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Nina Elle...Cougar Extraordinaire


This month, March 2016, I bring to your attention the eye-feasting treat of extraordinary Cougar Nina Elle. As you can tell from the banner photo above, from Wicked Pictures' Cougar Cabana Club, Nina's body is perfect, is worthy of worship, and is oh-so-ready to be fucked by man or woman.

Nina's body is so fucking fine that I'll spend a lot of time and pixels introducing you to her. As you peruse the images and read my words below, just think to yourself how awesome it would be to share a hug with her, how mind-blowing it would be to run your hands over her perfect curves, and how out-of-this-world it would be to have sex with her. So, start stroking your hard rod or slippery clit and let's get started!

To begin, let's take a quick look at Nina while dressed. I almost never pay any attention to these so-called glamour shots that are typically included with on-line movie downloads because I want to see the girl naked for God's sake. But, Nina looks so amazing...even while dressed...that I had to share these images with you. As you might expect, my favorite of the images below is the third-from-left bikini shot. Doesn't she make your heart stop?

Photo credits (l-r): Devil's Film's Big Titty MILFs 25, Evil Angel's Titty Creampies 8Wicked Pictures' Cougar Cabana Club, and Jules Jordan's Manuel is a MILFomaniac 4.


As we start to undress Nina's magnificent body, let's get a good overview of what she has to offer us in these "pretty girl" shots. Third-from-left, check out Nina's broad smile in one of my absolute favorite photos of this goddess. That smile is one of her best features, I think, and she flashes it often. It's like a beam of sunlight! In this case, I can't help but think that Nina knows you like what you see and that makes her happy as can be. I also like her "I'm innocent...not!" photo at the far left.

Photos (l-r): Devil's Film's Big Titty Milfs 25, Jules Jordan's Manuel is a MILFomaniac 4Evil Angel's Titty Creampies 8, and Wicked Pictures' Cougar Cabana Club.


Now that you've had a good overall look at this Must-See-Girl, let's take a close-up and personal tour from the top of her golden-trussed head to her toned and shapely legs.

One of the first things you'll notice about Nina is her hair. Long, lustrous, and luminous, Nina's golden-blond hair looks superb straight or curled, as you can see from the excellent photos below. And, as I am sure you can readily imagine, it looks so fine as it flows freely while she's fucking or being fucked.

Photo; (l-r): Wicked PicturesCougar Cabana Club, Jules Jordan's Dirty Rotten Mother Fuckers 8Jules Jordan's Manuel is a MILFomaniac 4, and Wicked Pictures' Axel Braun's Trashy MILFs.


Moving southward, let's stop and admire Nina's classically-lovely face. Nina is genuinely lovely from any angle...indeed, she doesn't have good side...they're all great as you can see in the three stunning images below shot from her right side, straight-on, and left side. Of the three, the center image makes my blood boil. Just look at her expression! The right image is hot, too, as her beaming smile brightens her innocent-looking face.

Photos: (l-r): Wicked Pictures' Cougar Cabana Club, Evil Angel's Titty Creampies 8, and Devil's Film's Big Titty Milfs 25.


One of the most extraordinary features of Nina's extraordinarily-beautiful face is her lips. Damn! Have you ever seen any lips that are better for sucking clits or dicks? Can you imagine the seal they must provide when she sucks? Totally unbelievable...and oh-so-erotic. 

Of the three images below, I personally like the center one best. Nina's slightly open mouth and her puffy lips are so inviting. Don't you agree?

Photos (left and center): Wicked Pictures' Axel Braun's Cougar Alert, and Evil Angel'Titty Creampies 8.


Without a doubt, Nina's breasts are among her very best features. Beautifully enhanced, they are proud, shapely, firm, and oh-so-squeezable. They're absolutely delightful...from any angle...and they make themselves the center of attention even when they're covered with a membrane of clothing, as shown at left.

I'll bet you already know that the center photo below is one of my favorite images of Nina. This shot-from-below photo highlights her magnificent breasts and her erect nipples while giving a glimpse of her angelic face.

