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Peta Jensen: Brazzers Contract Girl is Must-See


Peta Jensen, September 2015's Must-See Girl, has it all...looks, sexual skill, attitude, enthusiasm, and acting ability. And, she has a contract...with Brazzers, one of the most prolific studios on the planet. While basking in her contract-girl status, Peta has performed in dozens of first-class scenes. You can see all of her Brazzers scenes by visiting her landing page.

Before signing on the dotted line with Brazzers, Peta appeared for several other studios in numerous movies. As you read through this article and peruse the numerous photos I've included, I'll direct you to some of her pre-Brazzers work.

There is no doubt that Peta's body is fantastic. Just look at the banner photo above. Taken from Brazzers' Fuck The Frustration Right Out of Methis image highlights Peta's mesmerizing eyes, perfectly-toned belly, and to die-for legs. Oh, lest I forget (not!), her breasts are breathtaking! 

As you continue to become acquainted with Peta's fantastic body, check out the three images below. The left photo, from Brazzers' My Two Wives, is particularly appealing because it accentuates Peta's eyes...you will really get lost in them if you allow yourself the pleasure. There's no wonder that, in My Two WivesJohnny Sins prefers her over his other hotter-than-hell wife, Kendra Lust.

In the center photo, from digitalplayground.com's Peta Jensen's Big Ripe Mellons, Peta's perfect and oh-so-shapely legs and thighs draw our attention to her gorgeous and so-accommodating vagina. Finally, in the right image, from Brazzers' Rich Brats from Beverly HillsPeta is doing to herself one of the things I'd love to do to her...squeezing her ripe and productive nipples (more about her nipples later!). 

Please click the links in this article. I've arranged for you to see lots of scene-specific images and previews to whet your appetite for Peta. If you join any of the sites or buy any of the movies shown on the links, you will help us keep this site and the Must-See-Girl program alive. Thanks.


If you're a tit lover, like me, there's no way that you can avoid worshiping Peta's fantastic breasts. These beautifully sculpted orbs are delightful and, I'm sure, will be the cause of endless pleasure for you (and everybody else who gazes upon their loveliness). 

As you might expect, Peta's boobs are front-and-center in all of her scenes. However, one of the best looks at her delicious mounds can be seen in the left photo, taken from Big Tit Fantasies 3, from Reality Kings. I'm not sure about you, but I think that this shot is the perfect desktop photo for my computer monitor.

The center photo, from Brazzers.com's Deep and Juicy with Miss Jensenshows just how perky and proud her tits really are. Finally, at right, focus your attention on her breasts (and imagine you're cupping them like Peta is) as depicted in this excellent photo, which was also taken from Brazzers.com's Deep and Juicy with Miss Jensen.

Of course, world class tits don't only need to look gorgeous, but they must also bounce joyfully, too. Here's a link to a short clip from Brazzers.com's Brazzersbowl SundayClick "link" to see Peta shake her magnificent mams in slow-motion. Be still my heart!


Peta's breasts go even beyond being gorgeous and jiggling beautifully. They also lactate! Check out these two screen captures from Brazzers.com's College Midterm Stress Relief(As a professor, I could sure use this kind of stress relief!). These photos, although hot, cannot begin to do justice to Peta's milk-squirting breasts. So, click this link to see a short clip of the action. 


Without a doubt, Peta's breasts are delightful. However, I think that her vagina is even more scrumptious. At left, savor Peta's delightful hole as she caresses and fingers it in Jules Jordan Video's Bra Busters 6. My colleague, Don Houston, in writing about Peta's pussy in this scene, stated: "She had a shaven slit and he invited her to tell him (Bill Bailey) what she wanted, her desire for some 'nibble action' prompting him to lick her like a dog from front to back and rim her." I sure as hell wish I were Bill Bailey in this scene!

Without a doubt, my favorite image of Peta's vagina is in the center. Taken from Brazzers.com'sClose Encounters of the Big Kindthis image zeros-in on Peta's wet and pink butterfly-shaped pink pussy crowned by her erect and oh-so-happy clit. Wouldn't you love to tickle that clit with your tongue and probe her slippery depths with your tongue?

Finally, at right, check out Peta's beaming smile as "Dr." Johnny Sins probes her sweet hole when Teaching Her How to Cumfrom Brazzers.com.

Peta's pussy has also been known to squirt on occasion. Check out Digitalplayground.com's Raw Cuts: Peta's Big Ripe Melons if you'd like to see her ejaculate. 


