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If You're a Porn Fan Living in CA, You Need to Vote NO on Prop 60 & Here's Why

Many porn fans aren’t aware of the issues we’ve been having in the adult industry, since self-appointed Porn Czar Michael Weinstein of the AHF started up his campaign of hate, harassment, and greed. Here’s a quick recap:

  • First the condom law was passed in Los Angeles County making condoms required in shoots.
  • Prior to and after that there has been a lot of meetings with Cal OHSA (The Division of Occupational Safety and Health who are supposed to protect workers). Weinstein has tried to make other restrictions on set during these meetings.
  • He wants to make condoms mandatory on porn sets not only statewide (starting with the passing of Prop 60), but also nationwide. He’s doing to this to put money in his own pocket, but disguises it as caring about our industry, which he really despises.

So here we are with the November 8th election looming, and we need to speak out on why Prop 60 is really bad idea, so it will NOT PASS. If you are a fan who lives in California and cares about our industry and the welfare of performers, you definitely need to vote NO, and here’s why:

  • If this proposition was only about condoms, that would one thing. But, Prop 60 sneakily adds in more things that could ruin and/or shut down our industry.
  • It will create TONS of lawsuits—people who produce or distribute porn, performers, directors, agents, even married people making porn in their own homes, and many others can and will be sued by residents of our state. This will cost the state MILLIONS in frivolous lawsuits.
  • Prop 60 will take funds away from education, healthcare, libraries, police and other services that are far more important than enforcing a hugely flawed proposition.
  • Performers would legally have to disclose private information like their legal names and home addresses—this would put them in potential danger from stalkers and angry anti-porn people, along with abuse and harassment.
  • State employees will have to watch porn films. OK, this might be great for some people to get paid to watch porn at work, but state employees have much bigger things that need to get done at work.
  • It passed, it will drive the industry out of the state to Nevada or another state, which would mean a huge loss of taxes for our state.
  • The AHF trying to control our industry won’t make it any safer—we have testing in place and other protocol that has worked for many years. Condoms are not enough—testing still needs to happen.

If you live in California, please make sure you’re registered to vote and on November 8th, VOTE! Tell all your friends to vote NO on Prop. 60. Our industry depends on it.

More information can also be found at http://dontharassca.com/.

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