All three of the white-hot images below were shot by the folks at Porn Fidelity for their episode entitled Hard Passion. This scene is also available on highly-recommended DVD Hard Passion 2


As a bona-fide tit-and-ass man, I simply cannot stop talking about Nina's boobs. Here are some close-ups that accentuate her squeezable and suckable nipples. Wouldn't you love to nurse from them? I know I would.

Photos (clockwise from top left): Evil Angel's Titty Creampies 8Porn Fidelity's Hard Passion 2, and Wicked Pictures' Cougar Cabana Club.


I can't stop talking about Nina's breasts! So, here are some more photos for you to enjoy. What better way could there be to enjoy Nina's bodacious boobs than to motorboat them? Whether you're a guy (Manuel, at left), or a girl (Karla Kush, at right), Nina's tits perfectly cradle your lucky face.

Photos (l-r): Jules Jordan's Manuel is a MILFomaniac 4 and Girlsway.com's Mommy Talk.


I just asked you what could be better than motorboating...and I've discovered an answer: titty fucking! Whether it's watching Nina's boobs cradle your twitching rod (left), enjoying the lubrication of Nina's spit (center), or cumming in Nina's cleavage, life's good!

Photos (l-r): Jules Jordan's Dirty Rotten Motherfuckers 8Evil Angel's Titty Creampies 8, and Jules Jordan's Manuel is a MILFomaniac 4.


Although I'll never get Nina's boobs out of my mind, it's time to head a bit south on her body and admire her perfectly-toned yet tantalizingly feminine belly. Viewed from either side or from below (a position in which many girls' abdomens fail to please), Nina's belly is fantastic. 

Photos (l-r): Wicked Pictures' Axel Braun's Cougar Alert (wouldn't you love to cup your hands around Nina's breasts like Axel Aces is?), Wicked Pictures' Cougar Cabana Club, and Porn Fidelity's Hard Passion 2.


There used to be a series of videos called Pussyman...as in "it's all about the pussy, man!" Truer words were never spoken. And, Nina Elle's warm, wet, slippery, inviting, and oh-so-pretty vagina proves that old saying. Whether you have the good fortune to probe it with your tongue (like Axel Aces is in the left photo), worship it gyneologically (center), or enjoy Nina's perfectly manicured fingers spread it open for you, it's all about the pussy.

Photos (l-r): Wicked Pictures' Axel Braun's Cougar Alert, Highly Recommended Jules Jordan's Internal Damnation 8and Wicked Pictures' Cougar Cabana Club.


The next stop on our whistle-stop tour of Nina's body is to check out her tattoos and her lovely ass. The left and center images give you a nice look at Nina's tail-bone tattoo and her firm and perfectly-shaped ass. In addition, the center and right photos show off her intricate sleeve (be sure to listen to her descriptions of her tattoos in BTS features). 

Photos (l-r): Brazzers.com's Mommy's in PrisonWicked Pictures' Cougar Cabana Club, and Evil Angel's Whore's Ink 2 (Interview).


Nina's legs help to make her overall appearance long, lean, and lithe. Her beautifully sculpted calves and muscular thighs are, of course, attached to her awesome ass. Viewed while she's standing or reclining, from front, side, or rear, Nina walks on to-die for legs!

Photos (l-r): Highly Recommended Jules Jordan's Internal Damnation 8Porn Fidelity's Hard Passion 2, and Evil Angel's MILFs Suck 2. 


We'll take one last stop on our tour of Nina's body--this time to worship her piercings--before we take a look at how Nina uses her magnificent flesh. Like many (most?) porn stars, Nina sports a navel ring. However, one of the things I like about Nina is how she changes her belly-button ring...as you can see in the left and center photos. Whether it's a simple and elegant pearl (left) or XXX icon (center), Nina changes it up to keep us on our toes. In addition to her navel ring, Nina wears a very elegant bit of jewelry right above her lip. I think it serves to draw even more of our attention to her lips and mouth which, in the right photo, is busy pleasing Tara Moran's clit. 

