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What Fans Can Do To Make Porn Girls Happy

Fans love porn girls and porn girls love their fans. But sometimes, fans do things that make their favorite adult starlets feel bad without even knowing it. I hear this all the time from my clients and other performers. I think most people are oblivious to what they’re doing, so I hope this blog helps clear up a few things.

Asking for Free Stuff

Do you ask your dentist for a free exam or the grocery store for a few free items? Probably not. Why would you ask a porn girl for free photos, DVDs or anything? When you’re at a tradeshow or online, ask them how to get an autographed item or whatever you’re seeking. Most items they sell aren’t that expensive and really help them financially.

Harassing Them on Social Media

Repeatedly trying to Tweet, Direct Message (DM) or Facebook is not the way to a porn girl’s heart. Also making nasty comments to them just isn’t cool. Remember the Golden Rule? Just keep it to yourself.

Also, don’t keep Tweeting to them asking them why they’re not responding to your Tweets, Direct Messages, emails, etc. Do you have any idea how many fans contact their favorite girls every day—tons! But don’t stop Tweeting nice things, just keep it to a minimum—the girls do love to hear positive things from their fans and it does really make their day.

Bragging About Downloading Their Movies on Tube Sites

How would you like it if you showed up for work on payday and they told you that you weren’t getting a paycheck? You’d be pretty mad. Porn stars need to do scenes to get paid and earn their living—it’s their main bread and butter, even though many cam, chat with fans on the phone, feature dance, etc. This how they make their living, so you telling them that you got their scenes for free is not only insulting but keeps them from getting as much work as they should. Many fans think porn girls are rich and whining about people downloading porn for free is just bitchy—this is so not the case. And, performers are paid less now for scenes than even two or three years ago. Inflation rises, but not necessarily the rates they get paid per scene. Please #PayForYourPorn. And if you don’t, keep it to yourself.

Buying Them Stuff off Their Amazon Wishlist & Wanting Something In Return

It will definitely score you points if you buy a porn girl something off her Amazon Wishlist or something you think she would like. One of my girls gets sent some amazing shoes all the time from one of her fans—he knows just what heels to buy her. Girls have a range of items and a range of prices, so you can buy them a computer or even just some lingerie. This brightens their day when they come home (or to their PO Boxes) to gifts from their fans.

Of course, the ladies will say thank you…well most of them. Some will send you a photo, note or something in the mail. Other times they will just send you an email or Tweet. But don’t expect them to send you something—you can ask nicely, but don’t expect. Gifts shouldn’t have strong attached.

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