Peta's endearing attributes also include her hypnotic eyes. Playful, devious, and mesmerizing, Peta's eyes will inflame your lust, invite you to play with her, show you how much she loves being with you, and congratulate you on your prowess. 

love Peta's bright and dancing eyes in the left photo. Taken from Reality Junkies' Big Tit Fantasies 4, this image exemplifies Peta's delight when she sees her lover. In the center, check out Peta's mesmerizing eyes as she worships Johnny Sins' cock in Peta Plays Your Cock a Visit (from Brazzers.com). At right, Peta's eyes show their appreciation and gratitude for Tommy Gunn's cock in Fantasy Massage's Sorry My Husband Owes You Money. 


Peta's physical assets are extensive, and a review of them would be incomplete if we didn't spend time worshiping her ass. My favorite still image of Peta's butt comes from her best, in my opinion, oil-related scene, Deep and Juicy with Miss Jensenfrom Brazzers.com. Don't you wish those were your hands (instead of Mick Blue's) squeezing Peta's firm, shapely, blemish-free, and oh-so-slippery cheeks?

I chose to share the right photo, from Brazzers.com's Brazzersbowl Sundaywith you because I love how the string of her panties accentuates the curve of her perfect butt cheeks. I also love her "ass-out" pose in this shot...perfect for showing off not only her excellent glutes but also her sweet thighs and womanly curves. 


Before we move on to Peta's scorching sexual performances, there is one more part of her stupendous body that we simply must visit...and that part is her glorious, long, and muscular legs. Perhaps it is because all the women in my family (and the guys, too), have very good legs, I seldom really pay attention to them on a porn star. However, that is not the case with Peta. Wow. What great legs she has!

The left photo, which is one of my favorite images of Peta, shows delighted, smiling, and dazzlingly beautiful Peta working out in Wicked Pictures' Spin Class Ass 2. Aren't her legs amazing?

Not only do Peta's legs look great, but they're great for fighting as well. The center image proves what I mean as Peta uses her mighty legs to joust with Johnny Sins in Brazzers.com's Fuck the Frustration Right Out of Me.

Finally, I know lots of people really enjoy the site of a gorgeous woman's legs wrapped tightly in sheer stockings. For those of you with such a fetish, cast your eyes on Peta's lovely legs in digitalplayground.com's Lock and Load Episode 2. 


OK...let's get down to foreplay...and let's start with my favorite activity, cunnilingus. Without a doubt, Peta's pussy is outstanding. God, I wish I could taste it, like Michael Vegas is in the left photo below, taken from digitalplayground.com's Stryker Episode 5. Peta, I promise you that if you ever let me eat you, you'll be in heaven for hours!

Bill Bailey, too, gets to sample Peta's tasty vagina at right in a screen capture from Brazzers.com's College Midterm Stress ReliefIsn't her pussy gorgeous? Aren't both Michael and Bill fucking lucky?


Because of Peta's fantastic breasts, foreplay can take on additional meaning as she uses her ripe and generous mounds to surround, stroke, and fuck her lucky partner's penis. At left, Peta gazes wantonly into your eyes as she wraps her bodacious boobs around Bill Bailey's rod in Jules Jordan's Bra Busters 6

Some of Peta's best breast play footage can be found in her scenes for Fantasy Massage because she always seems to get her boobs involved when she's giving a guy a sensuous rubdown. As a case in point, check out Peta as she wraps her glorious breasts around Will Powers' shaft in Try Your Tits (center).

The right photo exemplifies two recurrent themes in Peta's scenes...oil and titty fucking. Captured from Brazzers.com's College Midterm Stress Reliefthis image gives you an idea just how good Bill Bailey's shaft feels as it slides back and forth between Peta's generously lubed breasts. Wouldn't it be nice if all our girlfriends had such ample cleavage?


Of course, foreplay can never be complete in a boy/girl scene without fellatio. And, Peta is a champion cocksucker whose oral skills meet or exceed any man's desires. At left, Peta deep throats Johnny Sins' cock in Brazzers.com's Fuck the Frustration Right Out of MeDo you know how long Johnny's penis is? And, do you see that it is all the way down Peta's throat? That's impressive.

Perhaps even more impressive than Peta's deep-throating talent is her penchant for making incendiary eye contact with you while she blows you. Of course, this happens most often in POV video segments, such as the center image, from Teaching Her How to Cum (Brazzers.com).

