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Jessica is a "Fox" and a "Must-See" Girl


Given the recent media frenzy surrounding Caitlyn Jenner, I am very proud to say that I've been recognizing the beauty, sensuousness, eroticism, and inherent value of transgender women for several years since I wrote about Bailey Jay back in 2012. Since that time, three other transgender women (Miran, Aubrey Kate, and Venus Lux) have, through their beauty and intense sexual performances, earned the title Must-See Girl.

During the last few years, I've come to want several things from transgender women. To catch my attention, a TS Woman must:

  • Look like a girl;
  • Act like a girl;
  • Get hard...and stay hard;
  • Be able to penetrate her partner; and
  • Ejaculate.

As odd as it might seem to some of you who have read my reviews and blogs for the past 20 years or so, I'm coming to the conclusion that many transgender women really do have the best of both worlds. Beautiful, curvy, and sensuous, trans-women also have penises which, if they enjoy as much as I enjoy mine, must give these very special people an enormous amount of pleasure. Jessica Fox is certainly an excellent example of this phenomenon. 

All my Transgender Must-See Winners meet all these requirements and much more. And, this month's winner, Jessica Fox, is no exception. Just gaze on Jessica's beauty in the banner image above. What eyes, what lips, what hair, what sensuousness. This image, which is from Colorful Dress on Jessica's own website, shows, to me, just how gorgeous and desirable a transgender woman can be. Jessica's website has hundreds of photos like this...glamour, solo, and hard...that may just change everything you ever thought about transgender women. 

The three images below continue to demonstrate Jessica's beauty and appeal. The left image, from the Suck This Cock collection on Jessica's website, highlights both her rock hard and uncut cock and her delicious breasts. I particularly like the center photo, from Devil's Film's America's Next Top Tranny Season 17, because it accentuates Jessica's wry "come and get me" smile as well as her pretty long legs. The stunning right image, from the Toy Made Me Cum collection on Jessica's website, depicts exactly what I'd do if I were a gorgeous transgender woman like Jessica...gaze past my awesome breasts and rock-hard belly to my erect cock. What a delight that must be.


Frankly, Jessica truly is a pretty girl (of course, she's much more than that, too...and I'll get to that later). Her eyes and mouth (left) and come-hither look and flowing hair (center) look especially nice when she dresses up in sexy outfits (right). 

Without a doubt, I'd love to kiss every square centimeter of Jessica's face as shown in the left image, which is from the Take Me to Bed collection from Jessica's website. If Jessica were to turn around and gaze into my eyes with her mesmerizing stare, like she is in the center photo (from Evil Angel's She-Male Idols, The Auditions), I'd jump her bones in milliseconds. And, I'd have the fun of my life with Jessica if she showed up at my place as a "working girl" like she did for Carrie Ann in Devil's Film's Transsexual Prostitutes 70


As we continue to explore Jessica's stunning body, we simply must stop and take a good look at her perky C-cup breasts. Most porn girls I've seen don't have tits any where near as pretty as Jessica's. Of course, they've been enhanced. But, her surgeon is first class! I strongly recommend that anybody looking for breast implants check with Jessica and use her surgeon!

The left image is from Devil's Film's America's Next Top Tranny 17. I love the way that Jessica's purple outfit surrounds her bountiful boobs and makes them stand out so well from her chest. The center image makes my heart beat faster with unbridled lust. It is from the Bodysuit collection on Jessica's website. Don't her breasts look like a million dollars? Finally, the right image, taken from the Toy Made Me Cum collection on Jessica's website, highlights the superb shape and the in-your-face quality of Jessica's amazing rack.


Of course, Jessica has physical assets that most female porn stars lack...a fully-functional uncut cock. Even though Jessica is all woman, it is obvious that she adores her pretty penis. In many photos, like the one on the left (from Devil's Film's Transsexual Babysitters 10), pretty Jessica stares with delight--and more than a little lust, I should think--at her rock-hard rod. 

Of course, looking at a cock is not sufficient. So, Jessica plays with it a lot, too...especially in the solo scenes on her website. In particular, the center photo, from the Bodysuit collection from Jessica's website, shows Jessica's manicured fingers lovingly surrounding and stroking her throbbing penis. Similarly, Jessica's pretty painted fingers grasp and squeeze her erect penis in the Red Corset collection from her website. Hot!


