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August "Ames" to Please Part 1



If female beauty was currency, this month's Must-See Girl, August Ames, would have enough to pay off the entire national debt and have enough left over to make us all wealthy. August, who I first encountered as I was perusing the Twistys.com site one day, is, in my opinion, one of the most gorgeous women to ever grace the blue screen. Think I'm exaggerating? Just feast your eyes on the banner image above, taken from Brazzers.com's Lesbians Love MassagesShe has a pretty face, captivating eyes, lips to die for, gorgeous hair, real breasts, shapely and never-ending legs, a feminine figure with all the right curves, sexy piercings, and a mouth-watering pussy.

Need more proof? I'll give you an in-depth tour of August's magnificent flesh and, on the way, I'll show you how she uses it in white-hot sex scenes. Let's start with some overall "pretty girl" images. 

Beginning at the left below, check out August's penetrating glance, perky boobs, and pretty hair. You can see lots more of August dressed in this sexy outfit (and undressed, too!) in Twistys.com's Let's Play.  At center, check out another Twistys image of August in Great Pleasure. Doesn't August look so happy to be showing off her bountiful body and spread-open pussy? At right, August poses for a selfie in aptly named Selfies by Wicked Pictures. I'll be showing you other "selfies" from this movie later on in this article. In fact, lots of the actual video in the scene was shot by August herself as she teased and fucked.


August has been in many outstanding scenes. However, one that really caught my eye was  In this white-hot scene, August swims around naked while the videographer captures the action from underwater (see the screen captures below). August looks so fucking fine as her buoyant body, virtually weightless, moves erotically through the water. 

As my colleague, Bobby B., mentions in his Highly Recommended review of this scene, "Big Tit Bombshells begins with an introductory tease and play segment featuring the always beautiful August Ames, opening as our co-director has her show off her rack for the home viewers while she flirts and giggles. The introductory segment runs for around 15 minutes, providing some tease as well as showing off Maestro's underwater filming capabilities while August swims around naked in a pool for the latter parts of it." 

My assessment? This is a fucking gorgeous underwater ballet in which we get to worship, in Booby's words, "always beautiful August Ames."


There is so much to like about August that it will take lots of words and pictures to even begin to do her justice. In fact, my whole article won't fit on one of this site's web pages. So, the article will appear in two installments!

I'm always a fan of both piercings and tattoos, so I'm very pleased to share August's beautiful piercings with you. In fact, she has, besides earrings, three piercings: dermal lower back dimples (left), tongue (center), and navel (right).

I think the most unique of August's piercings are those on her lower back above her gorgeous ass cheeks. I was so intrigued (I get hard just looking at those two bits of jewelry), so I looked up the procedure Online. Check out this YouTube video if you're interested! The image of August's dermal piercing, at left, is a screen capture from the aforementioned Big Tit Bombshellsby Evil AngelWhat an excellent scene!

Lots of girls have pierced tongues, but not all of them know how to use a tongue ring as well as August does. Just look at the center image below, from Twistys' The Real Interview. Doesn't she look awesome licking Jelena Jensen's nipple?

The image at right, which shows off August's navel ring, is among one of the sexiest images I have of luscious August. This is another Twistys.com image (they do such an outstanding job of photography!) from a scene called Aim for My Heart.  Be truthful now...have you ever seen a finer looking image?


I've heard August mention, in several behind-the-scenes (BTS) features and interviews that she considers her eyes to be her best feature. Although I find that August has many best features, I must admit that her penetrating eyes are a major turn-on. Whether alluring (left), playful (center), or adoring (right), August's eyes are always compelling. 

The oh-so-alluring image at left, in which August's eyes scream out "come and get me...you know you want to!" is from Twisty's Let's PlayAt center, August's eyes beckon you to come and have Great Pleasure with her...another Twistys.com scene. At right, August is simply adoring you with her big brown eyes...something particularly appropriate for a "country girl" in Brazzers.com's Big Titty Country


Although I must admit that August's eyes are mesmerizing, her lips drive me wild, too. How shapely, how big, how perfect for fellatio! Admit it...wouldn't you love to see those lips wrapped around your cock or sucking on your clit. Well, later on in this article I show you what you're missing!

At left, check out August's lips as she ponders giving you oral sex. That's exactly what she used them for...when she gave Ryan Madison head in Porn Fidelity's Rough Enough 2. Need more evidence of August's lips' loveliness? Then, check them out in the center photo, from Twistys.com's Aim for My HeartI'll also enter into evidence the right image, from Evil Angel's Big Tit Bombshells.

Well, what's your verdict? Some of the nicest lips you'll ever see, huh?