Finally, at right, check out Peta's cock-worshiping technique in a scene in which she can focus entirely on the guy's penis...without having the rest of him distract her. This happens in Peta's Fantasy Massage scenes because the massage table used in those scenes has a hole for an erect penis to pass through. So, after she gives the lucky guy a rubdown, she slips under the table and blows him. In this case, the movie is Try Your Titsand the lucky cock belongs to Will Powers.


Although Peta doesn't engage in Sapphic sex often, her girl-girl scenes are always exciting and of cock-stiffening or pussy drenching quality. At left, Peta's pussy gets an enthusiastic licking from Alix Lynx in Brazzers.com's Rich Brats From Beverly Hills. The scene, which includes some very nice girl-girl action, eventually morphs into a threeway with the two girls pleasuring each other and Xander Corvus.

The center image is from one of Peta's few girl-only scenes, Running Buddies from Brazzers.com. Peta and Noelle Easton meet while taking a morning run and end up fucking in the park. I particularly enjoyed the tribbing, as shown in the middle photo, during which the girls rubbed their delicious dripping vaginas together. Yum.

Finally, check out Valentina Nappi as she pleasures Peta's slippery body in a girl-girl segment during Brazzers.com's Close Encounters of the Big Kind. During the scene, the girls work side-by-side to pleasure Danny D's enormous penis in a hot threesome.


Without a doubt, Peta and her body are truly the stuff of dreams. However, her beauty is only the tip of the iceberg because her real asset is her fucking skill. Indeed, without a doubt, I proclaim that Peta Jensen has "mad" fucking skills! These skills definitely earn her Must-See status for September...and maybe all of 2015!

Let's begin our study of Peta's extraordinary pleasure-inducing abilities with a look at her in missionary. The image at right is from Fantasy Massage's Try Your TitsThis is one of my favorite images of Peta because it highlights, of course, her fantastic breasts, spread-wide legs revealing her capacious pussy, and, most important, her "I love every minute of this" expression. 

The right image, from digitalplayground.com's Peta Jensen's Big Ripe Mellons, provides a great POV look at Peta as her slippery and inviting hole accommodates your cock. 

Neither of these still images really does justice to Peta's fucking skills, however. To me, one of the most important skills a woman can possess is the ability to cum like a volcano and prove to me she's cumming. Click this link to see a short clip of Peta being fucked and cumming in missionary in Brazzers.com's World War Three Part ThreeJohnny Sins, how I envy you!

In another of Peta's scenes with Johnny Sins, Brazzers.com's My Two WivesKendra Lust rides Peta's face while Johnny pounds her pussy in missionary. Click this link to check out one of Peta's incendiary orgasms in this world-class scene.


When I'm fucking a woman, I always enjoy having her ride me in cowgirl. That gives my hands free reign of her tits, belly, back, and ass. It also allows me to swap tongues with her using open-mouthed kisses. The three images below give you a bit of an idea how awesome it is when Peta is the one who's doing the riding.

At left, Peta rides Will Powers in Reality Junkies' Big Tit Fantasies 4Wouldn't you love to be gazing on her tits while she does the fucking and grinding? 

In the center image, from digitalplayground.com's Stryker Episode 5, Peta rides Michael Vegas as he caresses her curvy body and she gasps in ecstasy. Finally, at right, Johnny Sins gets a look at his mammoth cock as Peta's vagina swallows it balls deep in Teaching Her How to Cum (Brazzers.com).


Although my favorite position in which to fuck is cowgirl, my favorite position to watch is reverse cowgirl. Somehow, focusing more on the girl's body than the guy's really turns me on. This is especially true when Peta is the one doing the fucking.

I really like the left photo below because it shows that Peta is not afraid to increase her own pleasure by stroking her clit while fucking a cock. It also highlights the magnificent contrast between Peta's large and delightful breasts with her rock-hard belly. See more of this action in digitalplayground.com's Lock and Load Episode 2.  

The center photo is definitely stroke-able (please give me a minute...thank you!). Taken from Reality Junkies' Big Tit Fantasies 4this delightful image not only highlights Peta's fantastic body as she fucks the cum out of Ramon Nomar's cock, but it also draws our attention to her heavenly legs that point directly to her wondrous cock-stuffed vagina.

I am also a real fan of the right photo in which Peta stands, straddles, and fucks Clover's mammoth rod in Peter North's Giant Juicy Juggs. Although this one the only scene Peta had shot for legendary Peter North when I wrote this article, I think the scene is one of her most visually appealing. The scene itself is really beautifully crafted and the sex is excellent, too.


