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Samantha is an Insatiable Saint


Samantha Saint, January 2016's Must-See Girl, really should have been honored with this award back in 2012. In fact, she was on my schedule at that time. However, circumstances forced me to take a year and one-half hiatus and, as a result, deserving Samantha didn't get her award as scheduled. When I returned to XCritic in 2014, Samantha had fallen off my radar screen and that is an absolute tragedy. Looking back, my penis and I would have had a tremendous amount of pleasure keeping up with her exploits, especially in her signature movies for Wicked PicturesSamantha Saint is Completely Wicked and Samantha Saint is Completely Wicked 2To Samantha...I sincerely apologize for waiting so long to honor you as a Must-See Girl. You've always been one.

That said, let's take a good look at Samantha and why she's a Must-See Girl. To begin, check out the banner shot above. Taken from Evil Angel's Stunning Curvesthis overall image of Samantha proves that she does have, well, stunning curves!

To further whet your appetite for Miss January, check out the overall shot below left. It's from Jules Jordan's Private Fantasies of Samantha Saint...which really is a must-see movie. My friend Don Houston, in his Highly Recommended review of this title sums it up: "Private Fantasies of Samantha Saint by director Jules Jordan for Jules Jordan Video was another top notch effort showcasing Samantha Saint unrestrained, the bundle of energy and enthusiasm giving it up in six heated trysts to earn a rating of Highly Recommended. The cover called this 'A showcase of epic proportions,' but the solid replay value and strokability were appreciated most, Samantha allowed to go much further than she ever did (before)."

In an interview, I heard Samantha, a native of Colorado, talk about how much she admires Tim Tebow. So, one of her signature poses is her "naked Tebow," as shown below in a white-hot photo from her own website, Samanthasaint.com.

At right, check out fresh-faced and naturally-gorgeous Samantha before being made up. This photo, from Porn Fidelity's All Play and No Work, exemplifies Samantha's real beauty. Candid photos like this are one of the reasons I like pornfidelity.com so much. If you haven't seen that site, be sure to check it out. 


Although I seldom care what a woman looks like clothed (since I prefer them naked!), I must admit that Samantha really fills out her clothes well. So, for the first time ever in a Must-See Girl article, I'm sharing some clothed photos of this goddess. From left to right, the photos are from: Evil Angel's Tongue in Cheek 3,  Wicked PicturesThe Party,  Samanthasaint.com's Samantha Saint's Birthday Orgy, and Wicked Pictures' Samantha Saint is Completely Wicked.

Even better, check out this video clip of panty-less Samantha stepping out of a Rolls-Royce and heading into a house to get fucked in Jules Jordan's The Insatiable Miss SaintBelieve me, this footage gives a whole new meaning to "little black dress."


Although I adore almost every cubic inch of Samantha's body, I must admit that some of her assets inflame my lust more than others. So, let's take a look at her best attributes, from top to bottom.

Without a doubt, Samantha's face is gorgeous (even without makeup, as shown above) and angelic. The three images below prove that. But, even better, I think, are her lips. The left and center photos highlight how voluptuous they are while the right photo shows those lips doing what they do best. 

From left to right, the images are from: Samanthasaint.com's Samantha's Sexy Selfie Shoot, Jules Jordan's Private Fantasies of Samantha Saint, and Wicked PicturesCinderella XXX. 


Samantha's hair is also worth noting. Long, golden, and lush, she has worn it in many different styles in her scenes. Personally, I like the curly/braided look in the left photo, but I think the straight look (center) rocks, too. At right, Samantha's golden locks are styled in a mixture of curls and straight that is also quite attractive.

To see more photos (and video, of course) like these, check out these, check out (from left to right): Wicked PicturesThe BaitWicked PicturesSamantha Saint is Completely Wickedand Evil Angel's Tongue in Cheek 3.


If I had to make a choice of which part of Samantha's body turns me on most, it would be her nipples. Hard, erect, proud, and thimble-like, Samantha's nipples are often adorned with nipple rings as you can see in the center and right photos below. Believe me, if I ever had the chance to be naked with Samantha, I would spend hours worshiping her nipples...just like fellow Must-See Girl Abigail Mac is doing in the left photo. 

