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Miran...Cutest Body You'll Ever See


I first saw Miran, February 2015's Must-See-Girl, on Twitter. Somebody I follow re-tweeted one of her photographs and I must say that I was absolutely blown away by her adorably-cute looks. Just gaze upon the selection of photos both above and below. See how pretty she is. I adore her big blue eyes, pixie-style blond hair, wry smile, her amazingly-beautiful breasts, and her to-die-for ass. 

The left and second-from-right photos below are from sites that host her movies. However, the Christmas-elf photo and the right-most images are from Miran's Twitter feed. Remarkable, isn't she? 


Miran is truly a girly-girl. Judging from the photos she posts on Twitter (she posts lots of selfies), she loves intricate manicures, cute purses, and Barbie dolls. The photos below highlight all of these, from her spiked nails in the left photo, to her Barbie-adorned French manicure in the center, to her Barbie-emblazoned purse at right. She's definitely adorable and everything about her screams out..."Look at me and worship me." 

Of course, when a girl as pretty as Miran speaks to me, I listen. So, after becoming enamored with her on Twitter, I did some online searching and found out quite a bit about her. According to one of the sites I've visited, Miran is 24 yrs old and her home town is Nagoya, Japan. She states: "My hobbies are collecting candles and collecting Barbie dolls. I love clubs and I like Western style bars. Mainly I drink beer and like to get drunk sometimes...occassionally on wine." Sounds like my kind of girl!


As I did my "research" on Miran, I discovered something that I didn't expect. In addition to out-of-this world breasts and ass, pretty face, and mesmerizing eyes, adorable Miran has a cock. Yes, Miran is a fully-functional transgender woman!

It is particularly appropriate that Miran is Japanese because, according to their folk religion, deities could have both male and female characteristics. Such goddesses are called futanari which, according to Wikipedia, means "to be of two kinds."

Futanari, also called futa, have been popularized in modern porn culture. These androgynous beings are celebrated in both an extensive body of written literature as well as both hand-drawn and computer graphics. Futanari are typically depicted as gorgeous women with large and abundant (often lactating) breasts, very accommodating vaginas, and immense penises. In fact, the most common penis size in the futanari literature I've read is 14", although some futa goddesses have substantially larger phalluses. Futa goddesses penetrate their partners deeply, ejaculate incredibly large amounts of semen, can make females pregnant, and can get pregnant themselves. They can also fuck for an indefinite amount of time, remaining hard even after cumming. And, they can cum over and over again during one session.

Although Miran's penis is not 14" long (who among us mortals has one that big?), she certainly meets all the other requirements to be a futanari. She is definitely a gorgeous woman,  has large and inviting breasts as well as a cute and curvy body, and ejaculates a substantial amount of semen when she cums. Truly, Miran is a futa goddess.

One more thing about Miran's penis...it's always rock hard throughout her scenes. I've been an observer of the transgender erotica niche for several years, since I first became aware of it while serving as an AVN judge, and I've happened upon lots of transgender porn starlets. Two of them, Aubrey Kate and Venus Lux have even earned my Must-See-Girl award! I have noticed that most of these girls have taken so many hormones during their transition process that they can no longer get (or stay) hard. To me, that is sad because goddesses like Miran must penetrate their partners to be true to the nature of futanari. To penetrate, the futa's penis must be hard. Miran's ability to do so makes her among, in my opinion, the best transgender performers.


In my search for all things Miran, I discovered that she is pretty much only available online in the United States, although I've read that she does escort work in Japan. In particular, the site that hosts all of Miran's photo sets and movies I've been able to find is shemalejapan.com. According to this site's owner, Alex, Miran is quite popular and has a large online following. Given her beauty and her performances, it is easy to understand why.

Even though Miran just burst onto the scene in 2014, she already has a significant presence in the transgender entertainment world. By way of example, consider that she was nominated for two 2015 Transgender Erotica AwardsBest New Face and Best Non-US Performer. Congratulations, Miran!

