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The Porno Nerd's Top 10 Scenes of 2015!

Hey all! Another year has passed, another zillion porn scenes have been produced, and I've decided to put together a list of some of my favorites. 10 of them to be exact. It's always tough to try and sift through all of what I've watched over the past 12 months and make a list that I'm actually happy with promoting as "The Best Of The Year", but I'm pretty confident that I've put together a solid one here and I'm definitely comfortable with labeling these 10 scenes my personal Top 10 of 2015.  

As always, please help support the industry - For immediate access to any of the scenes below, simply click the link and subscribe to the website(s)! Thanks for the feedback this year and to all who've supported!

[Note: For lists from the previous years you can click here, and here.]

  • 10. Karmen Karma & Adriana Chechik from Asshole Therapy courtesy of Evil Angel Video!

Here are 2 girls that you’re nowhere near seeing the last of on my Best of the 2015 list, Karmen Karma and Adriana Chechik. Their two of the best pornsluts on the planet and this one of about 100 scenes that speak volumes to that statement. It’s a fast-paced, slop-filled hardcore fuckfest where Adriana takes an ATM ass-blast while Karmen plays the role of wing-girl by throttling cock like the seasoned slut that we’ve all come to know and love.  Something I really love that Mike does with his scenes is focus on one of the girls doing anal rather than both; in my eyes I really think it helps the girls establish more of a role in the scene, subsequently giving it a certain quality and never becoming a situation where the performance has to be diminished because one of them isn’t getting enough time on camera, etc. This particular scene probably would have been great either way since it features Karmen and Adriana, but I’ve always thought his method was worth mentioning. Anyways, don’t miss this one! There’s a reason it made it up this high on my list - when you check it out you’ll see why. Get on it!



  • 9. Maddy O'Reilly & Ramon Nomar from Toni Ribas' Oil & Anal courtesy of Evil Angel Video!

Not only has Maddy O’Reilly proven herself as one of the top 2 girls that are truly worthy of the female performer award this year, she’s also one of the sweetest goddamn people on the planet. When you combine that with how much of a true slut she is, then it’s a no-brainer that she’s well deserving of all of the accolades she’s received in the industry and more. This scene is from one of my favorite movies of the year, Toni Ribas’ ‘Oil & Anal’. It’s simplified gonzo with great performing and top level camerawork that makes the viewing experience surpass it’s standard  competitors by a longshot. This scene’s got everything from hardcore ass-to-mouth throat throttling to a sensually driven opening tease that perfectly accentuates Maddy’s gorgeous looks. Ramon Nomar takes on the bestowed honor of pummeling Maddy’s asshole, and the result is that viewers will be in a hypnotic state of masturbatory trance that will likely leave them bewildered and blurred when it all concludes. Don't sleep on this one! Giddeeyup!


  • 8. Bonnie Rotten, Sarah Shevon, & Mick Blue from Anal Acrobats #9 courtesy of Evil Angel Video!

Bonnie and Sarah make quite a team when it comes to a good old fashioned hardcore fuckfest, and even though this is the only scene you’re going to find where they both grace us with their presence, it’s all the reason you’ll need to understand why. Early moments stick to Jay Sin’s typical mantra, featuring Bonnie and Sarah taking turns pushing random objects in and out of their butts for our viewing pleasure, before reigning Male Performer of the Year Mick Blue uses his dick as a hydraulic hammer drill to plunge out their assholes. From hard and heavy prolapses to monster gapes and slop-filled squirting, this one’s got everything under the sun to make it one of the best scenes of the year. High energy, hot babes, and hard fucking. Righteous!


  • 7. Tiffany doll and Toni Ribas from Toni Ribas' Oil & Anal couresy of Evil Angel Video!

As far as one-on-one efforts go, this is one of my Top 3 scenes of the entire year. Tiffany Doll is a force to be reckoned with and if you ask me there’s not a girl that even comes near her this year in the competition for Foreign Female Performer of the Year. In this particular scene, director Toni Ribas shows us exactly why he’s one of the top level male performers in the game today, boring Tiffany’s asshole like a jackhammer while she douses herself in oil and taunts him to go harder and harder. It’s a flesh-filled, oil smothered, ass-to-mouth fuck frenzy with all the fixins’, making it well worthy of being one of the best scenes of the entire year on one of the best DVD’s I’ve watched in recent memory. Be sure to give this one a look, and don’t forget to subscribe and purchase to support Toni Ribas and his crew at Evil angel as they continue to make top notch porn for our viewing pleasure! Get on it!