As our tour heads southward, let's take a look at Jessica's fine and oh-so-toned legs...which look stunning whether they're naked or encased in silk stockings. I'm not usually taken by legs...I can sort of take 'em or leave 'em. But, in the case of Jessica, her never-ending and so-well-toned legs are to die for. Take, for example, the back-view of Jessica's legs in the left image, taken from Evil Angel's She-Male Idols, The AuditionsAs you can see, the backs of her calves are gorgeous and her long legs culminate in a firm and hard--yet very shapely--ass.

The center photo is one of my favorite images of Jessica. In it, Jessica's shapely abdomen is encased in a bright red corset, her legs are surrounded by tight-fitting and so-sexy silk stockings, and her feet are enhanced by erotic black high heels. Of course, this image, from the Red Corset collection on Jessica's website, also shows off Jessica's very hard and proud penis.

The side view of Jessica's legs and thighs, as shown in the right image (from the Fuck Machine collection on Jessica's website) again shows off the beautiful musculature in Jessica's legs and thighs. Damn, I'd love to run my lusty hands over those hard muscles!


As our tour of Jessica's body comes to a close, let's move on to her sex scenes. First, I must admit that I'm a sucker for kissing (i love to swap tongues!) and Jessica really fills my oral fetish. In fact, Jessica will eagerly French kiss men, women, and fellow transgender women. 

At left, Jessica locks lips with Lucas in Kink.com's Jessica and Lucas (Kink.com is one of the absolute best sites to see Jessica in hard-core action.) In the center photo, check out Jessica's tongue as it penetrates fellow transgender woman Eva Lin's mouth in Kink.com's TS Girl Orgy. Finally, note how Jessica's penis so positively responds to Billy Dewitt's touch in Reality Junkies' American Tranny 2.


Speaking of oral fetishes, I think it must be awesome to be half female and half male when it comes to oral sex. Jessica's female side loves to give head. And, she's a damned good cocksucker, too.

The left image, which is from the Jessica and Wolf collection on Jessica's website, shows just how fine Jessica's lovely and luscious lips look as they surround and please Wolf's tingling cock. At center, check out Jessica as she greedily devours three cocks in Devil's Film's Transsexual Gangbangers 17. 

At right, take a look at Jessica's well-developed deep-throating skills as she swallows Alejandro's cock in Kink.com's Jessica and Alejandro scene, which is on TSSeduction.com Impressive, huh?


Perhaps the better part of oral sex for a transgender woman is getting sucked. As a trans-woman, Jessica is tri-sexual...and by that, I mean that she will lustfully accept fellatio from men, women, and other trans-women. 

The left image, which also highlights Jessica's delightful breasts and rock-hard abdomen, is from Evil Angel's The Next She-Male Idol 2. In this photo, Mark Frenchy happily pleasures Jessica's rigid she-cock with his mouth, lips, and tongue. 

At center, also from Evil Angel, genetic woman Mona Wales shows off her fellatio skills while she finger-fucks Jessica's asshole in Rogue Adventures 40. Take a look at Jessica's face. Doesn't she look like she's in heaven?

in Devil's Film's America's Next Top Tranny 17Chad Diamond gets his chance to sample some erect and hard tranny cock (right photo). While keeping Jessica happy, he keeps himself on the edge, too, by stroking his quivering penis.


One of the activities that I've often seen transgender women enjoy is the act of rubbing their penises against their partners'. Jessica, in particular, really enjoys either grasping both her penis and her partner's in one handful or doing battle, sword-like, with another cock. So, as a result, I was motivated to find out more about this practice. Called frotting, it really means to rub your genitals against something else...sort of like "humping." Gay men--and transgender women--use this highly pleasurable act during foreplay or in lieu of anal sex. 

By the way, lest anybody gets queasy about rubbing penises together...please remember that we all love double penetrations, right. Don't the two guys frot while they stuff the girl's hole?

The left and center photo show how lusty Jessica rubs her she-cock against her partner's while cupping both rods inside one hand. The left image, from the Jessica and Wolf collection on Jessica's website, captures Jessica riding Wolf in reverse while frotting his dick. Meanwhile, at center, Owen, submissive in missionary, enjoys Jessica's ministrations as she frots his penis. This screen capture is from a very hot scene on Kink.com's TSSeduction.com site. It's called Jessica and Owen.

At right, check out Jay Ashley and Jessica as they enjoy a little fencing action using their cocks. This hot action can be found in Devil's Film's America's Next Top Tranny 14: All Stars.


OK! Enough about foreplay...let's get on with the sex! When it comes to in-and-out action, Jessica really shines. Enthusiastic, vocal, energetic, and responsive, Jessica really plows vaginas, assholes, and mouths...any hole in the pursuit of ultimate pleasure. When a trans-woman inserts her penis into another person, it is called topping.

