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Prop 60 Was Defeated...What Now?


As you may or may not know, Prop 60 was defeated. This was a huge victory for our industry and we owe a lot to Julia Ann, The FSC, and the other people who protested, educated, and did everything they could to ensure our privacy, rights, and much more.

So, what now? Does the AHF have more up their sleeve for the adult industry? Probably not, because they spent a ton of money trying to pass Prop 60 along with Prop 61. They thought they would make back their investment if the propositions passed and now they’re at a loss reputation wise and financially.

There are other things that threaten our industry and the biggest one is consumers NOT paying for their porn. Yes, you can find pretty much everything out there for free. When you don’t pay for porn, it means the performers will work less, less movies will be made, and fewer big budget films will be available for your viewing. This definitely affects your favorite stars. Many might leave the industry, if there isn’t enough work. And, they won’t be at conventions to meet you.

Let me give you a scenario. You work for two weeks and expect your paycheck, but your boss tells you that you’re not getting paid. You would not be happy. In porn, the agents or performers are asking studios for work and they’re telling them budgets have been cut and production as well. There’s either no work or less work. It affects us all from performers to agents to publicists to makeup artists to directors to writers and beyond.

If you want to see Sarah Vandella, Kenzie Taylor, Jesse, Nikki Delano, Calie Carter, and many others in new movies, you need to PAY FOR YOUR PORN. One day it might all be gone and you will be left looking at free tube sites with old scenes that are 10 years old. It’s also illegal to download porn from many of the tube sites and the porn industry could go the way of the mainstream film industry and start fining people $100k and more for getting their movies and/or scenes illegal.

Do you part, movies aren’t that expensive to buy and most girls will sign them for free of you bring them to a convention and love you for buying their movies. It’s a win-win situation for everyone. You will have save an industry we all love, keep the girls working, and be doing the right thing.

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