  • 6. Adriana Chechik from Scene 4 of  Adriana Chechik The Ultimate Slut courtesy of Evil Angel Video!

Adriana Chechik has performed in so many great scenes this year that it’s hard to even keep track. This girl is bringing slutty back to porn in a big way, and her monstrous fanbase speaks volumes on how vital her presence is in the porn world these days. This particular scene is the grand finale of Jonni Darkko’s spotlight showcase on her, featuring the gorgeous Adriana being the prime recipient of an 8-man ass-blasting that encapsulates just about every sexual act under the sun. It’s a high-energy, nonstop gang-fuck where Adriana holds no punches. She absolutely rifles through dick like she’s possessed by it, riding her co-stars like a two-bit hobbyhorse before they slather her cakehole with jizz after a full hour and 10 minutes of double dicked pummel-fucking. Score 1 for the good guys! A great scene here overall, from an outstanding release by Jonni Darkko - Make sure to pick it up if you have yet to do so, and support the crew at Darkko productions as they continue in bringing us some of the best gonzo on the market. Coooool!



  • 5. Marsha May, Megan Rain, & Mike Adriano in Adriano's Anal Interviews courtesy of Evil Angel Video! 

This scene is fucking reee-dik-ilus in the best of ways. It’s a rip-roaring’, ass-fucking frenzy where Marsha May plays Megan Rain’s wing-girl, blowing some of the best spit bubbles I’ve ever seen whenever director Mike Adriano isn’t using his dick like a high powered industrial hammer drill to plunge out Megan’s anus. It’s truly baffling that Adriano isn’t on the list of the best Male Performers this year; I mean, this guy churns out great scene after great scene and somehow the best of the bunch constantly get overlooked by mainstream adult media when award season comes. It obviously has no impact on what true fans consider to be the best porn of the year, but even so - I mean, give the guy some credit. Just because he isn’t on social media creating “crews”, slogans, and fake twitter profiles to pimp his product doesn’t mean that he isn’t producing some of the best stuff out there. And it definitely shouldn’t take away from the fact that he’s one of the Top male performers in the industry. Mike did receive a solid handful of nominations, including Director of the Year, but I still can’t take any Male Performer of the Year list seriously when his name isn’t on it. At any rate, this scene is one of his many that showcases some of the top quality product that he’s putting out these days, featuring two new girls who fully immerse themselves in the action, resulting in one of my favorite scenes of the year. Marsha is fucking incredible in this scene and Megan is the perfect yin to her yang. Don’t sleep on it! And as always, be sure to support Mike and his crew at Adriano media as they continue to put out high quality gonzo porn that’s become all-too scarce in today’s market. Cooool!


  • 4. Karmen Karmen & Ramon Nomar from Nutz About Butts 2' courtesy of Jules Jordan Video!

I have to be honest, when I didn’t see Karmen Karma on this year’s nomination list for Female Performer of the Year I was pretty fucking amazed. She’s done so many great scenes this year for so many top tier companies that I couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that she’s not more than deserving of at least a nomination. I guess we can all chalk it up to her being “underrated” in the eyes of mainstream adult media, but as fans, well we know better than that. In my opinion, this particular scene speaks volumes to her abilities, placing itself as one of my two favorite boy/girl efforts of the year. It’s a simple gonzo scene, but to me that’s the beauty of it. Streams still shoots some of the best content on the market, and from the tease to the cumshot this was one of my favorite of the bunch that I had the opportunity of watching from him. It’s a no-holds-barred ass-lashing where nominated Male Performer of the Year Ramon Nomar does the honors of hollowing out Karmen’s asshole like an escaped convict who hasn’t been laid in 20 years. It’s a sight to see. So, if you have to give this one a look then I’d highly recommend that you do; and as always, be sure to support Chris Streams and his entire crew at Jules Jordan Video by purchasing and subscribing to help them continue in their efforts to remain on the small list of some of the best porn available today! 


  • 3. Abella danger & Keisha Grey from Oil Overload #13 courtesy of Jules Jordan Video!

