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Abigail Mac...Super Star

Abigail Mac Banner

This month's Must-See-Girl, Abigail Mac, is one of the most beautiful and stunning women currently gracing the blue screen. As you feast your eyes on her beauty above, just imagine running your hands over that perfect body, cupping her generously-enhanced breasts with your hands, and kissing her delectable mouth. If you're a girl, there's a chance that those dreams can come true because the magnificent Abigail works primarily with other women. Guys, don't despair. Abigail has moved into the boy/girl arena recently with fantastic releases from Digital Playground, and which she was a contestant in their 2015 DP DP Star Sex Challenge (more later).

Truth be told, I first fell in love with Abigail's vagina. Yes, her pretty hole makes my heart flutter and my head spin with lust. Just look at the two photos I've included below! Is there anything more beautiful that those butterfly labia drenched with her own juices? Well, maybe...the orgasms that beautiful pink pussy gives lusty Abigail are simply to die for. In fact, I cheer when I see her body tense and then shiver uncontrollably as wave after wave of powerful orgasmic contractions overwhelm her magnificent flesh. If you become a fan of Abigail's, as I am, you'll quickly see that I'm right.

The luscious close-up of Abigail's pussy and bush on the left is from her own website and the gushing shot on the right is from her scene on Kink.com's Fucking Machines site. Yummy, huh?

Abigail's Pussy

Abigail's vagina is just the beginning of her amazing beauty, however. Feast your eyes on her photos below. Who would argue with me when I say her body is world class? Her curves, in the left photo, coupled with her lusty eyes and come-hither look, leave mortal humans breathless. Her well-defined abs (the mere sight of them makes me rock hard, and if I were a woman, I'd drip profusely), as highlighted in the center photo, are the result of countless hours of exercise...and working out is quite often the theme of her sex scenes. Finally, take a look at the right photo. How'd you like to see stunning Abigail sunning herself by your pool? The photos on the left and center are part of scorching sets that can be found on Abigail's website; the image on the right is from Bare Ladies on Welivetogether.com

Abigail's World-Class Body

As I mentioned, I first fell in love with Abigail's pussy. As so often is the case, I "found" Abigail on a Kink.com site...www.fuckingmachines.com. Damn I love that site! Abigail's scene (36663) is fantastic. The scene's description, on the website, which is spot-on accurate, is: "Abigail Mac thought today would be like any other solo site for which she has performed. She does her sexy little striptease and plays with herself a little bit, getting ready to cum on camera and go home just like she has done in the past. But once the machines fire up and she spreads for her first fucking, her whole attitude changes. This is unlike anything she has experienced. The machines are fast, unrelenting, and perfectly dialed to fuck her g-spot and pussy with precision. She cums and squirms intense pleasure and by the end of the fucking, her pussy is soaking wet and too sensitive to touch."

Let me tell you unequivocally...the 38 minutes of this scene are beyond description. If you like to see gorgeous women cum...and cum...and cum...and cum some more, you've got to see Abigail get fucked by an arsenal of high-powered toys. It's mind boggling! Look at her delectable vagina in the right photo. I'd die to lick up that mess. Would you?

Abigail Fucking Machines

To continue your study of Abigail, I suggest you check out her website. The photos below, which are from her site, give you an idea of the scintillating content she provides on a very regular basis (about once a week or more). There are lots of white-hot photos and sizzling girl-girl videos, too. I've seen a lot of porn stars' sites, but I must say I am truly impressed with the quality and quantity of the content that Abigail provides.

As I mentioned earlier, Abigail must work out religiously. And, her devotion is duly noted in the many workout-related photos and videos in which she appears, as well as the results of those workouts--absolutley perfect flesh! As always, any photo of Abigail's vagina immediately catches my attention, as does the center image below. And, I always zero-in on a gorgeous girl grinding her pussy against another woman's pretty face (right). So, all-in-all, I don't think you could find a better source to get to know Abigail than her own site.

Abigail's Site

Of course, Abigail is front-and-center on lots of other websites, too. And, she generally appears in somewhat unusual scenarios, often related to her body's amazing physique and flexibility. I particularly like Abigail's scenes on All Girl Massage. In very erotic scenes, Abigail either gives a lucky sexy woman a massage or is the recipient of a hot-and-sensual massage. I like her most in the role of masseuse because not only does she give some of the hottest massages you'll ever see, but she also sweet talks her female clients into white-hot sex!

The photos, taken from Abigail's scenes on this site, attest to her flexibility (left) and to her Sapphic lust (Lola Foxx can't get enough of Abigail's delicious tits in Trick Or Retreat). Click the link above and check out previews of her fine--and oh-so-erotic--massage-related scenes.  