At center is one of my favorite images of Samantha. It is a screen capture from one of my all-time favorite Sapphic scenes, Jesse Alpha FemaleIn this white-hot scene, Must-See-Girl Jesse (Jane) dominates Samantha and, as part of her submission, Samantha is treated to lots of hot wax. Sexy! Finally, the right image is a close-up of Samantha's bejeweled erect nipples just begging to be suckled. 

The images below, left to right, are from: Samanthasaint.com's Samantha Saint and Abigail Mac Fuck Each Other, Jules Jordan's Jesse Alpha Female, and Samanthasaint.com's 3 Way Sex with Hot Pornstar Lesbians. 

If you like what you see in the images below, you really owe it to yourself to check out this clip, from Jules Jordan's Oil Overload 12. This hot slow-motion action featuring Samantha oiling up her big tits and erect nipples, is some of the most erotic footage I've seen in a long time.


Samantha's belly turns me on, too. Well defined muscles combined with just enough softness to be feminine, her abdomen screams out "caress me." Her belly-button ring adds to the attractiveness.

The photos below, which speak for themselves, are from: Samanthasaint.com's Sexy Samantha Gets Nude (left), and Wicked PicturesThe Party (center and right).


Heading south on Samantha's fantastic anatomy, no complete tour would be complete without a look at her long, lithe, and luscious legs. Whether she's clothed or naked, standing or straddling a cock, Samantha's legs blow me away! In fact, I think they are one of Samantha's best attributes!

Photos (l-r): Porn Fidelity's All Play and No Work, Jules Jordan's The Insatiable Miss Saint (a must-see movie), and, perhaps best of all, Samanthasaint.com's Tiny Bikini (isn't that thong amazing?).


By now, you must think that I worship every part of Samantha's body...and you'd be right. That includes her accommodating, inviting, and beautiful vagina which is, happily, crowned with an attractive clit-hood ring that supervises all the tongue, toy, and cock action.

Photos: (l-r): Abigail Mac tongues Samantha's ass and spreads her labia in Samanthasaint.com's Samantha Saint and Abigail Mac Fuck Each Other, Must-See Girl Jesse (Jane) tongue-fucks Samantha's vagina (great shot of her clit ring) in Jules Jordan's Jesse Alpha Female, and Samantha uses her perfectly manicured fingers to spread herself wide for us in Jules Jordan's Black Owned 6.


Without a doubt, Samantha loves her own pussy and treats it to all sorts of toy treats. Whether a colorful and huge glass dildo, a bulbous plastic toy, or a high-powered vibrator, Samantha's pussy gets all the fun. Is it true that the girl who dies with the most sex toys wins?

Photo credits (l-r): Samantha reams herself with a glass toy in Samanthasaint.com's 3 Way Sex with Hot Pornstar Lesbians, feels the ribs of her plastic toy in Wicked PicturesSamantha Saint is Completely Wickedand vibrates her clit to orgasm in Porn Fidelity's Morning Passion. 


Samantha is a great lover of women, and actually performed only girl-girl scenes at the beginning of her career. And, she gives women pleasure as well as she receives it from them...using both vaginal and anal oral sex. These photos are just a taste of the excellent cunnilingus and analingus you'll see in Samantha's scenes. And, she always seems to be paired with some of the best girls in the business, including Must-See Girls Jesse (Jane) at left and Abigail Mac at right. 

Perhaps one of my favorite photos of Samantha, the center shot tells it all. Beautiful face, beautiful eyes, beautiful hair, beautiful tongue...and unbridled lust as she eats out gorgeous MILF Kendra Lust. 

In case you're concerned...don't worry. Lots of guys eat Samantha's pussy in her scenes, too!

Photos (l-r); Jules Jordan's Jesse Alpha FemaleWicked PicturesThe Party, and Samanthasaint.com's Samantha Saint and Abigail Mac Fuck Each Other. 


Speaking of girl-girl, Samantha really shines in her Sapphic scenes. It is really obvious that she's a true bisexual and doesn't just fuck girls for pay. Some of my favorite of the huge selection of Samantha's girl-girl photos I have are shown below and include not only Samantha but also other Must-See Girls including Abigail Mac (top left), Asa Akira (center), and Jesse (Jane) at left. Samantha also teams up with Carter Cruise and Penny Pax (below left).

