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Madison Ivy: Must-See Girl

Truth be told, I've been a fan of Madison Ivy, April 2015's Must-See Girl, for a long time. In fact, way back in 2012, when I was able to spend more time reviewing movies and commenting on porn stars, I wrote a blog about Madison and how much I loved her then. Read that blog here. I began that article by asking you to "cast your eyes on one of the loveliest women to ever bare her body for us...the curvy and irresistible Madison Ivy. Madison...gives flesh and blood to the ideal Barbie doll. Thin yet very shapely, Madison's huge (and superbly sculpted) breasts and her generous ass cheeks combine into a package that is stunning. Even better, her pretty face and captivating blue eyes make her mouth-wateringly appealing!"

Since returning to XCritic in 2014, I have continued to watch this diminutive bombshell and her work, which is now primarily on brazzers.com and its "sister" sites, such as digitalplayground.com and twistys.com.

In this blog, I'll take you on a comprehensive tour of Madison's body. I'll admit that I have gone a bit overboard with the number of photos I've included in this article. I don't think you'll mind! I'm so overwhelmed by Madison's lovely bare body that I simply must share it with you.

One of the things that, in my opinion, sets Madison apart from most porn stars is her intensity. No, Madison is not giggly or giddy during sex. She's so into what she's doing that her intensity is palpable. One of the best ways to share Madison's intense pleasure is by gazing deeply into her mesmerizing blue eyes. 

From left to right, check out Madison's eyes in twisty.com's Twistys Live 27. In this hour-long live-action scene, Madison is the center of attention of two other lovely ladies...Dillion Harper and Nicole Aniston. Just look at Madison's intensity as she's sandwiched between Dillion's ass cheeks and Nicole's bounteous tits. 

The center photo is from brazzers.com's Tour of London, Part One. In this outstanding scene, captured in London, it appears, Madison couples with Jasmine Jae to take on Danny D's mighty cock. Believe me when I say that oh-so-lucky Danny D. never had it so good!

The rightmost photo is from what I think is Madison's hottest scene to date: brazzers.com's Ivy's Anal Addiction. In this extremely well shot scene that features through-the-roof production values, Madison gets her asshole plowed by Mick Blue's mighty rod. In addition to Madison being Must-See, this scene, too, is must-see. Don't worry...there will be more photos from this outstanding scene later in this "tour."

Madison Eyes

As our tour of Madison's fantastic flesh heads southward, let's stop and worship her magnificent and superbly-sculpted tits. I don't know about you, but I could stare at those beautiful mammaries for days on end and be completely satisfied. I like how they are firm yet large, and that their size, which is substantial, contrasts nicely with her rock-hard body. Even though Madison's breasts are large, they seem perfectly at home on her slender and petite frame. 

The left photo below was taken from brazzers.com's Mirage of Ivy. In this white-hot scene, Madison appears as a mirage to Johnny Sins, who walks and eventually crawls through an abandoned wasteland to find cool and oh-so-wet Madison. Of course, sparks fly when he catches up to her.

In the center photo, taken from brazzers.com's Tour of London Part Two, Madison does everything she can to capture the attention of Queen's Guard Danny D. When all else fails, she whips out her tits and the rest, as they say, is history. She convinces him to take her inside the palace where scorchingly-hot sex develops between them when busty Aletta Ocean joins in the fun. 

In my favorite of these photos, on the right, Madison's superb tits contrast so well with her rock hard belly. This photo was taken from brazzers.com's The Doctor Part Four—Escape from Valhalla. Danny D., once again, gets to pound Madison hard and fast in this surreal look at time travel. 

Madison's Tits

Speaking of Madison's belly, I just had to include even more photos of her ripped abs. On the right, check out her stomach muscles as shot for brazzers.com's Tour of London, Part One. In the center photo, which was taken for brazzers.com's Tour of London Part Twoimagine your finger's caressing those ripples of muscle. Wouldn't you love to do that? I know I would!

My favorite of these photos is the right one. Taken from digitalplayground.com's Wingmen Episode 4, Rebel Without a Cause, this photo exemplifies my fantasies about Madison. Already topless and ready, she's beckoning me to join her as she slips her panties off her sublime ass. Wow! Be still my heart!

Madison's Belly

Of course, my favorite part of the female anatomy is the vagina. I LOVE pussies and I could worship them all day. In fact, I believe that if I die and go to heaven, I'll pass through a portal shaped like a vagina! I'll go out of this world the same way I entered it.