I think that my second favorite position to watch (after reverse) is when the girl stands or is carried by her partner. Again, this type of position really shows off the girl's body and, if her fucking skills are as "mad" as Peta's, allows her to do some pretty impressive moves.

Johnny Sins, in Brazzers.com's Fuck the Frustration Right Out of Meshares intense and incendiary eye contact with Peta as he rams his dick in-and-out of her pussy while the two stand and somewhat face each other. Wow! What a sight to behold!

At center, in an image from Brazzers.com's College Midterm Stress ReliefBill Bailey hoists Peta off her feet and the two fuck each other with nicely synchronized moves. While being held aloft by her partner, Peta really shows off her amazing skills. For an even better look at what I mean, click this link and watch her show off her amazing fucking technique in this clip from Brazzers.com's My Two WivesBe sure to watch the whole clip because Peta's best moves are during the second half. And, watch Kendra Lust's amazement while she beholds this remarkable coupling by Peta and Johnny Sins, the husband the two girls share. 

The right image is from a really good scene from pornfidelity.com. In the scene, dubbed Take the Condom Off 4,  Ryan Madison answers a personals ad to find a bowl of condoms and Peta Jensen on her knees waiting to get fucked. Once he sees the fine piece of ass in front of him, he takes the condom off and plows her hard from behind. They fuck in the shower and on the floor of the bathroom, and he fills her hot vagina with a deep creampie. As are virtually all pornfidelity.com scenes, the storyline and sex are quite good. The scene is definitely worth a look...especially if you despise condom-covered porn as much as I do. 


One of the most demanding sexual positions, as I've been told by numerous porn stars, is piledriver. Peta Jensen, again showing her sexual prowess, often engages in this position for our enjoyment, as well as hers and her partner's. 

All three of the photographs below are from Peta Plays Your Cock a Visit (from Brazzers.com). At left, Peta generously offers up her tasty vagina so that Johnny Sins can drink freely from it. Later in the same scene, he straddles and fucks her from above as his immense rod pistons in-and-out joyfully. The right image, shot in our POV, captures Peta's intense eyes as Johnny reams her pussy. Note how large, proud, and excited her clit is in this image. Talk about pleasure!


Peta shows her bad-girl side often in her scenes. In particular, she loves to be choked during sex. At left, Bill Bailey reaches up and chokes Peta while "shagging" her pussy in doggie in The Rough Shagging Shrink (from Brazzers.com). At right, it's Mick Blue's turn to heighten Peta's pleasure in Deep and Juicy with Miss Jensenfrom Brazzers.com. Although not pictured below, you can also see Peta choked, by both Valentina Nappi and Danny D. in Brazzers.com's Close Encounters of the Big Kind. 


Sadly, as of this writing, Peta had not participated in an anal scene in which she took a cock up her ass. I sincerely hope she does so soon! Anyway, Peta's anus is delightful nonetheless, and has been worshiped in nearly all her scenes through analingus (left and right below) or, on occasion, through finger fucking.

At left, Johnny Sins samples Peta's tightest hole with his tongue in Peta Plays Your Cock a Visit (from Brazzers.com). Bill Bailey DPs Peta with his fingers in The Rough Shagging Shrink (from Brazzers.com) at center. Finally, at right, Bradley Brennan licks Peta's tasty asshole while squeezing her delightful butt in digitalplayground.com's Lock and Load Episode 2


Although I could watch Peta fuck for hours on end, all of her scenes must come to an end eventually. And, without a doubt, Peta is a mistress of happy endings. 

At left below is one of my favorite images of Peta. Doesn't her belly look fucking fine splattered with Danny D's sperm in World War XXX Part 4I only wish the scene had been a threesome so that another girl could have licked it up.

At center, Peta shows off her handjob skills and jacks off lucky Xander Corvus all over her generous tits in Throbbing Cockstar from Fantasy Massage. Finally, at right, Peta shows off one of her trademarked facials in Deep and Juicy with Miss Jensenfrom Brazzers.com. Not only is her face crusted with Mick Blue's swimmers, but so are her delightful tits.


I'll bet that you'll agree that Peta is definitely a Must-See-Girl. You can read our reviews of her scenes by clicking here. Or, you can join and enjoy some of the online sources mentioned in this article.

My homage to Peta comes to an end with this slide show. I hope you enjoy watching it. Thanks to Brazzers.com, Digitalplayground.com, Fantasymassage.com, JulesJordan.com, PeterNorth.com, Pornfidelity.com, Realityjunkies.com, and Wicked.com for the use of their images throughout this article and in the slide show. 

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