Photos (l-r): top left: Samanthasaint.com's Christmas Gift Wrapping Leads to Sex with Abigail and Samantha; bottom left: Wicked PicturesCinderella XXXcenter: Wicked PicturesHolly...Would; and right: Jules Jordan's Jesse Alpha Female


Lest you get the wrong idea, Samantha is definitely not a lesbian. Indeed, she really rocks when it comes to boy/girl sex. In particular, she's a very fine cocksucker, as you can see below. No matter if she's the center of a blow-bang, one-on-one, or tag-teaming a group of guys with a girlfriend, Samantha's got skills...especially of the oral variety. And, she gives a damned good handjob, too. Here's a POV clip for you to enjoy...from Jules Jordan's Private Fantasies of Samantha Saint.

Photos (l-r): Jules Jordan's The Insatiable Miss SaintSamanthasaint.com's Samantha's BJ Leads to a Creampie, and Jules Jordan's Private Fantasies of Samantha Saint.


I so enjoy Samantha's blowjobs, that I simply had to show you more...this time as she and her partner enjoy mutual oral sex in 69. I particularly like how Chad White (left) and Prince Yahshua (right) lift and invert Samantha so they can enjoy standing 69. Hot! While you're checking out the center photo, be sure to admire Samantha's shoulder-blade tattoo that has grown larger and more beautiful in recent years.

Photos (l-r): Samanthasaint.com's Samantha Saint Gets Fucked Hard by Chad, Jules Jordan's Bra Busters 6, and Wicked PicturesSamantha Saint is Completely Wicked 2


Although Samantha's body keeps me enraptured for hours, her girl-girl skills boil my blood, and her oral skills are first class, Samantha really shines in boy/girl sex...one-on-one or in groups. Her enthusiasm, exemplified by her squeals of delight while fucking, her movements, her unbridled joy, and her mammoth orgasms are all superb. In fact, very few porn stars can come close to Samantha's sexual prowess. And, lest you get the idea that Samantha is somehow a "goody-goody" contract star, consider the edginess of her movies when she's allowed to have a hand in their planning and execution...Jules Jordan's The Insatiable Miss Saint and Private Fantasies of Samantha Saint, as well as Wicked PicturesSamantha Saint is Completely Wicked and Samantha Saint is Completely Wicked 2 come to mind. 

Just feast your eyes on Samantha in cowgirl below. Look at her joy-filled face and how she positions her body to extract the most possible pleasure from sex. I like her cowgirl skills so much that I captured this video for you. It's from Jules Jordan's The Insatiable Miss Saint and features Chris Strokes' mammoth cock. 

Pictures (l-r): Porn Fidelity's Morning Passion, Wicked PicturesCinderella XXX, and Wicked PicturesSamantha Saint is Completely Wicked


Of course, Samantha looks fucking fine and performs like a maniac in all positions. So, here are a few shots of her in doggie. Again, note her ecstatic facial expressions and her excellent body positions. Also, check out how she can handle three cocks at a time in a gloryhole scene (bottom right) and how she enjoys having her asshole stuffed while being reamed vaginally (top right).

Pictures (l-r): Samanthasaint.com's Samantha Saint Gets Fucked Hard by ChadJules Jordan's The Insatiable Miss Saint (one of her edgiest scenes), (top right) Jules Jordan's Oil Overload 12, and (bottom right) Wicked PicturesSamantha Saint is Completely Wicked


Good old missionary can be a great position for capturing close-ups as well as the girl's expression. Here are some shots to highlight both. Note how well Samantha's commodious--and oh-so-wet--vagina swallows Ryan Madison's cock in the left photo. Note also how pretty her clit-hood ring looks as it supervises the in-and-out action. At center, check out her ecstatic expression as she gets interracially pounded by Flash Brown. Finally, Samantha's adoring expression as Alex Gonz fucks her at right is priceless.

Photos (l-r): Porn Fidelity's All Play and No Work, Jules Jordan's Black Owned 6and Samanthasaint.com's Samantha's BJ Leads to a Creampie.


