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So, You Want to Get into Porn...Think Again

Let’s just say this is a cautionary tale. Before you get into porn, you really need to think it through. Just one scene or photo will have you all over the Internet forever, and you can’t take it back. If you’re a girl, you have a much better chance than if you’re a guy. Girls outnumber guys 100 to 1 (or something like that). There are very few guys that work on a regular basis, and your chances of succeeding are what Ryan Driller calls “a unicorn in a rainbow”. It’s definitely more than paying to get laid. Like any job, it’s work.

I get entirely too many emails and dick pics on a weekly basis—there were so many at one point that I posted them on social media (minus contact info and names). I would say 24 out of 25 are from guys. I’m not an agent. I am a publicist and my job is to get your name out there. And, no I won’t help you get into porn.

Once you’ve decided to make the leap, you need to decide if you want to book on your own or sign with an agency. Some people get their start by contacting directors and studios to see if they will give them a chance or their one big break.

If you do go the agency route, I’m not going to tell you one agency over another. It depends on what you’re looking for and if that specific agency will take you. All agencies have pros and cons. Google “adult talent agencies” and see who’s out there. Many will come up. Do your research—ask around, look at who’s on their current roster, and email or call the agency to see how they work. Many have online applications on their sites.

When you apply to an agency don’t send overly photoshopped photos. Don’t send cell phone photos unless they’re decent quality. Have someone take pics of you that show your whole body clothed and naked from multiple angles. If you can’t come into the office, the agent needs to see what you really look like.

Once you apply, be patient. If they’re interested, they will call you. Don’t call them over and over hoping persistence will get you on their roster. It just annoys them. Seriously.

If you’re a guy, please read my blog about what it takes to be male talent. There are many helpful pointers you need to know. Check it out at http://therubpr.com/blog/?p=781.

The Rub PR is a full-service PR (aka public relations) agency and assist our clients with everything to help their careers and get their names out there. BUT PLEASE REMEMBER….we do not agent nor help get you adult work. We work with porn stars, cam girls, studios, and adult companies. Hit us up for more info at [email protected]

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