination. This is grade A anal sex with top performers in a fantastic scene, it should NOT be missed. And as always, be sure to support Mike and rest of the crew over at Evil Angel as they continue to bring us the best of the best porn available! 


  • 7. AJ Applegate, Erik Everhard, Mick Blue, Jon Jon, & Ramon Nomar from Mason's 'Gangbang Me'!

Mason’s ‘Gangbang Me’ is the cream of the crop (no pun intended) when it comes to gangbang movies as far as I’m concerned, deserving the highest marks anywhere for not only outstanding direction, but performances that range to levels that are far above what we’re used to saying in a lot of today’s saturated industry. AJ was as good as I’ve ever watched her in this scene, and since she’s among what I consider to be the top 2 to 3 female performers in all of porn, with a number of worthy scenes that could make anyone’s best of the year list, that’s saying something. The introduction to this scene is SO good; it opens with AJ doing a dance tease that is like, the hottest fucking thing on earth. I have no idea why we haven’t seen more of these from her, but it’s only one of the many things that this girl offers that is a welcomed contrast from all of the normal crap that we’re used to seeing in average-everyday porn nowadays. The days of girls oiling up their butts and walking up and down staircases are far from over, but variety and diversification is something that I could use a little bit of - I think AJ helps in providing that. Overall, this scene is ridiculous in all of the best ways. It’s hardcore at it’s best. Squirting, sloppy dicksucks, hard and intense fucking that will have your eyes locked on it for the entire hour that it runs, and a couple of firsts for AJ in double anal and double vaginal. This scene is epic on every level and any fan of hardcore will see that as true. Do not miss it, and as always be sure to support Mason and the crew over at Hard X in continuing to bring us some of the best porn available anywhere today by clicking on the links. Support!


  • 6. Samantha Bentley, Henessy, & Rocco Siffredi in Rocco’s 'Perfect Slaves 2'!

Two of my favorite girls in porn grace our presence for the 6th spot on my best of the year list, in a scene with the porn-god Rocco himself that had some of the most intense moments that you’re going to see in any scene, anywhere. Not only is the sex incredible throughout all of it, but the dynamic and chemistry on all levels is something that I simply couldn’t take my eyes off of for the entire hour that it ran. The scene is initially presented with one of Rocco’s typical “whacky” introductions, moving forth into Samantha playing the role of Rocco’s primary fucktoy for probably 3/4 of the scene before Henessy finally gets a go at him. It carries all of the perfect characteristics that we look for in Rocco’s films, with Henessy and Samantha playing the role of ‘Perfect Slaves’ to a tee. A highlight of it all is a moment where Samantha is taking a thorough ass-reaming from Rocco, and he chokes her out so hard that she loses all consciousness. (Yea, it’s pretty fucking insane) In these moments Henessy looks at her with the best “oh shit!” face that I’ve ever seen, but soon enough Samantha comes out of her 2 second coma and smiles….thankfully, all is well. I think this segment speaks volumes about how immaculate Samantha is within all of her scenes; I’ve watched a lot of her stuff this year, and I truly believe that as far as consistency in performance goes, this girl is just about the best there is. The ability she has to really lose herself in the midst of a scene is something that you don’t see too often. If you love watching real porn with truly genuine and rough, hardcore sex this is an absolute DO NOT FUCKING MISS. And as always, be sure to support the crew over at Evil Angel by purchasing their DVD’s and/or subscribing to their website!


  • 5. Rain Degrey, Ashley Fires, @RoxyRaye, & Rocco Siffredi in John Stagliano’s Voracious Season 2, Episode 18 - 'I Am Foul And Corrupt'!  

The first thing I’d like to note about voracious is a little more performance-related than you might be used to hearing from me if you’ve read the past 44 entries on my best of the year list, but I wanted to make sure to mention this before anything else since I never got the chance to review this movie. I’m naturally a pervert before most else when it comes to watching porn, but Rain Degrey’s portrayal of ‘Mother Superior’ in this movie is simply unavoidable. It’s without a doubt one of the the most convincing performances that I’ve ever seen in a porn movie, and I will challenge anyone on that. Her reactions to her co-stars make every one around her better, and even though I tend to stay away from my views on ‘acting’ in a lot of my reviews, I couldn’t get away from the fact that Rain literally blew me away in every sense of the word with her acting alone. Since the abrupt retirement of Brooklyn Lee, I wasn’t sure Voracious had much of a chance of equaling anything near to what the previous installments were, but John Stagliano’s uncanny directorial abilities combined with Rain’s talents made this season of Voracious shine. I probably could’ve built an entire list on Voracious scenes alone, but since I tried to keep it at no more than one scene per movie in the top 20, I picked this one. Some blow hards are likely to disagree with my choice, but as far as a film reaching something truly climactic with performances from all parties being vital to its outcome, this scene takes the cake. This is taken from the final episode of the second season of Voracious, which actually contains a couple of other short segments before it gets to this finale. The sex is extremely hard throughout the entire 55 minutes or so that this particular scene runs, with tons of anal and some of the hardest facefucking and hand-gags that you’re going to see anywhere. [Note: I’d also strongly suggest reading this journal entry from Rain degrey for a bit of a ‘behind the scenes’ read on some of the events that took place and ended up getting cut from the film.] The scene is very low-lit, giving it an authentic feel as the glowing body paints and outfits on the girls help out with lighting in certain angles. It all begins with sexual anomaly Roxy Raye being the primary focus, as Vlad (Rocco) encounters her alone for the initial 10 minutes of or so, before Ashley Fires steps in. Rain follows suit after another couple of minutes, and the scene carries forth with Rocco plowing through every asshole in his way like a high-powered industrial tool. Ashley, Rain, and Roxy were equally responsible for the greatness of this scene as a whole, but I did feel that once it really got going Ashley became a lot of the centerpiece of it all. Her intensity was primal, and although everyone probably already knows that I’m extremely biased toward her, it’s with good reason. When it comes to watching girls fuck, there’s really no one that can give the viewer a better ‘ride’ than Ashley Fires. She has it all. There isn’t really too much else to say about this movie besides, if you haven’t seen it you’re fucking up in a big way. So be sure to support John and his crew at Evil Angel by purchasing their DVD’s and/or subscribing to their website as they continue to bring us some of the best porn available today! 


