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Tradeshow Etiquette for Fans


Adult Entertainment Expo (AEE) is almost here again. Last year at this time, I started this blog with an overview what it’s like to be a publicist at a fan and trade convention.

This year, I think it’s a good idea to give fans an idea how to behave at a tradeshow when meeting your favorite porn stars. Many times, fans have no idea how they should conduct themselves. Here are 10 tips to make sure you have a great time at the convention:

  • If there is a line at a booth, make sure you stand in the line and wait your turn. Girls don’t like to when you cut in line, and neither do the fans patiently waiting. Even if you’re Nikki Delano’s biggest fan, that doesn’t give you the right to push your way to the front.
  • When you’re talking to your fave porn star, make sure you don’t stay there longer than a few minutes. Other people are waiting in line and want to talk to him or her too. You don’t want to outstay your welcome.
  • Don’t tell any star you watch their porn for free on tubes sites. First off, you should be paying for it, and when you watch for free, the girls get less work
  • Respect the girls’ space—don’t get too close to them or violate them by touching them. One of my girls even had a fan lick her elbow. Yes, security will get called and you will be tossed out on your ass. No joke.
  • If you want a girl to remember you, you might want to bring her an appropriate like flowers, jewelry, a small stuffed animal or gift cards.
  • Do not visit the booth multiple times in a day or keep walking by. Being creepy isn’t a way to get on the top of any star’s fan list.
  • Don’t bring a million things for them to sign. Limit it to just a few. Make sure to buy their DVDs, photos and other things they’re selling.
  • Don’t photobomb them. Take just a few pictures of them and/or with them.
  • If you see they’re doing an interview on the floor or a booth, make sure to wait to approach them.
  • Do not follow them to their rooms, dinner or anywhere outside of the convention. Respect their privacy.

Most of all use common sense. Put yourself in their place and think about how you would feel if you were that star. Smile and be yourself and compliments will get your everywhere, just don’t go overboard. Enjoy the show and if you see me there, make sure to say hi.

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