Photos (l-r):  Wicked Pictures' Axel Braun's Cougar Alert, Evil Angel's MILFs Suck 2, and girlsway.com's May He Protect Us Part 2


Nina is a great lover of Sapphic sex and appears in lots of girl-girl scenes. In many cases, she plays the "Cougar" with a young "kitten" as you see in the four shots below. Doesn't Nina look awesome playing with her girlfriends?

Photos: (top left) Sara Luvv rides Nina in Sweetheart Video's Mother Lover's Society 12; (bottom left) Nina and Goldie Rush kiss in girlsway.com's I'm Afraid, Mommy; Nina and Karla Kush trib in girlsway.com's Mommy Talkand Nina and Tara Morgan share a kiss in girlsway.com's May He Protect Us Part One.

Speaking of Tara Morgan, watch out for a future article I'll write about this lesbian supernova. In the mean time, especially if you love Sapphic sex, watch May He Protect Us Part One. The scene is edgy and is all about the wife of a minister (Nina) who teaches her step-daughter (Tara) to fuck anally so she won't get pregnant. Whew! It's hot!


OK...now that we've seen every nook and cranny of Nina's fabulous flesh, let's get down to sex...and how she uses her magnificent body to give and receive pleasure.

Nina, as you might expect, is a true lover of cunnilingus. Whether giving it to another woman (as she's doing for Sara Luvv in the center photo), receiving it from a woman (as Karla Kush is doing at left), or receiving it from a lucky guy (wouldn't you like to be Eric Masterson at right?), Nina always enjoys oral pleasure. Just look at her expression of ecstasy (left) or smile of delight (right).

Photos (l-r): girlsway.com's Mommy TalkSweetheart Video's Mother Lover's Society 12, and Devil's Film's Big Titty Milfs 25.


Nina is strongly bisexual, so oral sex does not begin and end with cunnilingus for her. Yes, Nina's fellatio skills (and appetite) are legendary, too, as exemplified in the three shots below. Check out Nina deep-throating James Deen (at left) and Kevin Moore (right). At center, see Nina in her native environmentalism by huge, hard, and throbbing cocks! Doesn't she look fucking ecstatic in that shot?

Although I don't have specific photos highlighting Nina's manicures and pedicures, I'd like to take a moment to congratulate Nina for being so classy. You can always tell a lot about a woman by checking out her nails. If they're impeccable, as Nina's always are, you know she takes good care of herself. That's classy.

Photos (l-r): Jules Jordan's Internal Damnation 8Jules Jordan's The Brother Load 7and Wicked Pictures' Tease Me POV 3. 


Speaking of cocks, although Nina obviously prefers real penises, plastic ones will do in a pinch, too. Whether fucking a partner with a strap-on (left, with Tara Morgan), reaming her own asshole with a dildo (center), or deep-throating a toy while being fucked by Manuel Ferrara, Nina plays well with her toys.

Photos: (l-r)  Girlsway.com's May He Protect Us Part Onegirlsway.com's May He Protect Us Part Two; and Jules Jordan's Manuel is a Milfomanic 2. 


As I've already mentioned, Nina often plays the role of "mommy" in her scenes. Usually, these scenes are girl-girl in nature, as you can see in the left (with Goldie Rush) and center (with Tara Morgan) photos. However, there are several scenes out there in which Nina plays the mommy of a (step) daughter. As you might expect, Nina and her "daughter" end up sharing the younger woman's boyfriend (as you can see at right, with Holly Mack and Evan Stone). That's so fucking wrong that it's awesome! 

Photos (l-r): Girlsway.com's I'm Afraid, Mommygirlsway.com's May He Protect Us Part Two, and Devil's Film's Wanna Fuck My Daughter, Gotta Fuck Me First 22.


The next several collages prove just how fine Nina looks when she fucks in any position. As you gaze on Nina's body as it experiences the throes of passion, contemplate the wonder of not only her flesh, but her indomitable spirit as well. Not only does Nina fuck like a champion, but she always has the time of her life while she fucks. So, the pleasure quotient is extremely high in every one of her sex scenes. You'll never be disappointed.