Jessica, as we've already seen, is an extremely good cocksucker, proving she likes to be fucked in the mouth. In addition, Jessica's asshole is always open for business. When a trans-woman is penetrated by her partner, she is bottoming. 

As I already mentioned, Jessica is, in a sense, tri-sexual because she has sex with men, women, and other trans-women. In particular, she really knows how to please a vagina...and always makes those pussies cum! At left, check out Heidi Mayne's pussy as it gets double stuffed by both Jessica (fucking Heidi in doggie) and Jay Ashley in Devil's Film's Transsexual Cheerleaders 6. Watching the scene, it is obvious that Jessica really enjoys double penetrating Heidi. Maybe it's because Jessica gets to, in essence, frot Jay while feeling the tight slipperiness of Heidi's vagina clamp down around her rod. 

At right, check out Zoey Portland's oh-so-erect nipples as Jessica bangs her to heaven and back in Evil Angel's Trans-Visions. Don't these two women look awesome together?


As a woman, Jessica, of course, takes cocks deep into her oh-so-accommodating hole. When she performs as a bottom, she expertly rides cocks in all positions. But, since I am a sucker for cowgirl (my favorite position in which to fuck) and reverse cowgirl (my favorite position to watch), I've concentrated on those two positions in the screen shots below.

At left, check out Jessica's ecstatic look as she fucks and grinds Chad Diamond reverse cowgirl style in Devil's Film's America's Next Top Tranny 17At center, Jessica, in another reverse-cowgirl clip, strokes her own throbbing rod and oohs with pleasure while her asshole swallows Wolf Hudson's entire penis in Fucking the Art Appraiser...which is found on Jessica's website.

Finally, at right, Jessica passionately rides Alejandro while squeezing her hard and erect nipples. Alejandro helps out by giving Jessica a handjob. Watch this hot scene, Jessica and Alejandro, on Kink.com's TSSeduction.com site. 


One of the hottest scenes in which Jessica appears, in my opinion, is in Devil's Film's Transsexual Gangbangers 17In addition to Jessica's oh-so-happy penis, the scene also features the massive cocks of Chad Diamond, Wolf Hudson, Jay Huntington. If you watch this excellent scene, which is depicted in both images below, pay close attention to Jessica's accommodating asshole as it swallows two massive rods while she deep throats a third. This double-anal bottoming segment is amazing. 


The male part of Jessica is just as talented and skilled as her female part. When she penetrates her partner, it is known as topping...and Jessica is, without a doubt in my mind, one of the best transgender tops in the business. Whereas some trans-women have a hard time staying hard, Jessica's cock is always at full mast and ready to penetrate the tightest of holes...as shown in the three photos below. It doesn't matter which hole or to whom it belongs. Jessica will greedily and skillfully plow it with her titanium-hard dagger.

In the leftmost image, Jessica reams her fellow transgender woman Chanel Couture's tight asshole in Evil Angel's America She-Male X 4Mandy Muse gets her pussy gaped (center) while simultaneously being anally reamed by Jessica in Jessica and Mandy on Kink.com's TSPussyHunters.com site. Finally, Jessica shows just how skilled a swordswoman she is by fucking Danny's anus doggie style in Jessica and Danny Oak (on Kink.com's TSSeduction.com site). 


Given Jessica's lust to fuck men, women, and trans-women, it's not surprising to see that she is an excellent performer in groups. No matter how many partners she has--or what gender those partners may be--Jessica always shines.

At left below, check out the excellent threeway action in Devil's Film's Transsexual Cheerleaders 6. Jay Ashley reams Jessica's accommodating asshole while Heidi Mayne keeps Jessica's fully erect penis happy as it can be. 

A scene that better exemplifies Jessica's well-rounded fucking ability can be found in Devil's Film's Best of Transsexual Cheerleaders (center photo). In it Jessica and fellow trans-women. Jamie Page and Johanna B fuck each other--and male Mark Galifiore--with uninhibited lust and abandon. Believe me, there are lots of happy endings in this scene!

The right photo, from Gang Bang Orgy (found on Kink.com's TSSeduction.com site), depicts a clip in perhaps the finest example of Jessica Fox's teamwork ability. In it, genetic female Mistress Madeline Marlowe is wildly fucked by trans-women Jessica, Eva Lin, and previously-honored Must-See Girl Venus Lux. Of course, the trans-women fuck each other, too, as shown below. Even better, the performers make lots of love trains in which one girl fucks another, who fucks another, an so on. I always like the transgender scenes on Kink.com, and I really think this is one of the best ever.