Abigail's All Girl Massage Site Images

Abigail is also prominently featured on Brazzers.com's Hot and Mean site. This specialty site, which Brazzers bills as one that features: "The World's Most Intense, Dominating & Orgasmic Lesbian Videos," is all about gorgeous girls and their toys (which can either be human girls or man-made toys). One of these scenes that really caught my attention is Role Play For Pussy. In this scene, Abigail not only shows off her world-class dildo-fucking skills (left), but also displays her body's strength and stamina as she bench-presses Mia Malkova during their wild and orgasmic encounter (top center). I was also blown away by Abigail's one-on-one time with Eva Lovia in On One Condition (bottom center and right). Other Hot and Mean scenes featuring Abigail include an awesome four-way veggie feast in which Must-See Girls Brooklyn Chase and Chanel Preston, along with Ashli Ames, give Abigail the fucking of her life. It's definitely a must-see scene! I also enjoyed Ava and the Slutty Schoolgirls (in which "teacher" Ava Addams tries to punish naughty Abigail and Ryan Ryans, but gets fucked instead).

Abigail's Brazzer's Site Photos

The next stop on our guided tour of Abigail Mac's filmography is Girls Try Anal. Even though this is a Sapphic girls-only site, the girls have lots of fun ramming things up each others' asses, including fingers and toys of all kinds. And, as you can see from the photos below, Abigail loves to fuck her girlfriends' assholes and get her anus reamed, too! 

Abigail appears in 13 white-hot scenes on this site, and I loved them all! I really enjoyed Abigail's scene with Anikka Albrite (Abigail Loves Anikka, left) and center. However, my favorite scene of Abigail's scenes on this site is Abigail Loves Romi (right), which features not only this month's Must-See Girl, but also June 2014's winner, Romi Rain (right). Just look at the chemistry that develops between these superstars in the right photo. Believe me, you'll really enjoy their scene together!  (Be sure to click Girls Try Anal to see more previews from this hot site.)

Abigail's Girls Try Anal Site Photos

Abigail appears in 12 lesbian scenes on Girlsway.com, too. Some of these scenes overlap with those on Girls Try Anal 
and you get both sites (and more) as one package when you sign up. In the left and center photos, taken from She'll Always Think of Me, Abigail pops Halle Von's lesbian cherry as she gives her her first-ever girl-girl sex. Abigail also "converts" Scarlet Red to the Sapphic side in Told You It Was Easy (right). In the scene's online description, written by Abigail as the "director" of the scene, Abigail exclaims that while at a party, "I ran to get this girl I know who just broke up with her boyfriend... There's nothing like a furious straight girl after breaking up with a jerk to seduce. They're so malleable, in more ways than one. Let me tell you when we whipped out our beautiful tasty nipples and started to tease and suck each other's hungry pussies, she really turned the passion on. It's almost like her whole life she'd been waiting for the right sex crazed lesbian to show her how easy lesbian sex is." Amen. (Be sure to click Girlsway.com to see more previews of Abigail's scenes.)

Abigail's Girls Way Site Photos

We Live Together provides yet another cornucopia of Abigail's lesbian scenes. In fact, she appears in 12 white-hot scenes on this site! I've included three photos from these 12 scenes below to whet your appetite for the awesome girl-in-girl action and unbelievable orgasms that happen, well, when girls Live Together. The left photo, which is from Girls Grindingshows what happens when roommates Abigail and Samantha Rone order sexy lingerie together. Once it arrives in the mail, Abigail immediately tries hers on and is so turned on by how it feels, she simply has to call Samantha over right away. Samantha soon emerges from the bathroom looking absolutely stunning, and Abigail can't stop herself from kissing and caressing her. The girls move to the bed, and the new outfits quickly come off, as they rub their bodies together. As tongues explore various orifices, the juices start to flow and the volume increases as the girls cry out through their climaxes. Be sure to click Girls Grinding to see more hot photos.

Abigail feasts on Nicole Aniston's delectable vagina in Feminine Touch. Abigail and Nicole work out at Abigail's place (working out is a common theme in Abigail's scenes, and she looks so fucking hot during those sequences that words cannot do justice to her flesh!). The girls look really hot in super-tight workout shorts and sports bras, their fat pussies sticking out of those shorts. It is really HOT to watch the girls stretch and work their fantastic bodies. After the workout, they are, of course, all sweaty. Then, they begin to make out. Soon after, they are licking each others pussies and assholes. The workout is hot, but the way they work out each others' bodies was way better.