Putting Abella Danger and Keisha Grey together in a scene is a foolproof way to confirm that it’s going to be epic, but when you add 5 time Male Performer of the Year Manuel Ferrara into the mix then you’re going to have a shitload of trouble trying to find the right word to describe how great the outcome will be. This one comes from one of the most admired and recognizable lines in gonzo, Oil Overload. It’s the 13th installment of the series, and considering the monstrous success that Streams has had with it, I doubt we’re done seeing a few of these a year for some time to come (there’s already a 14th, FYI).  This is the second scene from the award winning director on my best of 2015 list, featuring a balls-to-the-wall anal bangout where nominated Best New Starlet Abella Danger and nominated Female Performer of the Year Keisha Grey get their asses handed to them in the most literal of ways. It all caps off with Manuel busting out a load of dicksauce over their faces in a way that only he can, putting the seal of approval on this one being well deserving of having a spot on my best of the year list. It’s definitely one for the books. And in case anyone’s keeping score, it’s also worth mentioning that this is one of the only scenes on my list this year that’s also nominated for an award at this year’s AVN’s (Best G/G/B). So, if you haven’t watched this one yet then drop whatever it is you’re doing and get to it; and as always, be sure to support the crew at Chris Streams Productions and Jules Jordan Video by subscribing and purchasing!


  • 2. Dahlia Sky in Mason's Gangbang Me 2 courtesy of Hard X Films!

There is no doubt that Dahlia Sky has proven herself as one of the top performers in the industry. NONE. She has an insane amount of credits to her name since late 2010, and she’s consistently one of the most energetic and intense sexual performers that we have in all of adult film. If there is anyone in porn that can be labeled as “underrated”, and make it ring true in every sense of the word, it’s Dahlia Sky. This particular scene is one of the all-around best gangbangs I can recall in recent memory. There’s no doubt that it was the best one this year, and I’d be lying to you if I told you it doesn’t rival last year’s performance from Adriana Chechik in the first installment of the same series, which landed at the top of my my Best of 2014 list, and ultimately won Most “Outrageous” Scene at last year’s AVN Awards. Dahlia slays dick like a ruthless assassin, rifling through some of the best male talent in the industry in over an hour of hardcore action including DP, ATM, Triple Penetration, and just about every other sex act under the sun. She leaves her co-stars gasping for air, but never stops, capping it off by jamming her entire hand into her pussy while her face is riddled with jizz for one final climax to send us on our way. Ladies, THAT is how you put an exclamation point on a great scene. Gangbangs are often referred to as outrageous in the eyes of many, but you’d have to be crazy to tell me that this isn’t one of the most intense and well performed scenes of the year; it takes a lot to make a gangbang scene stand out in the way that this one did, so kudos to Mason and the entire cast for making it happen. If you have yet to watch this one then I’d suggest you drop whatever it is you’re doing, run to the nearest computer and subscribe to Hard X immediately for full access to this great scene and countless others. As always, make sure to support Mason and her crew at Hard X as they continue in bringing us some of the best and most reputable porn available today! COOOLLL!


  • 1. Adriana Chechik & Chris Strokes from Jonni Darkko's Anal Angels courtesy of Evil Angel Video!

Honestly, what is there to say about this scene that you haven’t already heard? There wasn’t even a fucking contest! It’s the most intense, hardcore effort of the entire year by a goddamn landslide. The fact that it ended up nowhere on the nomination list for the AVN Awards safely solidifies the thought that the people telling us what we should be considering the “best” porn of the year are either blatantly misinformed or just not paying attention.The next thing that they’re going to tell me is that Adriana Chechik isn’t going to win Female Performer of the Year - Well, if that happens I’m fucking picketing the stage. My sign is ready. Not really but you get the point, I guess. This scene is over an hour of nonstop action that is going to have you reeling in your porn chair like a doped up mental patient. It’s a squirt soaked, anal ass-blasting frenzy with a side of fisting, and some ass-to-mouth mayhem mixed in for good merit. Chris Strokes does the honors of giving Adriana a full-on rectal-rooting for the ages, using his dong like a high powered industrial drill hammer before blasting a load of jizz over her cakehole that puts the perfect punctuation on this anal free-for-all, capping off the scene and leaving us all looking at our monitors dumbstruck with our dicks in our hands. Director Jonni Darkko adds the perfect touch to it all through his camerawork, clinching my reasoning for this scene being the absolute best of the year beyond any shadow of a doubt. If you’re choosing to sleep on this one then I can no longer be friends with you (internet or otherwise), but others should make sure to watch this scene if they haven’t done so yet. Like, IMMEDIATELY. BOOOM!


Thanks a lot for checking out my Best of 2015 list and as always please make sure to support the studios, directors, and performers who put all of these great scenes together for us! Click on any of the photos above to subscribe to the websites for immediate access to them! Thank you and GOOODNIGHT! 

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