  • 4. Allie Haze, Adriana Chechik, & Manuel Ferrara in Mason’s ‘Allie’!


This movie as a whole blew me away. I feel like a broken record saying this but in all honesty there wasn’t a better spotlight film made this year. You’ve already heard me shout many praises about Mason throughout my best of the year list, but Allie’s performance in this movie was nothing short of exceptional. This particular scene was my favorite one of the film, beginning with Adriana Chechik playing a servant of sorts, and Manuel being the proprietary ‘master’ of the girls, so to speak. Adriana’s role was as vital to it’s outcome as Allie’s was, and Manuel did as well as we all know he does on a more consistent basis than any other male performer in porn. The setup of this scene is as brilliant as it was sexy, and once the action gets rolling it evolves into something that turned me on as much as it blew me away. I knew it would be good, but I had no idea that it would be this good. From both of the girls fully welcoming Manuel’s relentless assfucking, to the continued ability of Adriana to maintain her character throughout, it was sheer perfection. Of course Allie is the absolute centerpiece to what made this scene so memorable; her reactions and her overall presence were something that, as a viewer, I can’t compliment enough. There’s also something about the way that Adriana posed when she wasn’t involved in the sex that drove me fucking insane, and Allie’s playful yet primal attitude made this scene shine on a level that was better than nearly anything else that I watched this year. Don’t fucking miss this scene, and as always make sure to support Mason and the crew over at Hard X by buying their DVD’s and/or subscribing to the Hard X website as they continue to bring us some of the best porn on the planet!


  • 3. Bonnie Rotten, Mick Blue, John Strong, & Jordan Ash in Jonni Darkko’s ‘B For Bonnie’!

Bonnie Rotten is the real deal. There’s no question that her being crowned with porn’s most coveted award at last year’s AVN ceremony was as much expected as it was deserved. In case you didn’t already know, this entire movie is a must-have for all Bonnie fans. This particular scene actually reminded me of the one that graced the number one spot on my ‘Best of 2013’ list (Scene 1 from Whore’s Ink), but dare I say it, even better. Jordan Ash, John Strong, and Mick Blue do the honors of giving Bonnie a full-on fucking, and the sex had an intensity that I’d be hard-pressed to say any female performer could give on a more consistent basis than Bonnie can. When we see Bonnie Rotten, I feel like it’s an amalgamation of everything that pervs like me want to see in a pornstar. The difference between her and the typical run of the mill “industry girl” is that when you watch her you can see that she wants to be the best. It makes us as viewers appreciate it that much more; I’ve seen people even take jabs at Bonnie for it, it’s fucking hilarious that there are literally fans and insiders that are that threatened by this girl, simply because she gives everything she has and doesn’t hold back. If half of the people in porn performed the way that she did on a consistent level then porn might just be good again. Regardless, there’s a logic to her status reaching such great heights over her short career thus far, and to me, I think scenes like this are exactly why. This movie is only one of four or five Bonnie Rotten spotlight features released this year, and if you’ve read the previous reviews I’ve done for Jonni Darkko, then you’ll probably understand why I chose this particular scene to rank so high on my best of the year list. Jonni’s use of his talent mixed with his natural ability to make a gonzo scene into something so much better is an anomaly on its own, but when you pair him with Bonnie I’m not sure there’s a better performer-director team in all of porn. The quality of this scene is as high as you’ll see in a porn movie, from the resolution to the action happening in front of you. The sex is so fucking good, and Bonnie is an absolute goddess squirting like a goddamn fire hydrant, destroying every cock in her way, and spitting dickjuice into the camera lens throughout this hardcore triple-penetration fuckfest. It’s brilliant. Make sure to check this scene out ASAP if you have yet to do so. And as always, make sure to help in supporting guys like Jonni Darkko. I can’t say enough about this guy, honestly. Same with Evil Angel and Bonnie; these scenes aren’t possible without people buying DVD’s and subscribing to websites so please, check out the links by clicking on the photos above and support the people who put these amazing movies and scenes together for us. 


