xbizawa200802070038.jpg2008 Xbiz Awards Were Overflowing With Star Power

This was our second year covering the Xbiz awards which is the show that wraps up the very interesting Xbiz Hollywood conference held at the historic Roosevelt Hotel on the famed Hollywood Strip.

The awards show was held at the Highlands on Hollywood Boulevard and the stars were out in full force for the gala event.

Porn stars were actually not the entire focus of the Xbiz awards show. Yes the top stars where there and the ballroom area and VIP rooms were filled with the beautiful people of porn but if you looked closely you noticed something a bit different about this awards show.
If you have not kept up with the adult internet community they you may have simply overlooked some of the biggest names in the adult industry, you might have walked right by some of the owners of the most profitable companies in the adult business.

xbizawa200802070472.jpgSure you know the Penthouse name, you probably can spot dozens of Penthouse Pets in a crowd of thousands, but do you know Marc Bell?  Did you walk right by him last night without even a glance as you were eyeballing the beautiful porn stars in the room?

Could you name the top 10 affiliate companies in the world, they were sitting in the crowd at the Highlands and they make profits in million dollar bushels each year.

I introduced a few friends of mine who attended the awards with me to the biggest VOD company in the world and the reaction was something to the affect of yea nice to meet you, I introduced these same friends to a new porn starlet with a few months of the porn business under belt and the reaction was, Oh my goodness, I can't believe I'm meeting and talking to you, this is the greatest night ever.

I guess the moral of the story here is that there are some very big players in our adult industry that most people never get to meet or talk to. That's what so great about the Xbiz conference and awards. You will get to see all sides of the business from the website coder to the 100 million dollar a year company owner to the most beautiful adult actress you have ever met in person, you will meet them all at this show.xbizawa200802071177.jpg

The awards given out were for areas of the business like best billing company, best video on demand companies, Web Traffic movers, and on the flesh side of the business, Best studio of the year, best movie, actress and the usual awards given in the industry.

Eva Angelina won again, Upload took another award, and Sunny Leone was hottest web babe of the year. Evan Seinfeld won for crossover star of the year; I'm guessing for crossing from mainstream and rock & roll to porn making him a reverse crossover.

A! Entertainment's Ryder Skye looked stunning in her dress as did ebony star Gen Tilly. Former A! co host turned rock star Monica Mayhem hung out with us during the night which would make anyone smile out loud. It would not be a real adult event without our friends Tori Black and T-Reel.

It's always fun hanging out with Cousin Stevie and Deja Vu contract star Sunny Lane, those two can keep you laughing for hours.

xbizawa200802070162.jpgTera Patrick and Dave Navarro presented an award during the show and Navarro was funny as hell as he lit a cigarette and said they keep trying to stop him from smoking so he waited till he was on stage so they couldn't harass him about it.
KB and Digital Playground star Jesse Jane hosted the awards and did a great job, Jesse is always enthusiastic about everything she does and it shines through every time.

D-Money and the Players Ball crew were in the room and after all the awards were given out Dirty south krunk master Lil Jon hit the stage and instantly brought the crowd to their feet, telling the Highlands staff to turn it up, turn it up more, turn it up all the way.

   A set of a dozen or so professional go-go dancers took several stages around the room, Professional go-go dancers you may ask yourself? Yes you could tell by watching the booty shaking skills each and every one of them had, that they must have a degree in "Making you watch me so hard you can't look away"

If you're looking for a phrase to sum up the xbiz awards show I guess it would sound something like this.xbizawa200802071210.jpg

"All your favorite porn stars, all of the real money makers, a nice group of mainstream stars, Rap stars and rock stars... How could it not be a fun night?"

Thank you to the entire staff of Xbiz and Xfanz, you all did one hell of a job making us feel great and invited.  And one last thing before we go

Open Bars make us smile!!!

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