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Before You Send That Dick Pic...

Yes, you read correctly. Guys send out dick pics. Maybe you have even done it yourself. It’s one thing if you’re answering or putting up an ad on Craigslist in the Casual Encounters, but dick pics are unwelcomed by most women, even porn stars. I work with a lot of porn stars (both male and female), and no one wants to see dick pics. Yes, they work on set and are naked, but uninvited dick pics are a huge faux pas. I hear complaints from the girls about this all the time!

Twitter Avatars, Header Photos & Tweets

Is your avatar your dick? Really, you’re going to place that on public view for everyone to see, even possibly your family and friends. How about a little mystery and class?

Beyond the obvious, it’s always the guys with unattractive dicks (small or even deformed looking) that like to do this kind of stuff. I once had a client shame a guy on Twitter and told him his dick looked messed up. How embarrassing!

And, it is a Twitter violation of Terms of Service (TOS) to have nudity in your avatar and/or header photo (the rectangle in the background). Your account can be suspended or deleted. No joke.

Tweeting dick pics at girls is no better. Seriously, keep it in your pants. Girls see enough dicks on set.

Instagram & Facebook

You can get your account immediately deleted for posting naked or hardcore photos on Instagram and Facebook. They have a zero tolerance policy. So, don’t do it!

You Want to Get into Porn

Porn girls (and guys) are generally not going to help you get into porn. Sending them dick pics is a sure way to not only not get into porn, but also make them angry.

I’m a publicist and I get these several times a week. My first thought is to take a screen shot and post them up on Twitter. I’m sure I’m not the only one with this thought. Yes, that would be really humiliating for you.

Who should you be sending pics to? Agents. I’m not going to name any agencies. You can Google adult talent agencies and find them. Generally, they aren’t looking for more guys. There are a handful of guys in the industry and not really room for more. Read about it in my previous blog. http://www.xcritic.com/blogs/blog.php?blogID=4697

And Lastly Why Girls Don’t Like It

Guys are visual. Girls generally are not. We want to see your whole body not just your dick. That doesn’t mean send a body shot either. We like to have something left to the imagination when we actually have sex with you (well, if we actually want to and do).

And like I said at the beginning, we really don’t want to see it. Whether a girl is a porn star or living next door to you, we don’t want to see it. Yes, porn girls Tweet out naked and even hardcore pics, but this is because their fans want to see it. If you don’t, unfollow that girl.

If you want your favorite porn star to like you, buy her something off her Amazong wishlist--don't send her a dick pic.

Keep it in your pants and keep the respect of women the world over. Thank you.

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