I promised I'd give you some examples of how well August uses her lips to please oh-so-lucky cocks. So, check out the images below as August gives her all...including her luscious lips...to her partner's penis.

At left, August deep-throats Xander Corvus's massive cock in Brazzers.com's Flexible, Fuckable, and Dripping Wet.  Wouldn't you love to change places with Xander for a little while...or permanently?

I enjoyed the oral action so much in Evil Angel's Big Tit Bombshells, during which August devours Mick Blue's cock, that I had to freeze a frame and capture the center image for you. Isn't it remarkable? My colleague, Bobby B., also loved this action and mentions it in his Highly Recommended review: After Mick gives her cunnilingus, "August soon returns the oral favor, generously slopping up Mick's schlong while mixing in an array of titfucks throughout the scene." Slopping up indeed! Well said, Bobby.

Another excellent shot of August wrapping her lips around a lucky rod is found at right below. In Trophy Wife Teases the Pool Boy, August gobbles Bill Bailey's cock head while stroking its base with her perfectly-manicured fingers. Hot stuff, August.


Another one of August's many best features is her hair. While her hair is often styled differently (as you can see in the three photos below), the common denominator (and the feature I like most) is her highlights (which range from bright colors to blond). Overall, August's attention to her hair (as well as her nails) proves to me that she's a classy woman...someone who takes first-class care of herself so that she'll always be her best. I really like that about August.

In the left photo, which was taken from Porn Fidelity's Rough Enough 2, admire August's tresses in a straight style. Note also that her highlights are a bit subdued, but still very attractive. 

The center image, from Brazzers.com's Big Titty Countryis one of my favorite images of August (actually, the entire set of stills that accompanies Big Titty Country is superb). Styled in a more curly way than what is shown the left photo, and possessing brighter and more colorful highlights, August's hair looks simply magnificent. This is especially true because the colors in her hair coordinate so well with the green and red of the bougainvillea in the background.

At right, savor not only August's delightful hair, but also her puffy lips, penetrating eyes, and, of course, her marvelous tits. This image is from an excellent Wicked Pictures movie entitled Au Natural.  


All of August's attributes that I've shared with you thus far are, in a word, outstanding. However, I don't think I'd be a heterosexual male if I didn't think that August's best attributes are her luscious, generous, shapely, firm, perky, bountiful, and oh-so-beautiful 100% natural Grade-A All American TITS! I love them so much that I've collected four amazing collections of images of them to share with you.

To start our close-up-and-personal tour of August's magnificent mams, take a look at the "underboob" shot below at left. Although lots of girls have bodacious boobs, most of them have scars on their underboobs. That's a bit of a turn off. So, I always try to find a shot-from-below still or video sequence to satisfy my need for real big boobs. Thankfully, August provided us that very shot in a selfie in Wicked Pictures' movie Selfies. Yep, August herself is holding a cell phone and shooting an underboob shot for us...because she knows what we like.

In yet another excellent image from Evil Angel's Big Tit Bombshellsimagine your hand working in conjunction with August's to cup and frame her perfect breast. Damn, I wish I were in Mick Blue's place when that photo was taken!


No matter what, I simply cannot get August's breasts out of my mind. So, let's look at them some more! At left, check out August's shiny and slippery boobs as she oils herself provocatively during the scene set-up in Brazzers.com's Trophy Wife Teases the Pool Boy

Evil Angel's Big Tit Bombshells is once again in the spotlight (at right) in another underboob shot of August's oiled-up flesh. Not only do her breasts look beyond lovely, but her shiny belly looks fine, too. And, August's hand, co-joined with Mick Blue's, looks mighty good as the two of them stroke August's sensitive pussy while Mick chokes her throat to intensify her pleasure.

I just noticed something...I have 967 photos of August in my Photos album, but, as I created all these photo montages for you, I repeatedly chose images from Evil Angel's Big Tit Bombshells. That really means something, doesn't it!


As we continue to worship August's breasts, let's take a quick look at what she does with them. First, it's pretty obvious that August likes her own breasts (wouldn't you...if you were a woman and they were yours?). So, she obviously plays with them a lot. That's certainly the case in the left photo, from Brazzers.com's I Wanna Be a Motherfucking PornstarJust look at her face to see the intense pleasure her nipple play provides. (Be sure to check out how nicely August's fingers are manicured.)

Of course, August is always willing to have some help during titty play. In yet another image (center) from Evil Angel's Big Tit Bombshells (wow, I must have really liked that scene!), look at August's sheer and unadulterated pleasure as she and Mick poke her nipples. 

Finally, at right, wouldn't you like to be in Manuel Ferrara's place as he squeezes and suckles August's breasts? Check out that action in Reality Junkie's Big Tit Fantasies 4.