Starting from the left, savor Madison's butterfly-wing-like labia (and her puckered asshole) in this shot taken from brazzers.com's Ivy's Anal Addiction. I particularly like the glitter that highlights her gorgeous genitalia in this image.

In the center photo, Madison, as she often does, spreads her pussy wide for us. Check out digitalplayground.com's No Way Out to see more of her as she engages in a "grudge fuck" with Steven St. Croix. My friend Don Houston, writing about this hot scene, states: "Madison Ivy, all dressed in a sexy black outfit that fit like a second skin, was then up in the office at night with master spy Steven St. Croix. She sought to engage him sexually as she sat at the desk, their kissing and groping soon getting heated as they made it something of a grudge fuck."

Again, my favorite photo in the set below happens to be the rightmost one. Captured from twistys.com's Twistys Live 27, this image shows two of Madison's favorite activities...rubbing one out with one hand while stroking her tight asshole with the other. Awesome!

Madison's Pussy

As I mentioned earlier, this article is a bit heavy on photos because I fucking love looking at Madison's body from every angle. Every part of it is perfect!. As a case in point, check out her ass in the two photos below. Is there a more shapely or more perfect ass out there? Not too big nor too small, Madison's ass has it all! 

In the left photo, taken from brazzers.com's Madison Ivy Likes Her Meat,  Madison's cheeks part just enough to beckon you to slide your cock between them and into one of her two delectable holes. Who wouldn't like that?

The right image, from digitalplayground.com's No Way Out gives us a better peek at what Madison's cheeks protect...her slightly-parted and ready-for-action pussy. And, her pussy gets lots of action in this hot scene, with Bill Bailey. Don Houston, when describing their tryst in his review, cannot help but mention Madison's ass: "...Her firm fanny pushed back to excite him while she directed his boner into her pussy, her active riding looking great as she rode him in some cowgirl variations." 

Madison's Ass

There's one last stop on Madison's anatomy that must be visited before touring her wild sex scenes...her legs. For such a petite woman (she stands only 4'11"), Madison's legs seem to go on forever. And, they have just the right amount of muscle and a heart-stopping shape, too.

From left-to-right, savor Madison's perfect legs in brazzers.com's Madison Ivy Likes Her Meat, digitalplayground.com's No Way Out, and digitalplayground.com's Wingmen Episode 4, Rebel Without a Cause.

Madison's Legs

OK...now that we can all agree that Madison Ivy's body is fantastic, let's move on to her sexual performances. Truthfully, you'll be hard pressed to find a more entrancing sexual partner! One thing I love about Madison is her contortionist-like flexibility. She can move her legs behind her head so that her thighs frame her magnificent boobs and position her tasty and gorgeous pussy front-and-center for our viewing pleasure. Given Madison's quite special ability, I asked her once why she doesn't show off her flexibility more often and she replied, "I know my fans love it and I want them to crave it."

I, for one, do crave Madison's flexibility. So, I carefully watch for examples and mark photos and videos so I can come back and enjoy her moves over and over again.

Here are a few of my favorite images of Madison. From left-to-right: Madison sits in the Queen's throne in brazzers.com's Tour of London Part TwoHustler's This Ain't Cheaters XXX; and brazzers.com's The Doctor Part Four—Escape from Valhalla.

Madison's Flexibility

Most of Madison's scenes that I've watched over the years have been vaginal-only encounters. Yet, even though Madison is very selective in giving up her asshole, her sex scenes are nonetheless scorching to watch primarily because there's no position in which her body does not look stupendous. Given how well Madison looks to us while she's fucking, just imagine how good the lucky guy who fucks her feels!

Let's start with doggie. As you can see from the photos, Madison enjoys sort of a half standing doggie position. That's good for us because it gives us a fantastic view of the action. 

In the right photo, Rick Danger gets to serve Madison his "meat" in brazzers.com's Madison Ivy Likes Her MeatMadison plays a cooking show host who really does like meat! In the center image, which is from digitalplayground.com's No Way OutBill Bailey gets to hilt his massive rod in Madison's pussy while gazing at her incredible legs. Finally, in the right photo, from digitalplayground.com's Wingmen Episode 8, Rising From the Ashes, Ike Diezel caresses Madison's back while pounding her balls-deep from behind.

