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On Fire by Penny Flame

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Penny Flame

Another beautiful day in sunny San Diego

what a day. What a glorious day in Southern Cali, and especially San Diego. What a fantastic day in the life of Penny Flame! Actually, I really haven't done enough today to create a "bad day", so fantastic is the adjective I'm going to use. Why would I choose that word? let me share my morning with you....
I woke to Taryn Thomas blowing my phone up at 7:30am, she recently left LA Direct (my agency for the past four years, and probably for the rest of my career), so i struggled to drag my lazy butt out of bed and in her general direction. Unfortunately, my lazy butt was quite heavy this morning so I didn't get the call in time. In fact, I passed out on the couch attempting to answer, so when I woke up this morning for the second time, I found myself half on the couch, arm, leg up, face hanging off the edge, phone in hand. Ah yes. 7:55am. perfect timing. My rent is due at 8 :)
I have been up in LA since the 31st, and being on set from morning to night kind of made it impossible to take care of that whole "paying the man" situation. And when I say it was hard, I'm not talking about wood.....hahahha......wood again. I think I had a good laugh about that word last time I blogged! Anyhoot, I washed my teeth and brushed my face, and put some clothes on to go see my landlord. Last time I showed up naked, she was a little shocked, a tad appalled, but then again, I have that dream so often I forget whether it really happens or not. I'm gonna go with not. 
Okay, lets see. I woke up. Check. freshened up. check. walked to the landlizzle. check. Post rent check drop off mission? Jog/walk down to the co-op in my little hippy town to get banana's, peanut butter, soy milk, and some superfoods green stuff. cacao flav, love it. One scoop of this crap in your protein shake and you have all the servings of veggies you need for the day. I'm not much of a vegetable person, so this little wonder powder is the perfect thing to keep my ass in shape. Literally. That, some protein powder, and about 45 minutes of cardio a day, and hot damn. I'm good to go. ready to get naked for you kind folks, and feel good about it. Oh, back to the co-op....allow me to explain. 
The Ocean Beach peoples co-op is our local "supermarket". It deals only in organic products, grown in san diego county, and for a tiny bit more money, you can help to support our local small business' and local farmers. For instance, this co-op sells the most wonderful honey. Honey from all sorts of flowers, you would never even think about making honey from. All from bee people right here in SD. I have some avocado honey that is to die for. All right, I probably wouldn't kill people to eat it, but it is wonderful. Soft. Delish. 
Just a side note for those of you who have never read one of my blogs....I have a tendency to abbreviate words. I abbrev things, so to speak. I won't come at you with fucking acronyms, or anything obnoxious like that, but I will say flav for flavor, Delish, for delicious, etc. for etc. hahaha. Just thought I'd clue you in, in case you were thinking "what the fuck is this crazy bitch talking about???"
Back to my mission. After I put all my goodies in my eco friendly bag, (yes, I'm doing my best to save the earth, blah blah blah), and started the mile and a half back to my casa. I decided since it is such a beautiful fucking day that it would be good to walk by the ocean. A bit of a detour, but worth every step. Upon my arrival at Crystal Pier, I ran into my good buddy Nubs. Now Nubs and I have known each other since we were 11. We both ended up down here, and every chance we get, we kick it old school style. He's on his bmx, I'm on my feet, and we share a little good morning catch up to welcome the day, and the day's activities. I told him about this weird dream I had involving him and some other buddies, about us shopping at Macy's together, but he was downstairs and his lady was crying at the perfume counter, and it was just pretty fucking weird. He laughed and said I'm weird, so it makes sense I have weird dreams. Touche, Nubs. 