The generous size of August's breasts, coupled with their softness yet firmness, make them perfect for fucking. So, virtually every lucky guy who "works" with August gets to slide his lucky shaft between her bounty.

In the right image, note (again) how luscious August's lips appear as she squeezes her breasts around Bill Bailey's pistoning penis in Brazzers.com's Trophy Wife Teases the Pool BoyNote, too, how a glob of her saliva is dripping from her mouth to lubricate the in-and-out action.

I totally love August's look of delight as Xander Corvus fucks her tits (center) in Brazzers.com's Flexible, Fuckable, and Dripping Wet. Isn't it awesome how she enjoys sex so much? Everything about her screams out "I wanna do this...forever!"

Finally, at right note August's perfectly manicured nails and oil-slick flesh as Mick Blue joyfully fucks her tits in, you guessed it, Evil Angel's Big Tit Bombshells.


You may have heard that some guys are T&A (Tits and Ass) men while others are, well, T&A (Toes and Assholes) men. I'm neither...instead, I'm more of a T&P&A (Tits, Pussy, and Ass) man. Thus, I would be woefully remiss if I didn't share some close-up and in-your-face images of August's fantastic vagina.

To give you an idea of how you'd first "meet" August's vagina as she opens her legs for you, check out the left image, which is from Digital Playground's Fuck This Tooth (a Flixxx episode). Roll her over and spread her cheeks and then behold her glorious hole as she spreads it wide for you in Twisty's Aim for My HeartAren't her heart-shaped labia gorgeous? Isn't her slick and wet hole delightful? (Again, notice classy August's perfectly manicured nails.)

Back in missionary, savor, at right, August's butterfly-wing labia, spread wide by colorful All-American-Girl red, white, and blue nails. You can see much more of this savory hole in Brazzers.com's I Wanna Be a Motherfucking Pornstar.


In much the same way that August derives a great deal of pleasure from her perfect breasts, she also goes wild playing with her slippery and oh-so-pink hole. I don't think I've seen any movie that features August in which she does not slip her fingers into her pussy to masturbate. As you can see below, it looks great when she does just that.

At left, enjoy August's look of intense concentration and pleasure as she jams multiple fingers into her hole, which is spread open by her free hand. This image is from Brazzers.com's Big Titty Country.

Don't you agree that the center image, which is from Twistys.com's Aim for My Heartis one of the best-framed images of a vagina you've ever seen. Not only is her pussy too pretty for words, but her exquisitely-manicured fingers do an incredible job of probing it and framing it. That's just about a perfect photograph.

Back in the classroom, August penetrates herself while playing with her nipples,in Brazzers.com's I Wanna Be a Motherfucking Pornstar. Earlier in this article, I showed you a close-up of this shot that highlights August's breasts.


August often augments her fingers with toys...in both solo and all-girl sex scenes. At left, Lily Cade dons a strap-on and dominates August's vagina in Wicked PicturesGirlfriends.

Emma Stoned (yes, that's her name!) lets August take control of her strap-on cock in Brazzers.com's Cheer Harder Slut. This scene is a wild Sapphic love fest in which two girls (Emma and August) fuck each other while two other girls lend their hands (and motivational naughty vocabulary) when necessary. 

The right image is yet another stunning image from Twistys.com. Taken from Decadent Goddessthis outstanding photo highlights August's warm, pink, and slippery hole as it swallows a beautiful red, white, and blue glass dildo. Isn't August's hole, spread by her pretty fingers, fucking fantastic?


I love pretty much everything about vaginas...their look, their feel, their slipperiness, and their smell make me wild. However, the thing I like best about pussy is eating them. That's why I always include content about cunnilingus in virtually every article I write about porn goddesses.

In addition to enjoying the cunnilingus action in the left image, note, too, August's ecstatic expression as pleasure is transmitted from Johnny Sin's tongue to her clit and then throughout her entire body. This action is from Brazzers.com's The Student Teacher Affair.

Centered, note how August dominates this action as she straddles Mr. Pete and forces her to eat her pussy in Wicked PicturesAu Natural. Although we haven't yet discussed August's ass yet, look at it now! Isn't it fabulous?

August is an equal-opportunity cunnilingus-lover and is just as happy having her vagina stuffed with female tongue as with male tongue. As a case in point, Ava Addams (right) plunges her tongue deep into August's tunnel of delight in Brazzers.com's Wife Showers With the Babysitter. After sharing some excellent girl-girl sex, the women attack Jessy Jones as they enjoy a hot threeway.  


This is the end of Part One. Please continue reading by clicking here.

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