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The Pornies: Undercover Porn Star

The 2017 AVN Awards weekend was one of the most exciting and fun-filled weekends of my life.  I had no idea that my career as a blogger/reviewer/freelance copywriter would bring me face to face with the hottest names in the adult industry. I also had no idea that I would easily be accepted among the ranks of those adult superstars. 

Immeditely after stepping out of my cab at The Hard Rock Hotel, I was surrounded by men...lots and lots of men. The crowd was mostly male, with the sausages heavily outnumbering the tacos at a rate of about 30 to 1. That being said, the women who were walking around the hotel lobby were young, gorgeous, and scantily clad. 

In the 90 seconds that it took me to walk from the casino enterence to the hotel registration desk, I became keenly aware of all the eyes watching me.  I took out my mirror and checked my teeth for residual airline peanuts. Nope. That wasn't it.  As the woman behind the counter entered my information into the computer, she asked me if I was affiliated with any of the major studios. Then it hit me...these people thought I was an adult film actress! I blushed, told her I was blogger and reviewer, and then secretly felt my self-esteem go through the proverbial roof! 

After settling in to the hotel suite, I considered the hilarity of the situation and decided to roll with it. The writer in me knew that this was a golden opportunity to experience a behind-the-scenes look at this  nearly 10 million dollar industry. Armed with big hair, false eyelashes, and a lot of bare skin, I headed back down into the lobby in my newly-public alter-ego: Real World Daisy Jane.

Upon entering the casino floor, I felt like a movie star. People turned and looked at me, trying to figure out who I was and where they might recognize me from. Armed with my press pass and a tube of lip gloss, I let the scene swallow me up, becoming a part of the greatest adult weekend of the year. 

As I walked among the crowds, I was able to easily recognize the faces that I have become so familiar with...Adriana Chechik, Brooklyn Chase (below), Valentina Nappi, Lex the Impaler (who TOTALLY checked out my ass), Britney Amber, and the amazing Joanna Angel.  On the inside, I was fangirling, but on the outside, I kept my cool (sort of:). 

As we walked around snapping pictures of all the excitement, fans started coming up to me and asking to take pictures. With me...the fake, undercover porn star! I was pretty sure they were too embarrassed to ask who I was, but one guy finally let me in on what was really up with him and his group of friends...they thought I was Christy Mack!  I have never been more flattered in my life! She is my ultimate crush and one of the strongest and gorgeous women on the planet.  I felt bad telling them that I was not her, but I thanked them repeatedly for making such a complimentary mistake! 

Over the course of the weekend, I was mistaken for Christy Mack several other times (although this was honestly not my intention).  One gorgeous young girl got so excited when she saw me that she started crying when she asked to take a picture. After telling her that I wasn't Christy Mac, she still wanted to take her picture with me! Talk about feeling like a celebrity! I even signed several autographs! Two weeks later and I am still amazed at the entire situation.

Attending the Expo over the next three days was awesome.  Not only did I have the press pass that gave me entrance an hour before the general public, even the people in the industry were super accommodating, as they assumed that I was one of them.

The highlight of the Expo was definitely being able to talk one-on-one with adult superstar, Joanna Angel. Being able to chat with her about industry issues and my admiration of her unique production techniques was something that I will remember for my entire life.  I would love the opportunity to sit down with her again and delve deeper into her work on the production end.  

Walking through the crowds over the course of the weekends gave me a boost of much-needed confidence.  The performers were all so nice to me! The women treated me like one of their own, complimenting my hair and outfits. They wanted to take pictures with ME and chatted like were longtime girlfriends. I was thrilled to discover that Britney Amber and I are long-lost bargain-shopping soulmates, both obsessed with finding cheap deals! 


As I stood along with edge of the Newbie Red Carpet, the AVN media director allowed me the privilege of talking to each starlet as they came off the carpet. She told me to ask them questions and make them feel special so that their first red carpet experience was one that they would remember. 

It was an amazing experience getting to talk with all the "up and cummers," (see what I did there?). All of the girls were so excited to be at their first AVN Awards and they were more than willing to chat (and flirt) with me.  For the rest of the weekend, those newbies recognized me and went out of their way to include me in their shennanigans! 

The best part of the pre-award show festivities was seeing all the gorgeous people walking down the red carpet and having the girls ask me why I was on the wrong side of the velvet rope! I still can't get over what an accepting and welcoming community it was! 

Stay tuned for my next Installment of the Pornies, where I interviewed the Up and Cummers and found out what the highlights of their AVN experiences have been. XOXO Daisy Jane

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