Begin your exploration of Miran by checking out her "pretty girl" photo-sets. If you click this link, you'll be able to see some samples of Miran's awesome photographs. Of course, I've included a few small-sized images below to whet your appetite. Here's a link to see a preview of one of Miran's solo videos.

Like all of us, Miran loves to masturbate. However, unlike most of us, she gets to play with both her titties and her cock. And, what outstanding toys they are! Her medium-sized breasts, which are obviously enhanced, are as perfect as you'll ever see. Her cock, which looks to be about 6–7 inches long, is beautiful, hard, and oh-so-eager to ejaculate.

If you are open minded and are willing to enjoy watching beautiful bodies enjoying themselves through self-exploration, please give Miran your attention. Some of my friends have asked why I have started to include transgender women in my Must-See-Girls award program. To me, it's simple. I love to see pretty girls fuck themselves, each other, and guys. For "genetic" women, that means using a dildo or donning a strap-on to penetrate their partner's pussy or asshole. How much better it is when the pretty girl has a real cock. There are lots of photos and videos on shemalejapan.com in which Miran truly satisfies my needs. Give her a chance to satisfy you, too.


In addition to "pretty girl/solo" videos and photo sets, shemalejapan.com also has some hardcore videos in which she fucks and sucks penis. One of the things that has impressed me most about Miran is how much fun she has while making out with her male partner. See how her face beams with delight below as she (left-to-right), rubs her cock against her partner's, shares 69, prepares to give her guy a rim job, and uses her fantastic boobs to titty fuck. 


Of course, all good foreplay requires oral sex! And, Miran not only gives fellatio like a champion, but she also receives it with unmitigated joy and untold pleasure. Her unusual flexibility allows her to not only fuck her partner's asshole, but to also suck his dick at the same time (left). When she looks up at her partner while she blow him, her mesmerizing blue eyes reveal her lust (I don't know if I'd be able to hold back looking down at her as her guy is doing in the middle photo. Finally, check out Miran's untold pleasure and peaceful happiness as her rigid dick is pleasured orally by her partner (right ). You can see a teaser video of Miran's cock being pleasured here.


Of course, Miran is a girl. And, as such, she deserves to be fucked wildly. When transgender women get fucked, it is called bottoming. The photos below are from Miran's hardcore scenes on shemalejapan.com and they show just how much fun Miran has when her guy rams his rod up her accommodating asshole. One really cool thing about being a transgender woman being fucked is that your partner can suck your cock while he's reaming your asshole. Take a look at the top center photo below. Cool, huh?

You can see more photos of Miran taking it up the ass here.  


Miran, being a futanari, has both parts. So, not only can she bottom, but she can also top...which means, in the transgender world, to do the fucking. Unlike many transgender women, Miran is able to keep her penis rock hard so that she can ram it deep into her partner. She enjoys topping as much as bottoming (look at her beaming smile in the center photograph) and has shows off her guy-like fucking moves to drive her partner completely crazy. One of Miran's moves that I find particularly pleasing is when she sucks her guy's cock while she fucks him. This move, shown in the right photo, makes me wild with lust, and, even though I am completely straight, I can really imagine the enjoyment I would feel if she did that move to me. 

You can see more photos of Miran topping here.


Over the two decades that I've been reviewing adult entertainment, I've often been asked "why?" To me, the answer has always been the same: "I watch porn to see pretty girls cum." Miran, unlike so many transgender women who have lost their abilities to ejaculate, Miran cums like a fucking fire hydrant. Not only are her pops voluminous (see the left photo), but they are also powerful (center). 


Within the short time that Miran has been in the public eye, and even though she's only readily available on shemalejapan.com, it's obvious that Miran is truly a futanari goddess. Adore her.

Finally, here's a six-minute slide show of some of my favorite photos of Miran. Thanks to shemalejapan.com for the use of their images.


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