Madison in Doggie

Madison does some of her best fucking in missionary. After all, that's the position in which she can show off her ultimate flexibility by putting her legs behind her head (see the middle photo below) and, in doing so, offer her inviting vagina to her partner. 

Check out some of Madison's missionary action in, from left to right, brazzers.com's Tour of London, Part One (with Jasmine Jae), brazzers.com's The Doctor Part Four—Escape from Valhalla, and brazzers.com's Ivy's Anal Addiction.

Madison in Missionary

From the perspective of watching a girl fuck, I don't think there's any better position than reverse. It allows for the absolute best camera angles, highlights the girl's legs, belly, and breasts, and allows her to show off some of her best fucking moves. These benefits are especially true when watching Madison fuck per partner to heaven and back again.

In the left photo, Madison skillfully rides Danny D's massive rod on a London tour bus in brazzers.com's Tour of London, Part One (don't her abs look amazing?). The center photo, taken during Madison's blond period, is from Big Tits at Work 13. This is a really cute scene in which Madison, a marketing director has seen it all. When she is pitched a sex cream that guarantees to give women an orgasm, she has to try it. Oh God, does it work! Finally, in the right photo, from digitalplayground.com's Wingmen Episode 8, Rising From the Ashes, Madison expertly rides Ike Diezel's rod while upping the ante by stroking her own engorged clit. 

Madison in Reverse

If you buy anything as a result of reading this article, please get your hands on brazzers.com's Ivy's Anal Addiction. You can either join brazzers.com (which I recommend since it is an excellent site), or you can get the same scene in DVD format on Brazzer's 10th Anniversary

I watched this scene several times and was blown away not only by Madison's amazing anal performance (purportedly her first and the only one I've ever encountered) but also by the costumes, production values, and videography. You really must see this scene. Enough said.

Madison Anal

Since Madison's entire body is so fucking delectable, videographers have a tendency to do a lot of point-of-view (POV) angles in her movies. It makes you feel like you're in the drivers seat and, in my opinion, provides you with some of the best experiences with lovely Madison.

In the left photo, imagine Madison, attired as Cleopatra, licking and sucking your dick. Say no more...just watch brazzers.com's Ivy's Anal Addiction. Do you want to gaze down on Madison's magnificent tits as you plow her vagina (center photo)? Just pick up a copy of Big Tits in Uniform 3 or join Big Tits in Uniform and search for Madison's Boobie Lieutenant scene. Finally, if you'd like some POV action in which Madison shows off her contortionist skills, check out brazzers.com's The Doctor Part Four—Escape from Valhalla.

Madison POV

Madison appears in lots of girl-girl scenes, too. These scenes are primarily available online at twistys.com. The screen captures below are taken from my favorite of Madison's twistys.com scenes, Twistys Live 27: Treat of the Year. "Live" scenes, such as this, are captured live as the girls respond to real-time requests of the viewers who log on to see the action. Since twistys.com's live scenes are recorded and made available in archival form, I was able to watch this outstanding scene that features twistys.com's Treat of the Year, Nicole Aniston, along with Madison Ivy and Dillion Harper. I loved this Sapphic delight and think you will, too. 

Twistys.com features 24 of Madison's sex scenes and 23 photo sets. Some of these scenes are boy/girl, some solo, and some girl/girl. I particularly like the girl/girl scenes because Madison does not appear in too many lesbian encounters (of 232 of Madison's titles shown in iafd.com, only 23 are lesbian). So, if you want to get a Sapphic fix of Madison Ivy, twistys.com is a pretty good deal.

Madison Girl-Girl

Of course, all good things come to an end...or, maybe I should say "cum" to an end. In porn, happy endings are what it's all about, and Madison causes all her partners to be very happy. In brazzers.com's Madison Ivy Likes Her MeatBrick Danger uses his "meat" to splatter Madison's lovely face and tongue with his semen. Don't you love how she flips us off with a cum-covered finger in the left photo?

Madison's, aka Cleopatra's, bejeweled face is splattered, in the center photo, with Mick Blue's spunk in  Ivy's Anal Addiction. And, finally, Danny D. deposits his load on Madison's face and tits in The Doctor Part Four—Escape from Valhalla.

Madison Pop

Madison appears in, according to adultdvdempire.com, about 300 movies. You can read our reviews of her scenes by clicking here. Madison's XCritic Pick titles can be found here.

Without a doubt, Madison Ivy is a Must-See-Girl. Check out more of her photos in the slide show below.


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