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Tara Morgan...Cute and Adorable Must-See Girl


While I was doing my "research" to prepare my article extoling the virtues of March 2016 Must-See Girl Nina Elle, I came across two girl-girl scenes in which Nina played the highly religious step mom of a confused teenager named Tara Morgan. These scenes, May He Protect Us Part 1 and May He Protect Us Part 2involve Nina teaching Tara how to protect herself from pregnancy by using "the other whole." The scenes are delightful and not only helped cement my opinion of Nina Elle as a Must-See Girl but also introduced me to one of the most adorable starlets I've seen in many years...Tara Morgan.

As you can tell from the banner photo above, Tara is truly a natural porn star. From her naturally bubbly personality (as personified by her almost-always smiling face) to her natural beaming, hypnotic, and mesmerizing blue eyes, to her 100% Grade-A natural boobs, to her 100% real pleasure and orgasms during sex, Tara is definitely must-see.

Tara is one of the very few Sapphic-only girls with whom I've fallen in love in some time. Although Abigal Mac did capture my attention while she only worked with other girls, by the time I awarded her with a Must-See Girl plaque, she was fucking guys. Don't get me wrong. I adore lesbians and lesbian sex and I've given the Must-See Girl award to Jana Jordan, Lexxi Tyler, and Sophia Santi when they were Sapphic-only performers. I'm just trying to point out how special Tara really is.

What matters most to me in the selection of a Must-See Girl is her attitude and the pleasure she demonstrates during sex (including real, deep, and powerful orgasms). Without a doubt, Tara meets both of these requirements perfectly. And, she's fucking gorgeous to boot. What more could I want?

So, let's get started with a tour of Tara's body and her performances...starting with her dressed. Tara looks like a teen (although she's definitely legal) and is often cast as one...usually with an older woman playing "mommy." Thus, she's generally depicted in youthful clothes, like you see below. Of these, I like most the second-from-left and rightmost images. Isn't her youthful exuberance adorable?

Photos (left to right): I Came for You (Girlsway), May He Protect Us Part 2 (Girlsway), Wedding Stress (Fantasy Massage), and Tara Cali Colege Girl on First Time Videos.


Of course, the real proof of a performer's beauty is when she strips off all her clothes and shows the world just what she's made of. To give you a quick overview of Tara's adorable-ness, here are some "pretty girl" photos. I like all of these photos...each for a different reason. From the coquette "selfie" at left, in which Tara bares her gorgeous 100% all-natural boobs while looking wide-eyed into our eyes, to her beaming face (at center) that reveals her intrinsic knowledge that we love her ass, to her more sophisticated look at right, Tara's gorgeous in every possible way.

One of the best things about savoring Tara's nude photos is her demeanor. Simply by looking at her, you know she's perfectly comfortable baring her body for us. She likes to do it. She enjoys being naked. If you had her body, wouldn't you want to show it off, too?

Photos: Left and center:  I Came For You (Girlsway); Wedding Stress (Fantasy Massage).


Believe it or not, the first thing I noticed about Tara was her gorgeous face. Without a doubt, this young woman is always smiling, her face beaming with delight...especially when she sees (or better...touches) another naked woman. These four photos, which also highlight some of Tara's hair styles (and colors), demonstrate what I mean. I really like Tara's expressions...of pleasure...of delight...of passion. Frankly, it has been a long time since a woman's expressions alone could give me a hard-on (the previous performer who always did that for me was Krystal Steal...and that was a long time ago!). Tara's face really gives me the impression that she loves what she does...and that she's not afraid to show it with every fiber of her being.

By the way, Tara, I love your dark hair!

Photos: Left: Cum Craver (Reality Kings); center top: Tara Loves Bree (Girlsway); center bottom: Wedding Stress (Fantasy Massage); right: May He Protect Us Part 2 (Girlsway).


They say that the eyes are the windows of the soul. If that's true, I really want to touch Tara's soul because her eyes are stupendous. Alternatingly innocent, intense, playful, ecstatic, passionate, and lustful, Tara's eyes are, without a doubt, hypnotic and one of her very best features. I don't know about you, but I could stare into those eyes for hours and never tire.

Of the three excellent images below, I tend to like the left one most. In this case, her eyes speak to me, "I'm telling you the truth." They also say to me, "I'm innocent...but want to play." Sapphic ladies...just think about looking into those eyes. Isn't your pussy already gushing? Guys...just think of Tara's eyes looking into another girl's eyes...isn't your dick hard already? So, Tara's eyes are a win-win...they turn on everybody! 