He walks me back to my house, a little cheeky cheeky kissy kissy, and he's off into the beautiful day for some good old fashioned bmx fun. I'm upstairs for my protein shake and cup of coffee. I love my morning coffee. I have this french press that makes the criggity crack cup of coffee, and it keeps me going all day. I will never use a stupid automatic coffee machine again. I am also against microwaves. The idea bothers me. Something about being able to heat up whatever you are eating in two minutes freaks me out. I have no concept of appropriate times to cook things in microwaves so I will heat up a piece of pizza for 15 minutes and wow. It just doesn't work right. Stupid microwave. If I'm doing a frozen dinner, I will plan a bit ahead so that I'm not super starving when I start cooking it, and that is all it takes.....a little planning ahead. Sorry. Tangent. go figure. 
After my yummy shake, my strong coffee, and a shower, I feel like I'm ready to tackle the day. Look out day. Here I come. Okay, I'm lying, I threw my body down on the couch and turned on Rock of Love. hahahahhahahahahha........oh yes, its true. Rock of Love. Not because I like Brett, but because I keep waiting for the bitches to go crazy, start fighting, for him to try and break it up, and for one of these dumb ho's to rip off his bandana. Man, if you are bald, embrace it. Shave your fucking head. Get some plugs. Just quit fronting. I guess my feelings on the matter don't really count, because I won't go bald. Not in my genetic make-up. Thank Dog....
Just as I'm about to get REALLY INTO IT, the doorbell rings. Who the fuck is that? Nobody ever comes to my house, because I haven't told anybody where I live. A bit of a hermit, little fuego, so who the hell is here??? 
Its the ups guy, with a present for me. A box. For Penny Flame. The guy looks at me and says, "your last name is Flame?" to which I reply "yes. no. sort of. uh.....gimme that present!" I grab the box, rip it open, and guess what it is? 
MY AVN AWARD!!!!!!! HORRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!! they even had my name written on it, my other three don't have my name, so this one is super cool. The design is new. The award is a tad heavier than last years, and the year before. But wait, where is the other one? don't be a brat Penny flame, just holler at the kind folks at AVN, and they will get you your other fancy award. IN fact, this is great because it means that I get to go by the AVN office, and play......
GUITAR HERO!!!! AVN is doing this new thing they like to call lingerie guitar hero, and they get chicks like myself to play guitar hero in my/her undies, and then they are going to post it on YouTube.com, so that I can compete with all these other motherfuckers who think that they are the guitar hero of 2008. I played for the first time a couple days ago, actually the same day that I sat in Wood Ranch writing to you, (hhahahha wood), and the game said I rocked, which is great because I felt as though I did, so I left AVN and went straight to Fry's to buy the whole set-up. Just as I'm pulling into the parking lot at Fry's my girl Angel Pie text me "don't you dare go buy guitar hero..." to which i screamed "FUCK!" how did she know what I was doing? I don't know. She just knows me. I also had dreams about guitar hero that night. Then B-snaps, the guy I was snuggling that evening, said that I was talking about guitar hero in my sleep. He said I said "gotta buy guitar hero. maybe rock band. rock baaaaaannnnnnddddddd". 
So this is how my day has started. I wanted to share it with you. Because I love you. Now, I am going to leave my house, and take pictures of this beautiful day it is. I will post them up here later tonight, with an update of how the rest of the day went. hopefully yours is just as fantastic as I feel mine will be. 

oh yeah! Go vote for me for the Empire dvd girl of the year.....hahahahha...I mean you don't have to, but I will suck your dick if you do. yes. it's true. I will suck everyone of your dicks if you vote for me. Starting with you. 

post script: Here is what I did after....
It started with a little walk, at which point I saw a bee, 
so I took a picture of him for you.  I decided coffee was the perfect thing for my little walk, so after a quick stop, 
then I remembered that I had left my copy of Debbie does dallas at my buddy Johv's spot, so after I grabbed that, 
I decided to take the long way home. good thing I did too, because otherwise I never would have known that a large lizard was on the loose in my neighborhood. 
and I never would have been able to show you just how beautiful San Diego is in February. 
and what a neat walk home the long way can be. 
have a nice night. And see you in dreams, with guitar hero. 

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