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Why I Chose to Be a Free Agent

When I started my blog, XCritic told me that my clients could be guest bloggers. This time around, Ashlee Graham is writing about why she chose to be a free agent. It's an excellent read for not only porn stars, but also the fans, so they can get a glimpse of what the adult biz is like behind the scenes. Enjoy!

As the adult industry keeps changing, so do the people working in it. Ages ago, it was unheard of to be a porn actress AND a free agent. Most girls always used agencies to book their work. It seems as though this has changed with big names like Mia Malkova and Nicole Aniston doing their own bookings. You can now add me to that list. When I started as a model, I did all freelance work. I would find the directors’ names and message them about shooting or projects they were working on. When I entered GG and BG porn, I changed how I was doing things and got an agent. Is there a difference between being a free agent or represented by an agency? Absolutely. This is why.

A lot of producers and directors prefer to book from agencies. Why? Because if a girl “no shows”, they can call and immediately replace her. You would think that we’re all adults and show up, but sometimes that’s not the case. The ability to replace a girl at a moment’s notice is great. It fixes everything. You don’t have to pay cancellation fees or swallow the cost of the rental and crew fees. However, if you know the girl and that she’s reliable, then you are completely fine. This just isn’t the case all the time.

On the flipside, many agencies have so many girls now that the talent gets lost in the shuffle. Girls don’t realize it, but it happens. Think about it. There are 50 girls on the site, so if you’re not hustling and getting your name out there, then you get lost in the wreckage. Girls can’t just rely on agents anymore. It’s impossible. That’s why girls all over Twitter, Facebooking and emailing all the more known directors and producers.

After looking at both of sides, I realized I was better off alone. I wasn’t working as much as I wanted and I was hustling every day. So, what better to do than go solo? I could do all of the hustling and save the producers and myself each around $100. It makes sense. Is it more work? Absolutely. I’m now always searching for emails for directors and producers, as well as doing my website. I tweet them all the time and email to remind them about me.

The good thing is I know what is going on now. I know why I’m not working or why I am and I have every little detail of the shoot, so nothing gets lost in the shuffle. I also like to stay busy, so the hustle part really helps. It’s not a hard thing to go it alone now with all the social networking. Technology and media have made it so easy for girls to do it alone. On top of that, I don’t have to nag an agent to push me. I can push myself. I’m in charge of my own life, my own schedule, and my own career. It works well.The only downfall is a lot of people aren’t used to booking girls directly, and some just won’t.

With the right drive and determination, almost anyone can succeed at doing it this way and being “agent free”. It’s just a matter or will, responsibility, and work ethic.

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