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Strip Club Etiquette

Lots of porn girls are starting to feature dance—it’s great income with being paid to dance, tips, and the ability to sell their merchandise. And, they get to interact with their fans that can’t make it to tradeshows. It seems a lot of guys don’t know how to act like gentlemen in a gentlemen’s club towards porn stars that are featuring, or even the house dancers. I’ve been hearing a lot of chatter on social media about this, and I thought you guys could use a lesson in strip club etiquette.

Be Sure to Groom Yourself

I know it’s obvious you should shower, put on deodorant, and wear clean clothes. It should be common sense, but we all know common sense isn’t very common. And, some guys will roll into the strip club smelling so bad that the girls can smell you across a room. It’s just gross. The ladies like a man who smells and looks good—just keep that in mind.

Know the House Rules

If you’re new to strip clubs, ask about the rules at the door or look for signage on the walls. Most clubs are no contact…meaning keep your hands to yourself, unless you’re told otherwise. If you get a lap dance, know the cost before. If the management or the girl doesn’t tell you how much that VIP dance is, ask so there’s no confusion. And, remember the dance doesn’t include the tip. The tip is important, because the girls split the dance fee with the club.

Be Nice, Not Creepy

Avoid questions personal questions like are their nipples pierced and do they have a boyfriend. They also don’t want to be told they look like your little sister or daughter. Think before you speak…it’s that simple.

Respect the Dancers

Don’t treat the girls like garbage. Don’t call them bitches, talk down to them, or be disrespectful. It’s just not cool and it’s a quick way to get your ass thrown out. Remember how your parents told you not to say anything if you don’t have anything nice to say—same rule applies here.

Don’t Try to Video or Photograph the Girls

If you want a photo or a DVD, the girls are generally selling them. You can also ask nicely in between their sets, if you can take a photo of them or with them. Many times they won’t even charge for that. But if you’re trying to get free footage (which is illegal), it’s definitely not going to go well and you will more than likely be ejected from the club.

Don’t Use Your Cell Phone in the Club

Don’t make or receive calls by the stage. It’s rude and distracting. If you need to make or take a call, go outside. Texting is also rude. Your eyes should be on the stage watching your girl dance.

Tip the Ladies

They’re working hard up there on stage. Show some love, even if it’s only a few dollars. And, I hear tipping builds good karma points.

They’re Not There to Date or Field Marriage Proposals

Imagine how many times in a night they get asked out…try at least five or ten times a night. The girls are there to work, and many of them will tell you that they don’t see fans or customers outside of work. Yes, they’re trying to keep it professional. If a girl feels comfortable with you and/or is interested in you, she will give you her number. And don’t ask them to marry you and tell them how horrible their job is and you can take them away from all of this.

Don’t Try to Have Sex with the Dancers

This should be self explanatory—it’s not a bordello. It’s a strip club and while they might offer lap dances, sex isn’t on the menu. The ladies are there to dance, sell their merchandise, and mingle on a social level with the patrons. And it’s not cute to try to throw a bunch of money at the girls in hopes they will say yes to ses, or pull your dick out in the Champagne or VIP Room. Understand and respect their limits, and just enjoy the show…on stage.

Don’t Cum In Your Pants

Yes, this happens, and it’s very nasty when a girl is giving you a lap dance, especially if it soaks through your pants. And I would assume as a guy, it would be very embarrassing. Just don’t do it. If you do it, give them a warning so they can stop dancing, or even better, stop them and run to the bathroom.


Most of all remember you’re there for a great night out and to see your favorite porn star hit the stage. Follow these 10 tips, and you will have a great time!


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