Cowgirl photos (l-r): Jules Jordan's Manuel is a Milfomanic 4Wicked Pictures' Axel Braun's Cougar Alert, and Porn Fidelity's Hard Passion 2.


Doggie photos (clockwise from top left): Highly Recommended Jules Jordan's Orgy Masters 7Wicked Pictures' Cougar Cabana Club, and Evil Angel's Titty Creampies 8.


Missionary photos (l-r): Devil's Film's Wanna Fuck My Daughter, Gotta Fuck Me First 22Wicked Pictures' Tease Me POV 3, and Jules Jordan's The Brother Load 7. 


Reverse Cowgirl photos (l-r): Jules Jordan's Highly Recommended Manuel Ferrara's Reverse Gangbang 3 (you simply must see this scene!), Wicked Pictures' Axel Braun's Cougar Alert, and Jules Jordan's Dirty Rotten Motherfuckers 8


Spoon photos (l-r): Wicked Pictures' Axel Braun's Cougar Alert (don't you love the expression on Axel Ace's face?) and Devil's Film's Big Titty Milfs 25. The right photo is one of my favorite images of Nina Elle. It truly exemplifies everything that is fine about her. Not only does she look amazing in that image, but it is also completely obvious that both she and Eric Masterson are having the times of their lives. This is what porn is all about.


Nina appears to be very protective of her asshole. Seldom is it penetrated in her scenes. Although I must admit that I haven't seen all her 130+ scenes, I've seen a lot of them. So, if you've seen her actually take a cock up her ass, please let me know!

However, Nina is quite the fan of analingus. Whether straddling James Deen's face (left) so he can lick her tightest hole, licking Manuel's lucky pucker (center), or gobbling Tara Morgan's anus (right), Nina and anuses get along just fine.

Photos (l-r): Jules Jordan's Internal Damnation 8Jules Jordan's Manuel is a Milfomanic 4, and girlsway.com's May He Protect Us Part One.


When it comes to anal penetration, I scoured thousands of photos and was able to come up with a couple for you to enjoy. At left, Nina reams herself while Manuel pounds her pussy. At right, note how Ryan Madison is sneaky enough to work a finger into Nina's tight hole while fucking her in doggie. She really seemed to enjoy it!

By the way, check out Nina's manicure in both these shots. See how classy she is?

Photos (l-r): Jules Jordan's Dirty Rotten Motherfuckers 8 and Porn Fidelity's Hard Passion 2.


Of course, one of the primary reasons for sex is orgasm...as many as possible for the woman and as voluminous and powerful as possible for the guy. Without a doubt, Nina excels at both experiencing and giving orgasms. And, even better, she loves cum...all over...and inside...her body.

At left, check out the last of numerous blasts of semen that Nina takes all over her pretty face in Jules Jordan's The Brother Load 7. The center image shows just how well Nina can take cream pies. I enjoyed this orgasm from Porn Fidelity's Hard Passion 2, so much that I captured some video for you to enjoy. Click here to not only see Nina take a cream pie, but also squirt all over the place. Be sure to savor her convulsing vagina as it expels Ryan's semen. Finally, at right, check out Nina's perfect tits splattered with Axel Ace's load. Wouldn't you like her to stroke your cock like that...right after you explode?

Photos (l-r): Jules Jordan's The Brother Load 7Porn Fidelity's Hard Passion 2, and Wicked Pictures' Axel Braun's Cougar Alert.


To read everything our site has about Nine Elle, please click this link. There are reviews of her scenes, photo galleries, and articles about this beautiful goddess. Please enjoy our site. 

Finally, click the photo below to enjoy a slide-show of some of my favorite Nina Elle photos. These images are super-hot and I'm grateful to Devil's Film, Evil Angel, Fantasy Massage, Girlsway, Sweetheart Video, Wicked Pictures, Brazzers, Jules Jordan, and Porn Fidelity for the use of their images. 


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