Like many of us, Jessica loves to play with toys while solo or when fucking her partner. Note the butt plug stuffed deep in Jessica's anus (left photo) as she reams Tristan's asshole in Kink.com's Jessica and Tristan episode (on TSSeduction.com). Imagine the ultimate pleasure Jessica must feel as Tristan's asshole clamps down tight around her penis while the butt plug stuffs her ass. Wow!

Jessica's website has several photo and video sets in which Jessica uses toys to enhance her pleasure. And, the center and right images are just a taste of some of the excellent images you'll be able to enjoy. In the center image, Jessica strokes her own throbbing cock while a toy one, which is attached to a fucking machine, reams her asshole. Both photos and video is available of this shoot, entitled The Fuck Machine. 

At right, enjoy the beautifully-colorful dildo shoved deep into Jessica's anus (doesn't her ass look great in this shot?) while she masturbates herself to a happy ending. Again, both video and still photos are available of this scene on Jessica's site. Look for Toy Made Me Cum.


Although I'm not much of a "foot man," I must admit that I really enjoy seeing a woman jack off an eager cock with her feet. All three of the images below are screen captures of frames of Kink.com's Jessica and Mandy Muse scene, which is available on TSPussyHunter.com. This is one of Jessica's most recent scenes on Kink.com and it provides you with a good look of just how pretty her face, tits, and cock are right now. It also gives you a hint of some of Jessica's outstanding pop shots that I'll show you a little later. And, of course, it demonstrates just how talented Mandy is with her feet. Wouldn't you like to be either the receiver or giver of such pleasure? Look at Jessica's expression in the left photo. She's in heaven.


One theme that has permeated this article is the fact that trans-women really have the best of both worlds. As a woman, Jessica can enjoy receiving semen from her male or trans-woman partners. And, as a male, she can give her partners an abundant gift of her own semen.

Look how grateful and awe-inspired Jessica appears in the left photo, from Reality Junkies' American Tranny 2She loves the taste of Billy Dewitt's and her adoring eyes tell the whole story.

In the center image, ebony trans-woman goddess Chanel Couture gives Jessica everything she has in Evil Angel's America She-Male X 4Finally, at right, Jessica milks the last remnants of semen from Danny Oak's rod in Kink.com's Jessica and Danny Oak scene, which is available on TSSeduction.com. Without a doubt, Jessica displays an undeniably female appreciation and adoration of cum. Wouldn't all of us with a penis like the same from our partners?


Although Jessica takes cumshots like the girl she is, she really shines when her fully erect and rock hard cock erupts with an explosion of semen that makes most male porn stars pale in comparison. In fact, I am quite positive that Jessica's pops are always more impressive than her male or trans-woman partners. Take, for example, Jessica's pop, at left, into Billy DeWitt's mouth in Reality Junkies' American Tranny 2Her flow is voluminous and she often delivers tasty loads right into her partner's eager mouth.

To give you an idea of the power of Jessica's ejaculations, take a look at the screen capture in the center, from Kink.com's Jessica and Lia Lior scene, which is available on TSPussyHunter.com. Her incredible power shoots her semen straight up into the air, past Lia's mouth, nose, and eyes. Of course, Lia laps up every drop as Jessica's eruptions subside.

An even better capture is found at right. In it, Wolf frantically reams Jessica's asshole as her cock can no longer hold back and ejects a powerful load straight up into the air. Be sure to catch this scene, Jessica and Wolf, on Jessica's website.

The most impressive of Jessica's ejaculations cannot be adequately depicted in a still frame. So, I've captured a few seconds of video from Kink.com's Jessica and Bella scene, which is available on TSPussyHunter.com. Click here to watch the clip. Notice how Jessica gets so excited while fucking Bella's pussy that she pops hands free! Yes, she pulls out of Bella's pussy just in the nick of time to shoot rope after rope of semen all over Bella's ass. This pop is truly impressive and I seriously doubt that many male stars could begin to compete. God, I love that pop, Jessica!

so like Jessica's cumshots that I've included photos of 24 of them in the slide show below. Be sure to watch every second of the movie!


I hope that you'll agree that Jessica Fox is a Must-See-Girl. You can read everything our writers have written about Jessica, including numerous movie reviews, by clicking here. Or, you can join and enjoy some of the online sources mentioned in this article.

My homage to Jessica Fox comes to an end with this slide show. I hope you enjoy watching it. Thanks to Devil's Film, Evil Angel, Shemalexxx.com, Reality Junkies, jessicathefox.com, and Kink.com for the use of their images throughout this article and in the slide show. 



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