Samantha also looks and fucks like a champ in my favorite position...reverse cowgirl. As always, I appreciate the way she positions her body and the way she actively rides the cock...doesn't just get fucked by it. I also like how she spreads her legs super wide so that we can see everything. And, check out how good she looks oiled-up in the right photo.

Photos (l-r): Wicked PicturesBreakup BluesSamanthasaint.com's Samantha Saint Gets Fucked Hard by Chadand Jules Jordan's Oil Overload 12.


As I've already mentioned, Samantha plays well in groups, too. Whether it's with another girl as they tag-team a lucky guy or servicing multiple guys or girls, Samantha rocks.

The photo at right is one of the hottest I have of Samantha. In it, Must-See Girl Kelly Madison and her husband Ryan both get to taste Samantha's sweet pussy at the same time. At center, another Must-See-Girl, Asa Akira, helps Samantha please a lucky penis. And check out how well Samantha services three guys at once at right...her pussy, mouth, and hands are all busy!

Photos (l-r): Porn Fidelity's All Play and No Work, Wicked PicturesHolly...Would, and Wicked PicturesSamantha Saint is Completely Wicked 2.


Don't let all these photos of Samantha's pussy being stuffed fool you. This Must-See Girl also loves cock up her ass! Check out Samantha stroking her own clit, at left, while Annika Albrite licks Mick Blue's asshole as he reams Samantha's anus. Is that teamwork or what? Samantha also takes Jules Jordan's king-sized cock deep into her asshole at right.

Photos (l-r): Jules Jordan's Private Fantasies of Samantha Saint and Wicked PicturesSamantha Saint is Completely Wicked.


Even better, and as icing on the top of the delectable "cake" that is Samantha, is her recent double-penetration scene with Chris Strokes (owner of one of the largest cocks you'll ever see) and Jules Jordan. This action is so fucking hot that I captured a bit of video for you. Watch it here. As you savor this action, check out the blissful look on Samantha's face as the guys double-stuff her holes.

Pictures: both are from Jules Jordan's Private Fantasies of Samantha Saint.


The pop shot in any porn scene is known as the "money shot" for good reason. It's what makes or breaks boy/girl sex scenes. And, without a doubt, Samantha's money shots are always "happy endings." At top left and right, check out Samantha's ecstatic face as her face and tits are covered with multiple loads of semen. At bottom left, however, is my favorite way that Samantha takes semen...as "cream pies" in her commodious cunt.

I love Samantha's cream pies so much that I captured a couple of clips for you. The first is an up-close-and-personal look of Ryan Madison filling Samantha's vagina in Porn Fidelity's Morning Passion. Click here to watch it. 

Samantha's second cream pie is from Samanthasaint.com's Samantha Gets Fucked and Creampied by Derrick. Click here to watch it. Be sure to let the entire clip run so that you can see ecstatic Samantha dig Derrick's load out of her vagina. Sweet!

Even though I adore Samantha's cream pie shots, perhaps her edgiest cum shot is shown in the center photo below. Julez Ventura and Samantha service five lucky guys and have them all pop into a wine glass. Then, insatiable Samantha tips the glass and swallows it. In fact, Samantha ingests almost all of the white nectar. "I swallowed it like a good little kitty," she purrs. Then, the girls kiss to share the taste. This is so fucking awesome that I captured a clip for you. Watch it here! The clip is from Jules Jordan's Private Fantasies of Samantha Saint.

Photos: (top left) Jules Jordan's The Insatiable Miss Saint(bottom left) Samanthasaint.com's Samantha's BJ Leads to a Creampie, (center) Jules Jordan's Private Fantasies of Samantha Saintand (right) Wicked PicturesSamantha Saint is Completely Wicked 2


To read everything our site has about Samantha Saint, please click this link. There are reviews of her scenes, photo galleries, and articles about this beautiful goddess. Please enjoy our site. 

Please make a point of visiting each of the websites I've linked. It helps support our site and the Must-See-Girls Award Program.

Finally, my tribute to Samantha Saint ends with this slide show. Thanks to Jules Jordan,  Evil Angel, Wicked PicturesSamanthasaint.com, and, of course, Porn Fidelity. Although I did not mention all of Samantha's scenes released by all these companies, I have watched them all and enjoyed every one. All these studios are, however, represented in the slide show. Click the image to open the slide show.









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