  • 2. Maddy O'Reilly, James Deen, & Ramon Nmar in Mason's ‘Maddy’!

In all honesty, there’s been such an unbelievable amount of hype surrounding Maddy O’ Reilly this year that it sort of had me counting her out before she even had a chance to prove herself. Luckily, I received a screener of Maddy for AVN voting and after watching her in a multitude of legitimately solid scenes in addition to this one I can honestly say that not only am I fully on board with the Maddy O’Reilly train, I’m the fucking conductor of it. I was late in watching this movie, and since I never had a chance to review it I wanted to mention a couple of added notes and let you know exactly what I thought was so great about it. Maddy was incredible in this movie, her expressions and energy throughout all of it made it excel on so many levels, and when you combine that with Mason’s directorial talents it’s nothing short of perfect. I don’t want to make this a piece about Mason herself, but I’ve never gotten the chance to really tell people why I believe that she’s such an effective fimmaker. Mason seems to be in-tune with her performers on a level that surpasses most other directors, especially in scenes like the ones in this film. As any porn fan knows, it’s not just about what you can do with the camera, it’s [mostly] about what you can get out of your performers on a consistent basis. As great as Maddy O’Reilly is, I honestly believe that Mason was as large a part of the success of this film as she was. 

This particular scene is from the final segment of Maddy, and the introduction to it literally gave me chills, it might sound ridiculous, but it did; it’s actually less of a tease than it is a thought provoking montage of a desolate city as Maddy walks through it’s empty streets. Of course, Maddy’s exceedingly tight superhero-esque outfit keeps the viewer fully aware that this an introduction to a porn scene, but it doesn’t take away from how captivating this lead-in is. The music is chilling, and I viewed this segment as not only a monumental part of the movie, but it’s almost like a reflective piece on Maddy’s journey into this point of her career and life. The scene takes place in a ran-down warehouse, containing some of the most energetic and abrasively stirring intensity that I’ve seen in any film this year as a whole. Maddy was so unbelievably convincing in this scene, and James and Ramon should not be looked over either, their performances were equally strong, inciting Maddy to be that much better, and the scene to shine that much more. For everything that Slutwoman lacked, this movie completely made up for. If you’re one of the many Maddy O’Reilly fans across the globe and you are unaware of this movie then you have to be living under a rock, but porn fans everywhere should not miss this one.

As always, make sure to support Mason and the Hard X crew by buying their DVD’s and/or subscribing to their website as they continue to bring us some of the best porn available today! Get on it!


  • 1. Adriana Chechik, James Deen, Erik Everhard, John Strong, Mick Blue, and Chris Strokes in Mason’s ‘Gangbang Me’!

Finally, we’ve arrived at the best scene of the year, and I pretty much knew from the moment that I saw it. Adriana Chechik has only been around since 2013, and catapulted her way up the ladder into making what I believe are some of the best scenes in all of porn for every top studio on earth. If that isn’t enough, she’s also nominated for 7 AVN’s this year, including the coveted Female Performer of the Year. The more that I watch Adriana, the more I’m completely convinced that there is really no other performer in porn that can consistently do the type of scenes that she does at the level that she does them. Her beauty combined with her nastiness and genuine depravity is something that porn freaks everywhere have been waiting for since the abrupt departure of ‘believably’ slutty girls in porn movies. 

The greatness of this particular scene lies mainly in it’s simplicity; there’s no tease to introduce it, there’s no fluff or filler to take away from it’s authenticity, it just is what it is. A hot girl getting the living shit fucked out of her for over an hour, and never letting up or showing any sign of relent. It’s fucking incredible from the second that it begins; Mason seemed to take a step back from the norm, obviously being fully aware of Adriana’s ability to make it something on her own, which she did. It’s loaded with cock-choking BJ’s, rough DP’s, nut-busting facials, and even triple anal. So, if you’re intoreal hardcore porn, then this is your scene. There are parts of it that sound more like an exorcism than a porn scene, but all joking aside, I think it speaks volumes on how engrossed Adriana was through the course of it all. Every single moment of this scene is spot-on. Some people call scenes like this ‘outrageous’, but in all honesty if that were the case then Adriana should get an award for being ‘outrageous’ in all of her scenes. I see a scene like this as simply a girl giving it her all in order to turn it into the best thing she possibly can. Adriana performs naturally, and when you mix that with the insane shit that takes place through the course of this scene, there’s nothing better. So thanks a ton for checking out my best of the year list, and be sure to support Mason and the crew at Hard X as they continue to make top notch movies for us! Purchase, subscribe, and support! 


Thanks again for checking out my Top 20 scenes of the Year! As always, make sure to support great porn and if you'd like to follow my daily ramblings on twitter, you can do so here and feel free to send any love/hate mail to [email protected]! Giddeyuppp! 



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