By the way, Sapphic lovers...wait until you see Tara's eyes when giving cunnilingus to her partner (read on!). You'll go wild! 

Photos (l-r): Cum Craver (Reality Kings)I Came For You (Girlsway); Wedding Stress (Fantasy Massage).


It's truly rare...and absolutely delightful...nowadays to be able to worship 100% natural breasts. Too often, a quest for mammoth mammories leaves otherwise gorgeous girls scarred. Tara, please don't succumb to the knife. Your breasts are perfect...don't change them!

So...what's there to like about Tara's titties? First, their size is perfect...just right to suckle, cup, and squeeze until the nipples harden with joy.

Second, they hang perfectly. This is particularly evident in the right-most photo in which Tara's tear-drop breasts and hard nipples respond to the pleasure she's deriving from riding Ryan Ryans' face in Wedding Stress.

Third, their malleability is just right. Instead of being fixed-in-place, like many augmented breasts, Tara's move and reshape themselves as she moves. They hang beautifully when she's in doggie, are perky when she's standing, kneeling, or face-fucking, and flatten a bit when she's in missionary. So perfect!

Finally, their firmness couldn't be better. Without being hard as a bowling ball (like some implants appear to be), Tara's breasts simply beg, "squeeze me...caress me." 

By the way, the center image, from A Show of Faith (Girlsway) is also available on a Highly Recommended DVD called Brandi's GirlsAbout this movie, critic Don Houston writes: "Brandi’s Girls by director Stills By Alan for Girlsway was surprisingly strong in terms of providing lesbian cougar on kitten step relation scenes, the technical aspects helping enhance the chemistry to make this one earn a rating of Highly Recommended for genre fans." I liked it, too!

Photos (l-r): May He Protect Us Part 2 (Girlsway); A Show of Faith (Girlsway); Wedding Stress (Fantasy Massage).


Traveling further south on Tara's adorable body, we'll make a stop to admire her gorgeous vagina. Although she only shares it with other women (at least on film), you've got to admit that it is beautiful beyond words! Whether she's teasing her step-mom Nina Elle with it (left), allowing Crystal Clark to spread and savor it (center), or letting her "mommy" RayVeness stroke her clit with her nipple, Tara's pussy is superb.

Photos (l-r): May He Protect Us Part 2 (Girlsway), Just How I Like It (Twistys), and Cum Craver (Reality Kings).


As time goes by, I'm finding that I'm more than ever drawn to a woman's legs...especially finely-toned calves like Tara's. In the photos below, check out her nicely shaped and seemingly never-ending legs from the front, side, and back views. Also, savor her pretty feet in sandals and two different types of high heels.

The rightmost image, all by itself, nearly gives me an orgasm. Look at how perfect her legs, supported by heels, look from behind. The musculature of her calves is amazing. And, of course, those legs end, at the top, with a well-toned ass that surrounds a pretty puckering asshole and her gorgeous pussy.

Photos: (l-r): A Show of Faith (Girlsway), Tara Loves Bree (Girlsway), and Just How I Like It (Twistys).


One of Tara's best attributes, I think, is her tongue. Wow...it's so pretty and so talented! As you'll see in the next several photos, Tara uses her adventurous tongue to probe lots of things...and to lick them, too. To begin, Tara always spends a lot of time kissing her girlfriends (or, quite commonly, mommy) in her scenes. Whether she stretches her tongue long and lusty for "mommy" Nina Elle (left...Tara's the woman on the left), touches her wet tongue to Rebel Lynn's (center...Tara's on the right), or surrenders her mouth to Crystal Clark's probing tongue (right...Tara's on the left), Tara's tongue and mouth are delightful and a source of great pleasure to her partners.

Photos (l-r): May He Protect Us Part 2 (Girlsway), Caught Surfing (Girlsway), and Just How I Like It (Twistys).




















To read everything our site has about Tara Morgan, please click this link. There are reviews of her scenes, photo galleries, and articles about this beautiful goddess. Please enjoy our site. 

Finally, click the photo below to enjoy a slide-show of some of my favorite Tara Morgan photos. These images are super-hot and I'm grateful to All Girl Massage, Girlfriends Films, Girlsway, Reality Kings, Twistys, and ATK Kingdom for the use of their content. 


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