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Gifting Porn Girls

Porn girls like gifts—well, who doesn’t like gifts! Fans love gifting the girls, but there’s a right way and a wrong way to do it. Here are a few pointers.

Check Their Twitter for a List to Their Wish List

Many of the girls have a link on their Twitter bio that links you to their Amazon Wish Lists.

Check out Nikki Delano’s Twitter page: https://twitter.com/NikkiDelano. Right in her bio is the link.

AJ Applegate has hers listed in her URL https://twitter.com/ajsapplebooty?lang=en.

If the girl doesn’t have one listed, you can find her wish list by clicking on this page and entering her name or email address https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/search.

Some girls like Joanna Angel would rather you buy their products. She has a link https://twitter.com/JoannaAngel to her Fleshlight and her store, so you can go shopping. You get something and she earns an honest living—a win/win for everyone.

No Wish List, No Problem

Some girls just don’t have one. You can ask them on Twitter what they would like, but you need to make sure you’re not pestering them. Don’t constantly DM or email them asking. You can also ask them to create a wish list or post the a link to their social media, if you can’t find one.

You can also bring your gifts to trade shows. Many fans want to personally give the gift to their fave porn star, so they bring it to Exxxotica or AVN and personally hand it to them. If you do this you might get a thank you, a kiss on the check, or get to take a selfie with them—it depends on the girls and how busy she is signing at the booth. I would suggest you bring it to the booth rather than chase them down on the showroom floor—you don’t want to appear to be a stalker.

Don’t Spend More Than You Can Afford

It’s the thought that counts. The girls love that you’re thinking of them. Don’t spend more than you can afford. If a girl is asking for a $700 dress for the AVN Awards, someone will buy it for her, but it doesn’t have to be you. Most girls with wish lists have a variety of items and prices, so you can find something you can afford. Maybe you can’t buy them that $1200 Macbook, but you can buy them a $50 Sephora card or some affordable lingerie.

Some Girls Don’t Want Gifts

Many porn stars have big hearts and are quite giving, so instead of gifting them, they would rather you help others.

Alyssa Lynn doesn’t want you to buy her gifts. In her Twitter bio, she asks that you donate to Ronald McDonald House in Philly. Check it out: https://twitter.com/AlyssaLynnxxx?lang=en.

Director Dee Severe of Severe Society would rather you donate to dog shelters or rescue animals since she’s very passionate. As you can see in her Twitter bio, she talks about her love of animals and there’s no Amazon wish list: https://twitter.com/severesociety?lang=en.

What You Can Expect in Return

Of course, your fave porn girl loves getting gifts. Many girls will thank people on Twitter and even snap pics of the items. Some girls won’t even acknowledge it, which in my opinion it’s bad manners not to say “thank you”. But, some girls will even send you a little thank you package like a signed DVD or photo. You can’t expect you will get something in return. That’s not how it works. Gift a girl because you want to, not because you expect something in return.

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