One of my favorite of Abigail's We Live Together scenes is Secret Gardenwhich is a recent 2015 release. In it, Abigail teams up with Vanessa Veracruz in one of the most intensely physical and hottest lesbian encounters you'll ever see. In fact, Abigail really shows off her naughty side as she voraciously eats Vanessa's vagina and licks and probes her sweet asshole. Yum! (Be sure to click Secret Garden to see more photo previews).

Abigail's We Live Together Site Photos

If you prefer to get your porn on DVDs, Abigail appears in two hot Wicked scenes that are available on optical media. The left and center photos below are from Change of Heartwhich received a Highly Recommended review from my friend and colleague Apache Warrior. Apache decries the scene: "At (a) bachelor party, sexy Anikka Albrite and hot brunette Abigail Mac perform some lap dances. Afterwards, the two beautiful women start to make out in front of the men. Some good kissing, titty play, and touchy-feely behavior between Anikka and Abigail occur before we get some pussy eating activity by the brunette (Abigail). I like her effort (as she) shoves her face into Anikka's nice snatch repeatedly. Anikka gets turned on by it as both women are on their hands and knees. Later, Abigail is on her back while Anikka applies her combined sucking and finger fucking technique on her partner's juice box. A nice looking 69 follows with Anikka on top. However, the excitement level increases when the blonde beauty is on her back as her friend is eating her pussy passionately. I enjoyed the conclusion when the men toss money on them." When I watched this scene, I was truly impressed by Abigail's looks and lust as the two girls, completely unaware of the crowd surrounding them, pleasured each other in every way known to woman.

The right photo is from The Masterpiece, a feature that my friend Don Houston describes as: "The time tested plot involved two parts stolen manuscript (“The Words”) and one part “The Producers” combined with all the sex (director Jonathan) Morgan likes to include in his flicks." Don further describes Abigail's scene: "Abigail Mac...had a lesbian shower scene with Kaylani Lei. The director was “encouraged” to make further script alterations by his financier, changes that came across as a bit pornish to him. But, upon seeing Abigail lightly kissing Kaylani’s yummy ass and all natural boobs, the questions died down considerably. The girls stripped and caressed each other slowly, soaping each other up for that awesome wet look so many of us adore, additional oral provided along with fingering. The ladies explored each other at length without any baby batter needed."  

If you'd prefer to get your porn online, these scenes are also available on Wicked.com.

Abigail's Wicked Pictures Photos

I've saved the best for last! Even though most of Abigail's scenes are Sapphic in nature, she is no stranger to dick! Abigail has, as of this writing, proved this on more than one occasion...two to be exact...for Digitalplayground.com. Billed as Abigail's first boy girl scene, Pussy Wide Open is one of the most compelling and visually appealing of Abigail's scenes. The site perfectly describes the scene as: "In an underground sex world, a masquerade ball is taking place with Abigail Mac’s body as the prized possession. Her tantalizing legs and voluptuous breasts are everyone’s desires, because she’s never been touched before. Witness her incredible first time as she handles the masked man’s cock eagerly and to perfection." As you can see from the left and center photos below, Abigail's first time is stunning, her sexual performance proving she's had a penis or two in her mouth and pussy.

Subsequently, Abigail was a contestant in the Digital Playground Sex Challenge. As one of the six finalists, Abigail passed the online application and in-person auditions and competed in the first boy/girl sex challenge. Given the same script, location, and extras as the other finalists, it was up to Abigail to showcase her acting abilities and bedroom skills and to explain why she deserved to be the next DP Star. The image on the right shows the culmination of this "mile high club" scene in which Abigail gives Danny Mountain a first class ride on his cross-country flight. I am disappointed that she didn't win a contract with Digital Playground. But, on the other hand, being freelance does make it possible for her to shoot even more sex scenes to keep me hard.

I have heard, from a reputable source, that Abigail has really taken to boy/girl sex and plans to have her pussy stuffed with cock on a regular basis in the future. She will also begin her feature dancing circuit this year with a show from May 5-9 at Blush in Pittsburgh.

Abigail's Digital Playground Photos Boy Girl

Overall, Abigail definitely has what it takes to be a Must-See Girl...stunning looks, superb sexual skills and talent, an unbridled lust for both guys and girls, and mainstream-quality acting skills, too. She deserves a place on honor on your play list.

Here's one final look at her scrumptious body, in a slide show of some of her hottest stills. Thanks to Digital Playground, Brazzers, Mile High Media, Wicked, and We Live Together for the use of their photos.


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